The Meaning of The Mother in Dreams – Scientific Translation

imagesCAAK2FCDThe unconscious mind speaks with images that have a specific meaning, which many times is totally different from the meaning that the same images have in your daily life. For example, your mother is a person who loves you and protects you in real life. However, in your dreams she represents the primitive nature of the human being, which is satanic, violent, immoral, and cruel like an animal.

Therefore, when you translate your dreams you have to remember that the image of your mother has nothing to do with your real mother. Your mother is an important dream symbol. No matter how good-hearted she may be in your daily life, when she appears in your dreams she represents your evil anti-conscience. Your mother is a dream symbol, like the stop symbol in the streets, which is a traffic sign.

The stop sign is a symbol. Many dream images are dream symbols too. Other images compose the dream story, without representing specific symbols. Their meaning depends on the dream logic, which follows the wise logic of the unconscious mind. Jung discovered the meaning of many dream symbols, and I discovered the meaning of more dream symbols by following his method.

All dream images have a symbolic meaning. They are the unconscious words. When you learn the dream language you start exchanging images with words that you can understand, without looking at these images the same way you do in your daily life.

If your mother frequently appears in your dreams, this means that you are mentally ill. Your anti-conscience controls your human conscience. You need psychotherapy. Otherwise, your anti-conscience will manage to completely destroy your conscience.

Write down your dreams in a dream journal and translate their meaning according to the scientific method of dream interpretation. I can translate your dreams for you in the beginning, since you have an urgent problem.

The unconscious mind will help you get rid of your anti-conscience. You’ll learn how to identify the absurd thoughts it sends to your conscience, and never follow these thoughts. Therefore, you will oblige your anti-conscience to stop sending you absurd thoughts thanks to your resistance.

When your mind will become clear, you will be able to evolve without being bothered by the craziness imposed by your anti-conscience, which is your primitive, evil, and absurd conscience that didn’t evolve like your human side.

The anti-conscience’s thoughts appear in your mind as if they were your own thoughts. You cannot understand that these thoughts are not produced by your conscience.

The unconscious mind will show you in your dreams what the anti-conscience is doing, and how you can make it stop controlling your mind and your behavior. You will be able to easily perceive your anti-conscience’s influence, until you’ll completely eliminate it through consciousness. This means that this unknown content will become known. Then, your anti-conscience will be transformed into a positive content that will have human characteristics and help you in your life. It will stop being in a primitive form, and cause you many problems.

In case you saw your mother only once in a dream, this means that your anti-conscience is influencing your behavior in a certain way. It is not constantly sending you absurd thoughts yet. It doesn’t’ control your behavior, but it is influencing your attitude in certain situations.

Whenever you have dreams about your mother you must be very careful and analyze your intentions and your behavior. Keep following dream therapy. The unconscious mind will help you understand where the danger is, and how to completely eliminate what is negative from your personality.

The influence of your primitive conscience is the influence of your animal personality in your mind and behavior. This means that your reactions become violent, or you accept immorality without criticizing your actions. The anti-conscience generates numerous abnormalities in your mind and behavior because it is constantly trying to destroy your human conscience and steal the place of your ego.

Your animal personality doesn’t want to be tamed by your human sensibility and sensitivity. Your anti-conscience tries to destroy your human conscience in order to control your behavior instead of being transformed by your conscience into human content.

However, you, the human being concentrated into your human conscience, must tame the monster you come from. You have to acquire complete consciousness of all the content existent in your brain and transform what is negative into something positive for you. This way, you’ll have the chance to use all of your brain power.

Can your mother have a positive meaning in a dream?

No. The meaning of the dream symbols never changes. It is the same for all dreamers, and in all dreams.

However, the dream symbols are the unconscious words. You have also to follow the dream story. For example, if you’ll have a dream about disagreeing with your mother, this dream is positive. You should always disagree with your anti-conscience and never do what it wants. Therefore, a dream about having a fight with your mother has a positive meaning, since your mother represents your evil personality, which wants to destroy your humanity. You have to fight its craziness.

If you’ll have a dream about eating a meal with your mother, this dream has a negative meaning. The food in dreams is psychical energy that feeds your psyche, and not your body. If you are eating something with your mother in a dream, this means that you agree with your anti-conscience, and you are feeding your absurdity.

