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imagesCA9FQ6NJThe unconscious mind that produces your dreams is the best psychiatrist, psychologist, teacher, priest, and friend you could find. The sanctity and the wisdom of the unconscious mind prove God’s existence.

This means that when you translate the meaning of your dreams you have safe guidance from a real expert. The unconscious mind knows everything because it has a divine origin. This is an advantage that you cannot have with a human doctor. You cannot trust an ignorant human doctor the way you can trust the saintly unconscious mind that never makes mistakes.

Most people prefer to submit their dreams for a professional dream translation because I translate all dreams very fast. You will have to practice dream translation for a while until you will be able to immediately translate the meaning of dreams like me. Thus, you can simply submit your dreams for translation like many online users. The psychotherapy you receive after the dream analysis is unlimited. We exchange many email messages. I really help you solve your problems.

However, I advise you to also study the dream language. This knowledge is precious. Carl Jung was a real genius not properly recognized by the world. I greatly simplified his complicated method of dream interpretation after discovering a lot more, but I always mention that this is his method.

Only Jung had enough persistence and perseverance in order to really look for the hidden meaning of the dream messages. If the world didn’t recognize the fact that he managed to discover the meaning of the dream language this is because his method is too complicated, time consuming and obscure. I had to translate numerous dreams for two decades before being able to simplify and clarify his method of dream interpretation.

On the other hand, he had many enemies. Nobody wanted to give him the glory of being recognized as the only one who managed to discover how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams.

Each psychologist prefers to follow a method of dream interpretation based on pure suppositions than studying the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung.

My work puts an end to this problem. Now that I simplified his method of dream interpretation even children can easily learn how to translate the meaning of dreams and follow the unconscious psychotherapy.

The unconscious mind gives you many behavioral lessons in dreams by using people you know. It shows you your mistakes, so that you may learn how to do only what is positive for you and your life.

For example, your friends represent parts of your personality that have the same characteristics they do. This way, you have an image of your behavior. You can criticize your own behavior as if you were criticizing someone else. You see how your friends act, believing that the dream is talking about them.

The dream is in fact talking about you, while using their example. You are as false as your friend A, who is a big liar. However, you also are a hard worker, like your friend B. You are not lazy. Your friends are parts of your own personality that behave exactly like them.

Your personality is composed by many different parts. Most of them belong to the wild side of your conscience, the anti-conscience. The negative parts of your personality that belong to your anti-conscience are violent, immoral, cruel, absurd, and indifferent. They will appear in your dreams like violent enemies, like people who left prison, or like thieves.

Your mother represents the terrible anti-conscience that wants to completely destroy your human conscience in order to control your behavior. Thus, your mother represents all the negative components of your personality at the same time. Whenever you have dreams in which you are with your mother, this means that you are constantly influenced by your evil and absurd anti-conscience.

The unconscious mind gives you an image of your mental illness. The unconscious personifications help you understand your behavior and the influence of your anti-conscience. Your mental illness stops being an unknown ghost. It becomes knowledgeable.

You are the patient, but you are also your own doctor because you have to put into practice the unconscious guidance. The unconscious mind shows you what is going wrong, so that you may correct your mistakes.

You cannot be indifferent to the unconscious guidance and expect to overcome your mental illness. You have to do what the unconscious mind shows you in the dream images. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, how can you find salvation?

Follow the unconscious guidance like a good student and patient. You have many explanations about everything. The unconscious mind is a very patient doctor and teacher.

Dreams about people who are calm, generous, and sincere indicate that your personality contains many positive components. Every person who appears in a dream represents a part of yourself, except the person you love. The unconscious mind gives you objective information about this person. In other words, you really learn what is happening to them, what they think, and what they will do in the future. This is really impressing!

If you are losing your mental stability, you will see people who are mentally ill in your dreams. You may also have dreams about blood coming out of your head. This dream image indicates craziness. However, blood coming out from other members of your body indicates pain.

Most dream messages are sad and unpleasant in the beginning of your psychotherapy because you are constantly influenced by your anti-conscience, which is your primitive conscience that remains in an animal condition. You will have dreams with positive dream symbols once you eliminate your wild conscience through consciousness.

When you acquire consciousness you eliminate your anti-conscience, which can think but has no feelings. Consciousness is based on a total comprehension of the meaning of your actions, and a total vision of your reality. It is also based on sensitivity.

