How to Find Joy in Your Daily Life

imagesCACC483FAfter following dream therapy you will be able to find joy in your daily life because you won’t be bothered by the wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience). Thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries about the meaning of dreams and their healing power, and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, today you can find joy in life even if you are depressed or if you suffer from a severe mental illness.

Your treatment through dream translation will have a short duration if you are a good student and patient. You should follow the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to eliminate your anti-conscience the fastest possible. This is how you will be able to find joy in all moments of your existence and have a wonderful life.

You need the unconscious treatment even if you believe that you are a balanced person. Nobody is really balanced without following dream therapy.

Only the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams can completely eliminate the negative influence of the primitive conscience you have inherited into the biggest part of our brain. Your anti-conscience is responsible for all the negative characteristics of your personality.

When you eliminate your anti-conscience you eliminate what is evil, absurd, immoral, cruel, and indifferent from your psyche. Thus, you have the chance to develop the positive characteristics of your personality and use your hidden talents.

Authentic joy begins inside you. It doesn’t depend on the external reality or on material pleasures. The joy I’m talking about is the joy that results from a harmonic development of your personality and life.

When you are balanced you are always glad because you are happy with yourself. You are also happy with your daily life because you manage to transform it into an exciting adventure that gives you motivation to always go ahead and triumph.

This joy is the result of your self-confidence. You feel always light and ready to dance. You also feel always strong and capable to do everything you need without problems because your joy gives you energy. You work like an artist. You are creative, original, and impressing.

Your have a permanent good mood. You make jokes out of simple events and daily facts, and your sense of humor reflects intelligence and sensitivity.

This is the authentic joy you find after passing through a process of psychotherapy that transforms you into a superior person. You are always happy with your extraordinary personality and your accomplishments in life.

However, you must also be able to accept suffering and sadness in life whenever it will be necessary. If you want to be balanced you cannot ignore what is bad and sad. You cannot show indifference before someone else’s pain.

Sometimes your tears will give you a certain knowledge that you couldn’t find if you were always laughing, without paying attention to the dark side of your reality. Only sensitivity can give you real sensibility.

Many times you’ll have to cry because this is how you’ll learn how to show compassion. Many times you’ll have to pass through difficult life experiences because this is how you’ll understand how to solve difficult problems.

Your life on Earth is not a beautiful trip without meaning. You live in order to transform your wild conscience into human conscience. You live in order to learn the real meaning of goodness. You live in order to work and help the world find salvation.

Your joy must not transform you into a selfish clown. You have to give your support to those who are suffering. You have the obligation to participate of your community and give something back to those who gave you the indispensable life conditions to survive.

Your actuation in the world must be meaningful. Your personality must be flexible, and your spirit must be humble. Otherwise, your joy will be cold and superficial.

Finding real joy in life depends on giving joy to the world. Only the generous joy that results from your spiritual evolution and from your psychological transformation can always shine.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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