If you’ll have a dream about being at your mother’s house while she is not there, this dream is a lesson. The unconscious mind is showing you how your anti-conscience influences your behavior, even though you are not controlled by your anti-conscience because you are not with your mother in the dream.

The appearance of your mother in a dream must always alarm you. You must be afraid of your anti-conscience and fight its craziness, instead of listening to its absurd thoughts.

Follow dream therapy with seriousness, and the unconscious mind will show you what to do. You have clear guidance and real support from the unconscious mind when you translate the meaning of your dreams with the right method; the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research, discovering the anti-conscience that he couldn’t see with the knowledge he had.

This is why I could simplify his complicated method. I clearly understood that the unconscious mind sends us secret messages in dreams in order to protect our mental stability from the anti-conscience’s attacks. This is the main reason why we dream. If we didn’t have an anti-conscience constantly bothering our evolution and trying to destroy our conscience, we wouldn’t need the unconscious help.

Now that the main purpose of the unconscious mind is very clear, dream translation became a simple matter. Everyone can learn how to accurately translate the meaning of their dreams, independently of their educational level. Thus, if you have a few minutes per day for studies, you should study the dream language without wasting time.

If you have no time or no conditions for studies, I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with unlimited support after my translations. We will exchange many email messages, until you’ll really solve your problems.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dream Therapy

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  • Myron Jose says:

    I like what you guys are up too. Such intelligent work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website :)

  • Karpacz says:

    some truly rattling work at this website , great content .

  • Susie T. says:

    Wow. I occasionally dream of my mother and went by the superstitious interpretation that my mother represented unconditional love and support. Apparently, I need therapy! I like the author’s stand on symbolism and interpretation, very bold and decisive.

  • Oladimeji Talibu says:

    Yesterday, I dreamt of engaging in a hot argument with my mother in which I vowed that I will not see her again. In the dream it seemed as if my mum revealed my secret to some of my friends and when I discovered this I started to shout on her.

    Also two days ago I dreamt of seeing a airplane aiming to crash land towards the direction of my head. When I discovered the Plane was purposively pursuing to crash land on my head, I used my hand to shift it from my head. It was in this process that I woke up

  • admin says:

    Hi Oladimeji,

    You should submit your dream and life biography for professional dream translation.

    Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday.

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    All the best!

    Christina Sponias

  • Bianca Isom says:

    This is crazy. I have had dreams about my mother for years. They are always violent and I’m arguing with her and I always feel in the dream she is stupid, but I know I have a loving relationship in real life with her. This is just confirming everything that has been spoken over my life and the idea that I am an Indigo child as well. Thank you!

  • Lynnette says:

    Hi. This has seriously freaked me out. I have been dreaming about physically attacking my mum. Really wanting to hurt her. I wake up so angry and covered in sweat. I’m exhausted. I started group therapy two weeks ago. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression 11 years ago. How screwed up am I? I’m in the UK if that makes a difference.

  • admin says:

    Hi Lynnette,

    You should submit your dream and life biography for professional dream translation.

    Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday.

    Learn more at:

    All the best!

    Christina Sponias

  • Vivita Sedai says:

    Great Post. I am so touched… I have been dreaming about fighting and disagreeing with my Mom. I was kind of sad thinking something bad is going to happen to my mom. but reading this makes me feel relieved. Thank you.

  • Jackson Lyova says:

    my dream, survived in a tornado then beside I saw my wife and her sister, my wife was crying and her sister was stopping him, while she look over me and complain for me.

    I was in church three women come to sit aclosser to me,
    and i didnt comfortable of that women, i started to shift to other position oversadly isaw my mother – in law started acusing me that why are you living that pisition? so she continued to accuse till out of church.

    I dreamed that I saw a small bird come to my hands then after few minutes leaved my hand then come back again,
    I started wonderling its posible for a wild bird to make friend ship with me?
    After that i experienced very pecefuly in my heart of the action of that bird

  • admin says:

    Hi Jackson,

    You should submit your dreams and life biography for professional dream translation.

    Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday.

    Learn more at:

    All the best!

    Christina Sponias


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