Dreams About Love and About Your Mental Health

4657665041_575e8d97cc_mDreams about love are very simple because they are not as symbolic as dreams about your mental health. However, many times you have dreams that give you information about the person you love and about your mental health at the same time. Therefore, their translation is not as simple as dreams that only give you information about a special person.

The symbolism of dreams about love is very clear. You only have to learn the meaning of the most important dream symbols related to love matters in order to understand the meaning of dreams about love. However, when the unconscious mind gives you also information about your mental health, you have to deal with the advanced symbolism of the average unconscious messages.

How should you translate these dreams?

You have to translate the meaning of the dream images where you perfect match appears like you translate dreams that are exclusively talking about the special person. Everything that the unconscious mind shows you about this person in your dreams is giving you objective and real information about them.

However, when the next dream scenes contain known dream symbols that reflect your psychological content, you must translate the next dream images the same way you translate regular dreams.

For example,

Mike dreamt that he was passionately kissing his girlfriend while they were making love. Then, he was at the beach with two friends. He sees a shark fin in the sea. He asks his friends if they see it too. Greg said that he had an illusion, but Peter believed that he could be right.

First of all we have to learn a few details about Mike and the issues he is facing now, since he is the dreamer. Without knowing the biographical details of the dreamer, the dream translation is too vague and obscure. We always must know the most important details about the dreamer if we want to perfectly translate a dream.

Mike said that he is studying in another state, very far from his girlfriend. He loves her very much, and he wants to marry her. However, one of the girls at his class is always looking at him. He loves his girlfriend and he doesn’t want to have an affair with this girl.

Many times our dreams give us information about what happened to us the previous day. Let’s see what happened to Mike before he had this dream.

Mike said that the day before he had this dream he met this girl from his class in the street and she approached him. She was very kind. They talked for a while about the new program, and left. Nothing really happened, but he kept remembering this meeting. He was trying to understand if this was a coincidence or if she was following him. Perhaps she knew that he would be there at that time of the day. It didn’t look like a casual meeting.

Now, the dreamer must describe how he characterizes the friends who appear in his dream because they represent parts of his own personality.

Mike says that Greg tries to do everything the easy way, without paying attention to details. Sometimes he is rude.

Peter is individualist. He always thinks about his advantages or disadvantages in all situations.

I will translate the meaning of this dream now that I already learned what I needed to know in order to accurately and clearly translate the unconscious messages:

Mike dreamt that he was passionately kissing his girlfriend while they were making love.

This dream scene is giving information to the dreamer about his perfect match; his girlfriend. The unconscious mind is showing him that his girlfriend is the ideal person for him.

This dream scene is also a warning, because it is reminding Mike that his girlfriend is the right partner for him (and not another woman). He is facing a big challenge because he is far from his girlfriend. However, he must remember that she is his perfect match. After finishing his studies he will be with her again.

Then, he was at the beach with two friends.

The beach is near the sea, where craziness is hidden. The unconscious mind is showing to the dreamer that he is near craziness because he is thinking like his friend Greg, who is indifferent to how others feel; this is why he is rude. He is also thinking like his friend Peter, who is too selfish.

Mike must be loyal to his girlfriend, while another girl is trying to conquer his heart. Greg and Peter are two parts of his personality that are negatively influencing his behavior, while he is facing this challenge.

He is near the sea (which represents craziness) because if he will let the negative parts of his personality control his behavior, he will become mentally ill.

He sees a shark fin in the sea.

The shark in dreams represents schizophrenia. The fact that the dreamer sees a shark fin indicates that he will suffer from a severe mental illness if he will let the negative components of his personality control his behavior, and he will betray his girlfriend.

He will lose the woman he loves, and at the same time, he will lose his mental stability for losing the person he loves because he made a mistake.

He asks his friends if they see it too. His friend Greg said that he had an illusion, while Peter believed that he could be right.

The rude part of his personality (that has a behavior similar to Greg’s behavior) cannot see the danger. This part of his personality is trying to convince the dreamer that there is no danger.

This part of his personality is making him think that his girlfriend will never learn what happened between him and another girl, or that even if she does, he can justify his betrayal because the girl from his class insisted too much.

The individualistic part of his personality (which has a behavior similar to Peter’s behavior) understands that it could be dangerous to betray his girlfriend. However, this selfish part of his personality is making him believe that he must care about satisfying his ego, without paying attention to his girlfriend’s feelings.

Mike may believe that his girlfriend will never learn what happened between him and another girl, but perhaps she will somehow learn the truth. Perhaps someone will inform his girlfriend that he/she saw Mike with another girl.

On the other hand, this girl from his class could call up his girlfriend and tell her what had happened between them, just in order to steal him from her. There are numerous possibilities.

Mike would lose his mind if he would lose his ideal partner only because he had an adventure with another girl. The unconscious mind was sending him a serious warning in order to help him prevent schizophrenia. Mike would never forgive himself if he would lose the women he loves this way.

The shark in dreams is an alarming dream symbol. The sea indicates great danger.

Therefore, the dreamer had information about the person he loves in the beginning of his dream, in order to understand that if he would let his negative tendencies control his behavior, he would lose his sanity.

Mike must remember that his girlfriend is his perfect match, even though this girl from his class is trying to seduce him. In a few months he will be with his girlfriend again, and they will have a perfect relationship for life.

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