God’s Existence – How to Stop Being an Atheist

imagesAfter continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche I found undoubtable proof of God’s existence. Jung had discovered this truth before me, but he didn’t have a religious attitude because he couldn’t perceive the sanctity that characterizes the unconscious mind, which produces our dreams.

Jung understood that the unconscious mind was God’s mind, but he believed that the human being should make his/her decisions based on his own conscience. He was afraid of the unconscious mind because he believed that it generates mental illnesses, besides being also a doctor who cures all mental illnesses. His conclusion was absurd because evilness and wisdom are incompatible. However, with the knowledge he had in his life time he couldn’t perceive this mistake.

I will be forever grateful to Carl Jung because he saved me from schizophrenia thanks to his extraordinary discoveries and lessons. I will forever claim that Carl Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation, even though he made many mistakes, and even though I greatly simplified his method of dream interpretation, transforming it into a clear and fast method of dream translation that is quite different from his method in many ways.

I could simplify Jung’s complicated, time consuming and obscure method of dream interpretation because I discovered the anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side.

I discovered that the anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our conscience, and not the unconscious mind that works like a doctor. The anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain. It has satanic characteristics because it is the tragic result of the disorganized formation of the first live conscience. We inherit this primitive content from birth.

This means that I discovered scientific proof of the satanic origin of the human being. This is a scientific and religious truth. Therefore, my work creates a bridge between science and religion.

God sends us important messages in dreams in order to help us fight against our satanic anti-conscience, which is schizophrenic. The anti-conscience generates mental disorders within our human conscience because it tries to destroy our conscience and control our behavior.

We must study the dream language in order to understand the meaning of dreams because the anti-conscience must not understand the unconscious guidance. The unconscious guidance in dreams basically protects us from our anti-conscience’s attacks.

I found proof of God’s existence and sanctity after translating the symbolic meaning of a literary book I had written when I was a teen, after suffering from a tragic car accident.

Carl Jung had translated the symbolic meaning of the literary works of various authors, identifying the difference between authors who write inspired by the unconscious mind from authors who write based on their own conscience. Authors who write inspired by the unconscious mind write stories containing various dream symbols.

Jung discovered that we can translate the symbolic meaning of literature the same way we translate the meaning of dreams, and understand the wise unconscious messages.

When I started seeking psychotherapy through dream interpretation I was a 23-years-old mother. I had many intriguing, frightening, and vivid dreams.

I chose Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation after studying all the existing methods of dream interpretation of the world. I saw that only Jung’s method helped us understand how to cure our psyche. Therefore, I precisely followed his steps.

After discovering the wise unconscious guidance in dreams, I had to abandon Jung’s conclusions and follow my own route. The unconscious mind showed me in many dreams that I had to continue Jung’s research and discover a lot more.

I was in fact obliged to continue his research.

God sends us diseases when we make mistakes, because He tries to prevent craziness.

I started having various health problems because I didn’t like the idea of disagreeing with the conclusions of my doctor. Carl Jung was a psychiatrist. How could I, an ignorant literature writer disagree with the conclusions of a named psychiatrist and psychologist?

In the end I obeyed the divine unconscious mind because I understood that this was an obligation. When I wrote my conclusions in the first version of the scientific book I was writing, disagreeing with Carl Jung’s conclusions, all my health problems disappeared.

I understood that God is demanding because He knows what is good for us and for everyone around us. I had to correct Jung’s mistakes and discover new solutions.

I also understood that I was a demon because my anti-conscience had practically destroyed the human side of my conscience. The tragic accident I suffered in 1976 (when I was 15-years-old) marked the domination of my anti-conscience into my conscience. When our anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our conscience, it controls our behavior. This means that we are controlled by our satanic primitive nature.

I had a very strong human conscience when I was a child. However, my anti-conscience managed to destroy my human conscience because I had inherited too much absurdity. Without treatment, I would surely become schizophrenic like my father.

I perceived that my behavior already had the characteristics of my father’s behavior when I became an adult. I didn’t doubt for a second that I would really become crazy like him.

