A Definition of Absurdity Based on Research

Absurdity Absurdity is a characteristic reflected on the human behavior, which indicates the absence of logical connections, based on what is commonly considered as being logical. Absurdity is also reflected on our thoughts. It appears in the form of ideas without logical explanations.

Even though most people believe that there is only one reasoning system, which gives us basic information about what should be considered logical or absurd, the truth is that there are numerous reasoning systems that distort the meaning of what is balanced and the meaning of what should be considered absurd. These distortions are based on selfish criteria, or they are based on erroneous concepts and conclusions.

After continuing the research of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation and discovering the existence of our wild conscience (anti-conscience) that remains in a primitive condition, I could clarify the real meaning of absurdity. I could also understand the difference between sound mental health and hidden mental disorders.

For example, those who belong to an introverted psychological type tend to believe that their personal opinion is more important than anything else. They completely disregard the characteristics of their objective reality. They pay attention to their fantasies, expectations and emotions, without being able to discern the truth independently of their personal opinion.

Those who belong to extroverted psychological types tend to agree with the general opinion, without criticizing the assumptions of the world. Therefore, they try to get adapted to false behavioral patterns. They insist on following the beliefs of their social environment, even when these beliefs are totally different from their personal conclusions.

However, neither those who are introverted nor those who are extroverted can understand their absurdity. Their ego obliges them to defend their ideas or feelings, even when they understand that they are wrong.

The truth is that the behavior determined by each psychological type is basically absurd from the beginning, but its absurdity is camouflaged by various excuses. These excuses are accepted by each psychological type as if they were real facts. This is why they believe in their own lies.

Another example of the absurdity that characterizes the human behavior is observed when someone defends the selfish desires of their ego. They become blind before all obstacles. They also disregard the fact that they don’t have the right to impose their desires and demand a certain attitude from others, only because this is the attitude that their ego prefers.

For example, when someone falls in love with somebody else, he or she will insist on trying to conquer the person they love without respecting their right to refuse having a love relationship with them. They might even cause serious problems to the other person only because they want to possess them, without respecting their preferences.

This attitude generates several absurd reactions, which are always justified based on selfish criteria that disrespect the objective reality.

The use of violence is another undoubtable proof of absurdity in the human behavior. However, it is justified by superficial concepts and hypocritical conclusions.

The absurdity that characterizes the human race can also be observed when we analyze the general behavior of our society. Everyone in our world is an actor who adopts a false social behavior, which changes depending on various situations. This characteristic alone is enough to prove that human beings are basically absurd . However, it is justified by the necessity to hide from others our bad intentions or our bad disposition because we have contradictory interests, or we have financial, social, or emotional problems.

The only way we may understand what is logical or illogical in our behavior is by analyzing it under the light of the unconscious wisdom. The unconscious mind is a superior mind that knows everything and proves God’s existence.

We need the unconscious guidance in dreams because we are basically absurd from birth. We inherit a primitive conscience into the biggest part of our brain (anti-conscience) that didn’t evolve like our human side, and we also inherit a deficient human conscience, which is one-sided and must be developed in order to become really intelligent and balanced.

When absurd human beings criticize the human behavior based on absurd criteria, they will surely come to absurd conclusions. However, since they ignore what is true or false, they believe that their absurdity can be justified.

The unconscious mind helps us discern what is positive and negative in our behavior and in our reality, separating what is logical from what is illogical. The unconscious mind also teaches us the importance of sensitivity, emphasizing the necessity to relate our thoughts to our feelings, without disregarding the aspects of our reality that we dislike.

Therefore, if you want to escape the global absurdity, and if you want to completely evolve without being bothered by your wild nature, you must pass through psychotherapy. Dream therapy is the best alternative at your disposal. The superior unconscious wisdom will give you objective knowledge, and help you discern the truth in all occasions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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