Can Antidepressants Help You Overcome Depression? Discover the Best Natural Cure

imagesCAS5HK0GAntidepressants can help you only for a short period of time, and only if you are a victim of terror and you cannot bear your pain. However, they are not indicated for a long treatment, or for simpler problems.

Antidepressants annulate the actuation of your immune system. They give you relief for a certain period of time, without solving your problems, and without letting your conscience fight against the invasion of the absurdity that comes from your anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is your wild and primitive conscience, which is still active inside you and generates mental illnesses within your human conscience.

If you’ll take antidepressants instead of following psychotherapy, you will simply suppress your depressed feelings, without eliminating the causes of your depression. Even if you believe that your depression is caused by life situations that you cannot control, the truth is that you can change your life and stop being in a difficult position. You can also change your personal philosophy of life and learn how to deal with problematic situations without feeling despair.

Dream therapy according to the scientific method of dream interpretation is the best natural depression cure you can find, especially because it is safe. When you take antidepressants you are in great danger. The antidepressants may cause you many psychological problems instead of helping you cope with depression. On the other hand, when you follow the psychotherapy of ignorant human beings your depression may increase because ignorant human beings cannot see the content of your brain, and they ignore many things about you and your life.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is the only doctor you can absolutely trust because it is God’s mind. The unconscious wisdom proves God’s existence. This means that you can really trust the treatment you follow when you obey the guidance of your unconscious doctor in dream messages.

The unconscious mind knows everything about you and your life. Thus, the guidance you receive is specific and surely appropriate for your case.

If you have no conditions to study the dream language because you are too sad and you need urgent support, I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy. Many people prefer this option because they are not familiar with the unconscious psychotherapy in dreams. When they see how it works, they usually decide to study my dynamic method of instant dream translation (derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation).

You will probably follow their example because you’ll verify into practice the real value of the unconscious messages in all dream images. However, even if you prefer to simply submit your dreams for a professional dream translation, you will be helped with this knowledge the same way. Many times, only a few dreams already show you your basic psychological problems and what you have to do in order to overcome depression and find peace.

If you had a sad childhood and adolescence, you will surely have to bear depression at a certain point in your life. You have to eliminate the wounds of the past and your erroneous ideas in order to eliminate the depressed feeling they bring to your memory.

The suffering from the past prevents your evolution. You have many self-defensive reactions that you started adopting after having various traumas. Your anti-conscience takes advantage of the traumatic experiences of your life in order to send you absurd fears and block the development of your intelligence, generating abnormal behavior.

Your anti-conscience damages your memory and your nervous system, causing many distortions. Therefore, you don’t have the chance to understand what is happening to you and react. Only through a detailed analysis of your life biography and through the correction of the mistakes you make for being influenced by your anti-conscience, can your conscience stop being blocked.

Without the right treatment you will feel worse, and you may even become neurotic. This is why you must be very careful when you are feeling depressed.

There are numerous false treatments that are very dangerous for your mental and physical health. You should be prudent and look for the authentic psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in your own dreams.

You may suffer from depression in your adult life even if you had a normal childhood and adolescence because you are too introverted. Those who belong to introverted psychological types tend to acquire mental illnesses because they are nearer the absurd content of their psyche. They tend to neglect the real characteristics of their external reality and pay attention only to their personal impressions and ideas. Therefore, their anti-conscience can easier mislead introverted psychological types with absurd thoughts and feelings, after invading the human side of their conscience.

This doesn’t mean that those who belong to extroverted psychological types are not vulnerable to depression. Extroverted psychological types suppress their psychological problems, finding relief with material pleasures. This is why they don’t become depressed as frequently as introverted psychological types. However, since they don’t really solve their problems, they become victims of their anti-conscience at a certain point. They feel horribly depressed without understanding why.

If you belong to an introverted psychological type you will surely become depressed some day. If you belong to an extroverted psychological type you may escape depression, or suffer from an unexplained depression during certain periods of time.

The unexplained depression of those who belong to extroverted psychological types can be explained when we analyze the truth. We live in a world ruled by terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, indifference and greed. Our cities are labyrinths with many high buildings, cars, and many people walking in the streets. This means that only because we live in this world, especially if we live in a big city, we already have numerous reasons for feeling depressed.

If you belong to an extroverted psychological type you have to pay attention to your inner truth. Your depression is trying to show you that the external world is not everything you have.

Each one becomes depressed for a certain reason related to his/her psychological type. We are constantly having to face situations that demand the development of all our psychological functions, so that we may stop being one-sided. We have to be as introverted as extroverted in order to find balance.

As you can see, the intention to cure depression through antidepressants is totally absurd. Without psychotherapy you’ll never understand what is causing your psychological problems. You’ll never learn how you can stop feeling depressed, so that you may find peace and happiness.

I’m not saying that antidepressants are totally useless and always dangerous. I’m showing you that you can take antidepressants only in the beginning of your depression if you have suicidal thoughts and this is really indispensable, but you must stop depending on antidepressants after a short period of time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fight against your anti-conscience and win this battle.

Dream therapy will help you overcome all fears. All your psychological problems will gradually disappear. Your depression will be completely eliminated thanks to the unconscious guidance. You’ll acquire sound mental health that lasts forever and begin a new life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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