Everybody hated my father. He was a very selfish and unfair monster. I didn’t want to be like him. I understood that I had to precisely obey the unconscious mind if I wanted to save my mental health.

The translation of the symbolic meaning of the book I wrote during six years after the accident clearly reflected my mental illness. This book predicted my fight against schizophrenia, and it showed me the real meaning of life.

In the car accident I lost the dearest friend Marina, who was next to me in the car, and was only 22-years-old. I also lost my memory for more than 15 days. I lost the coordination of my movements for 6 months. I also lost my faith, becoming an atheist.

One year after the accident I started writing the literary book that gave me the key of knowledge when I translated its symbolic meaning. This book also helped me believe in God’s existence and really recuperate my faith. I stopped being an atheist before getting married, because I understood that there were many things that I ignored. However, I didn’t have real faith.

My literary book was the story of a philanthropic beggar who was revolted with the human race and wanted to put an end to hunger on Earth. He also wanted to bring peace to our world. He knew that there was an invisible war among all human beings, besides many visible wars.

I finished writing this book when I was 21-years-old, two months before getting married (in 1983). It was never published because it was written in Portuguese (since I’m Brazilian), but I had decided to live in Greece (where I have many relatives because my parents are Greek) due to the various social and financial problems in my country.

I kept this book somewhere, and I completely forgot it. It was entitled “The Philanthropic Beggar”.

After precisely following Carl Jung’s lessons and precisely following the unconscious guidance I found a certain balance. However, my case was complicated.

I was able to really understand the dream language in the end of 1987, when I was 26-years-old. In February of 1988 I decided to write a scientific book in order to prove to the world that only Carl Jung had discovered the right method of dream interpretation. I became an expert and I could give many lessons to the world, using my own example.

I would expose myself this way, but I had to give practical lessons to the public. Jung was not allowed to publish the life biography of his patients when he published their dreams. I would help everyone understand the real meaning of dreams by publishing my life biography and my dreams. This way, everyone would understand the relationship between our dreams and our lives.

After reading two books where Jung had analyzed the literary work of various authors, I remembered “The Philanthropic Beggar”. I thought that it would be a good idea to translate the symbolic meaning of the book I had written after the accident according to Jung’s method and include this part in my scientific book.

After relating various scientific discoveries that happened after Jung’s death and proved that his theories were real discoveries to his work, and after translating the symbolic meaning of “The Philanthropic Beggar”, I found undoubtable proof of the unconscious sanctity.

I understood that I had to disagree with Carl Jung.

The unconscious mind is wise and saintly. Jung was wrong for believing that there was evilness in the unconscious mind. All the evilness existent in the human brain and psyche comes from our anti-conscience.

Jung couldn’t see the anti-conscience because he had stopped his research at a certain point, accepting ignorance from that point and on. I had to continue his dangerous research and discover the anti-conscience because my case couldn’t be cured without this knowledge.

I had to accept obeying the unconscious guidance and fight against the horrible attacks of my anti-conscience.

When the anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our human conscience there is no way we can escape from craziness. The anti-conscience provokes dizziness, fainting, horrible feelings and sensations, visual and oral distortions and hallucinations. It also sends many absurd thoughts to our human conscience, without stopping. The anti-conscience is an invincible enemy. This is why severe mental illnesses cannot be cured.

I was miraculously cured only because I obeyed the unconscious mind.

I saw that the human conscience is absurd and leads the human being to craziness and despair, while the unconscious mind is wise and saintly. Therefore, I concluded that we must not decide what to do based on our own conscience. We must obey the wise unconscious guidance in order to preserve our mental stability and find peace.

My miraculous cure and my discoveries prove God’s existence to the atheistic world. Without superior guidance a young, ignorant, and neurotic woman like me would never be able to find sound mental health, or discover anything.

If you don’t believe in God, and if you were not convinced by my story, you can find practical proof of God’s existence by following dream therapy according to the scientific method. You will surely stop being an atheist when you’ll verify that the unconscious mind saves you from suffering.

The unconscious wisdom will help you pass through a process of spiritual purification, besides completely eliminating the absurdity you have inherited in your brain. You’ll discover the meaning of life, the meaning of death, and the power of goodness.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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