You acquire consciousness when you tame your aggressive reactions, and you learn how to be calm and gentle. The unconscious psychotherapy is based on showing you the truth about your behavior, while giving you spiritual guidance.

You separate yourself from your wild nature when you become sensitive. Your sensitivity gives you peace and wisdom. You understand the meaning of goodness and you have a clear conscience.

You are a human being because you are sensitive; not because you can think. Rationalism without sensitivity is a collection of absurd ideas that have no practical value because they are far from the truth. Without sensitivity you can only make many costly mistakes because you cannot sense your reality and understand how others feel.

Sound mental health is based on sensitivity and sensibility. Mental illnesses transform you into a totally insensitive creature, disconnected with the external reality. This is why the unconscious treatment in your dreams is based on criticizing your behavior and showing you your mistakes. The unconscious mind cures your psyche by showing you how to show wise behavior and how to be sensitive. You learn how to always show compassion to everyone.

Instead of being controlled by anger, you learn how to automatically forgive your enemies. Instead of feeling revolted with what other people say, you feel sorry for them because you know how much they ignore.

The divine unconscious wisdom will help you become wise and self-confident. You will always feel superior, in all occasions. You will really be superior. You won’t be an animal like everyone else in our crazy world. You will be a true human being.

The unconscious mind will eliminate everything that is negative from your mind. You will begin a new life, free from the heavy burden you have inherited when you were born; your wild anti-conscience.

Only because this monster will stop influencing your behavior you will already feel as if you were the happiest creature of this world. Your anti-conscience is responsible for everything that is bad in your personality and life. When you’ll get rid of this negative content you’ll find peace and sound mental health.

You will understand how lucky you are when you will get rid of your absurd and evil anti-conscience and completely develop your intelligence. Your animal nature is killing your personality and destroying your life. It generates mental illnesses within your conscience and it creates problems in your daily life. Your animal nature wants to control your behavior.

However, you, the human being concentrated into your tiny human conscience must control your behavior. The unconscious mind will help you develop your human conscience and eliminate your dangerous wild side. Then, you will help the world find salvation with your work and your wisdom.

You will surely be happy and have a happy family. You will spread happiness and wisdom everywhere. Your presence will always bring joy and relief to everyone. Your example will encourage the new generations.

This is the therapy of the wise unconscious mind. The online therapy through dream analysis is based on the unconscious wisdom.

I can immediately translate your dreams for you in the beginning, and even give you private lessons of dream translation and analysis when I translate your dreams. This way, you will faster solve your problems, and faster learn the dream language.

You can also keep sending me your dreams for a professional dream translation and free psychotherapy after the translation, which counts as much as the translation of the dream messages. This part is totally free because the more you tell me about you and your life, better I understand your dreams. I want to give you the freedom to send me many email messages without caring about having to pay me for my support. I help you like a sister.

I show you how to put the wise unconscious guidance into practice, giving you clear directions. I won’t tell you that you should do what you believe that could be better for you, like all psychologists do. I will tell you exactly what you have to do in order to successfully solve your problems because I can read the divine guidance in your dreams. My translations are not based on suppositions.

The unconscious guidance can be completely trusted because it comes from God. If you are atheistic, get prepared for having a big surprise when you’ll learn the meaning of dreams. I have many patients who were atheists before the dream therapy, but they have changed their mind after understanding how wise the unconscious messages in their dreams were, and after seeing that the unconscious mind knew everything about them and their lives. This is an impressing proof.

If you prefer this option, you can simply keep sending me your dreams for translation without studying the dream language. I’m only telling you how wonderful this knowledge is because I have the moral obligation to open your eyes. Why should you always depend on a dream translator?

You can easily study the dream language thanks to my simplifications and have this knowledge. Most of my patients send me all their dreams because they don’t want to study the dream language, or they don’t have time or conditions for studies. However, I also have many students who know how to translate simple dreams by themselves. They submit for translation only the complicated dreams, because they feel that they couldn’t exactly translate the unconscious messages.

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn the dream language or not. You can find sound mental health and happiness through dream therapy right now. This is guaranteed because your doctor is not me, but the divine unconscious mind. I’m merely a dream translator and a helper. The unconscious mind is the one who knows how to cure all mental illnesses. I simply help you understand how to relate the information given to you in your dreams to the issues you are facing now.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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