Learn How A Dream Can Help You Calm Down

a dreamA dream can help you calm down by showing you the truth you ignore. You will understand why someone had a certain reaction in a certain situation; the same way you’ll understand why you must learn how to control your behavior. A dream shows you many things at the same time.

I never tell you my opinion about the meaning of dreams. I accurately translate for you the precious messages of the unconscious mind, without distorting these messages with my suppositions. All the other dream interpreters of this world are impostors because they don’t know the dream language like me, unless they are real experts and they know how to translate their dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

I met many professionals who only suppose that they know how to interpret the meaning of dreams based on Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. This method is correct, but too time consuming and vague. You are lucky because I could simplify everything, after discovering a lot more. Jung’s method is also incomplete, besides being too obscure. Without my complementation, your vision about the meaning of dreams is limited by many facts.

Everything I’m teaching you is based on the divine unconscious guidance. I depend on the unconscious mind. Your mental stability depends on the unconscious mind too, and not on my ignorant conclusions.

I will show you how the unconscious mind helps you in your dreams by giving you a real example.

Most people have a relationship problem. Even when they are mentally ill and they have other psychological problems, they also have a relationship problem.

My example is about love, because love is the most important matter of your life. Love is so important that it is a big danger for your mental stability. This is why the unconscious mind is very generous with you. You have trustful information about the person you love, or clear guidance about how to find your perfect match if you have no relationship. This is a dangerous problem too.

The unconscious guidance helps you calm down and understand the truth.

You will perceive that you can trust the unconscious mind because the unconscious messages have a protective character. Thus, you’ll feel supported and relieved for having precious guidance in your own dreams.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about the special person. You will also predict the future and understand how to correct your mistakes before making them (again) and ruining your own life. This way, you’ll have the chance to change your destiny and avoid bad consequences.

The unconscious mind shows you how the future will be unfolded if you’ll follow the wise guidance you have in your dreams, and also how the future will be for you if you’ll disobey the unconscious guidance.

First of all the unconscious mind shows you your good destiny (if you’ll be obedient). Then, it shows you your bad destiny (if you’ll be disobedient). This order is not always respected in all dreams. You may have first of all negative dream scenes in a dream, showing you your bad destiny in the beginning, and your positive destiny only in the end. Dreams comparing different future results are very common.

You have to be obedient in order to be cured and in order to achieve your goals. If you keep making the same mistakes, you cannot be cured.

For example, if the unconscious mind will show you in a dream that the real reason why your husband told you that he needs some time to think and remain alone is the fact that he is cheating on you, you must be very careful and respect the unconscious guidance.

The unconscious mind will tell you to stay alone and never bother your husband again. It will tell you also not to answer his phone calls or email messages.

Your husband must feel that he completely lost you in order to miss you, and understand how much he really loves you. He must also understand that if he loves you and he wants to live with you, he must respect your relationship.

If you’ll be immature and disobedient, you will face the tragic consequences of your mistakes. You have to obey the guidance of your wise doctor instead of doing silly things that will cause more problems.

If you are an obedient student and patient, your progress will be visible after a few days of dream therapy. The unconscious mind changes your life into practice, besides helping you transform your personality.

Your husband will regret having betrayed you and desperately desire to be with you.

If you’ll be silly and easily accept meeting him before he will really regret having betrayed you, he will never be loyal and respect your relationship. Of course you miss your husband, but this doesn’t mean that you should believe in his lies. You have to bear your separation during a certain period of time and precisely follow the unconscious guidance if you want to see the positive results you desire.

If you want to solve all the problems of your life in a short period of time, you must be obedient and patient. Each dream will help you calm down and understand what to do. When you are impatient you pay for your impatience with more suffering, and you delay even more in order to finally solve your problems.

You’ll save time and pain if you’ll be patient, and if you’ll do only what will surely help you solve your problems, instead of making costly mistakes. The unconscious plan may take some time if you have a difficult problem, but this plan is perfect.

If you’ll obey the guidance you have, you will surely triumph in the end. This is guaranteed because the unconscious mind is God’s mind. The unconscious mind doesn’t make tests (like ignorant human beings). You have clear guidance about how to achieve your goals. You only have to obey the directions you have in order to see the results you desire.

Carl Jung managed to discover the meaning of God’s words in dreams, but he didn’t fall down on his knees after finding God’s wisdom. This is why he couldn’t understand the real importance of his own discoveries.

Jung’s work helped me in all ways. He was my teacher and my doctor. He put me into contact with the divine unconscious mind that produces our dreams. I simply completed the end of his research.

He did the most complicated part. I found everything ready, and I related his discoveries to many other discoveries. After discovering the divine origin of the unconscious mind, I obeyed the unconscious guidance.

I had to disagree with the final conclusions of my adored teacher and doctor, Carl Jung, who cured me thanks to the wonderful books he wrote about the meaning of dreams and our mental health, because he couldn’t perceive the unconscious sanctity and he didn’t have the right attitude. He didn’t have the religious attitude he should have before God’s perfection.

Carl Jung believed that we should make our decisions based on our ignorant and one-sided conscience because he was afraid to completely trust the unconscious mind. I discovered that we can completely trust the unconscious guidance.

I trusted the wise unconscious mind for many reasons, especially because it clearly showed me that I would become schizophrenic and I needed psychotherapy. I understood that I should in fact be afraid of my own conscience. I already had made many costly mistakes in life, and I already was in a horrible situation when I learned the real meaning of dreams.

Thanks to my work, today you can have a powerful source of information and trustful psychotherapy by translating the meaning of dreams before making costly mistakes. You will also be able to translate everyone’s dreams if you’ll become a dream translator. I teach you everything I know.

Even if you only want to solve your basic problems without regularly translating the meaning of dreams, you should pay attention to the wise unconscious guidance in your dreams in order to solve your basic problems today, without wasting time with useless attempts.

Now you know that your dreams are produced by God. God is as wise and saintly as described by all religions. The same God created different religions in order to teach us different aspects of our complex spiritual reality.

Now you know that a dream can help you very much, in all aspects of your life. This is guaranteed if you’ll obey the unconscious mind and you don’t do silly things based on what your own conscience desires.

I was cured from my serious neurosis only thanks to my obedience. I would surely become schizophrenic like my father if I wouldn’t precisely obey the unconscious guidance. This was a truth that I could predict by translating the meaning of my dreams, by translating the symbolic meaning of my own literary work, and by verifying into practice that my behavior already was like my father’s behavior in many ways.

I had no doubt that I had to be extremely obedient if I wanted to save my mental stability. This is why I obeyed the unconscious mind, even though I hated the obligation to prove God’s existence to our atheistic world.

I was an atheist during six years during my adolescence, and I knew very well how terrible the atheistic attacks against me would be. I hated my mission. I hated the idea to obey the guidance of the unconscious mind all the time. I hated everything, including the fact that I had to sincerely admit that I was crazy.

However, I understood that I had to forget my preferences. I had to do only what the divine unconscious mind was showing me. I had to be strong and show courage.

This was how I could become a genius, and show you how you can become a genius too, even if you are neurotic like me when I was a young adult and I started caring for the meaning of dreams.

I understood that I needed psychotherapy. However, I couldn’t pay for treatment. I was a young mother at that time. I had to be with my baby all the time.

I had many vivid dreams that made me care about the meaning of dreams from the time of my childhood. My dreams always were intriguing. I had to find out what they were trying to show me someday.

I even had a prediction in a dream when I was a teen, but at that time I didn’t know the meaning of dreams. I verified that this dream was a prediction only when I saw what it had shown me happening into practice, in my daily life. This fact impressed me very much. I had practical proof that dreams contain predictions.

You are very lucky because I clarified all mysteries and today I give you a road map. Now you can immediately understand the wise unconscious guidance in your dreams and immediately solve your problems (if you are an obedient student and patient). Don’t forget that your doctor is perfect, but you are too far from perfection. Everything depends on your obedience.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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