How to Be A Genius Even If You Are Not Intelligent

imagesCAHM4H2EYour intelligence depends on numerous factors. Even if today you don’t believe that you are an intelligent person you can become a genius through dream translation.

Only the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung could discover the mysterious meaning of the dream language as I prove in my work, after 19 years of research and numerous cures carried on through dream therapy. The scientific method of dream interpretation is totally different from all the false dream interpretations of the world.

Carl Jung was a genius, I became a genius by following his method (which I simplified for you), and you will become a genius too if you precisely follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams.

You may believe that I’m showing off, but the truth is totally different from what you may possibly imagine.

You’ll understand how everyone can become a genius. Therefore, you will understand that I’m merely declaring that you can become a genius like me, like Carl Jung, like Bach, like Einstein, and like many personalities who marked the human history. I’m not famous yet, but I will surely become very famous in the future.

I have too many enemies who don’t want to lose their privileges when humanity will pay attention to my discoveries. My competitors almost killed me with their sneaky attacks since I started working online, in the beginning of 2007. I could survive to their powerful attacks only because I’m far more intelligent than them.

However, I’m not proud of my achievements. I lost my pride in 1989 (when I was 28-years-old) and I discovered the existence of the anti-conscience in the human brain. I saw the depth of my ignorance and the depth of my evilness.

I’m a very serious person. I learned how to cure severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and psychosis. I know how to put an end to terror and violence. When I tell you that I’m a genius, I’m not showing off.

I’m simply telling you that I learned how to completely develop my brain. You can learn how to do the same if you are a serious student and patient.

My discoveries are as important as Carl Jung’s discoveries, or even more, because I obey the unconscious mind, while Jung believed that the unconscious mind was only a good counselor. My obedience helped me become a genius and discover a lot more. Otherwise, I would be a crazy creature, like most people in our world.

I was very intelligent when I was a child, but I became neurotic when I became a teen. When I became an adult, I became idiotic. I made many ridiculous mistakes.

This is why I was always depressed and angry when I was a young mother. I had no courage to live. I understood that I had to look for psychotherapy.

I started studying the meaning of dreams. Fortunately, I found Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation before becoming schizophrenic like my father.

I’m a relief for the unconscious mind. Everybody should obey the unconscious guidance like me, but most people don’t accept being guided.

If you want to become a genius you have to keep following dream therapy and always obey the unconscious mind with the seriousness that a doctor obeys a surgeon during surgery.

First of all, you must be cured like me, even if you are not neurotic, and even if you don’t have a mentally ill parent like me.

You may believe that you are a normal person, but the biggest part of your brain contains craziness. Only because you have inherited this content, even if your parents are normal like you, you are absurd and under-developed. I simply inherited more craziness than you. Everyone inherits this content in their brain.

We inherit craziness from birth because our brain possesses consciousness. Consciousness without peace is a tragedy.

A brain that can think and understand that it is alive has many necessities, and faces too many adversities. Without organization, a thinking brain cannot but become crazy.

Craziness is the result of the disorganized formation of the first conscience that appeared on the universe. We inherit the craziness of our primitive conscience because we can think.

The tiny part of our brain that has human characteristics and composes our human conscience is the result of divine providence. This part of our brain was transformed into human content.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams in order to help us fight craziness is God’s mind. Our human conscience must help God transform the evil part of our brain (which belongs to our anti-conscience) into a positive component of our human conscience.

However, we prefer what is bad. We let our anti-conscience destroy the human side of our conscience instead of fighting the craziness it imposes to our human conscience. Thus, we betray God, who gave us a conscience with human characteristics, based on sensitivity.

When our conscience accepts what is bad, we lose our consciousness. Our anti-conscience manages to destroy a big portion of our conscience. The more we accept the anti-conscience’s suggestions, crazier we become.

This is why our world is a hell camouflaged by our indifference to what is bad, by our indifference to human pain, by our superficiality, and by our ridiculous hypocrisy. We are merely under-developed primates who possess a satanic anti-conscience and a tiny human conscience that must be developed. Everyone on Earth is an actor. Everyone here is a monster.

The only exceptions to this rule are the real saints who changed the tragic story of the human race with their superior example.

However, how many real saints exist on Earth today?

The big tragedy that resulted from the disorganized formation of the first live conscience prevents humanity from finding salvation. We can think, but we are insensitive.

Ideas are very dangerous because they are made by empty words. Words are very misleading because they follow a certain logic. Logic is a chaotic subject. There are numerous false logics that seem to be reasonable.

A healthy logic helps the human being find happiness. This logic is based on love and compassion. All reasoning systems that neglect human feelings are absurd. A healthy logic must be based on wisdom.

Everybody should be a genius on Earth because the human brain has an unlimited power. This means that everybody can become a genius because the human brain has such potential. If our brain was only animal, we would never be able to surpass a certain level of knowledge.

Our brain is not like the animal brains. We have unlimited brain power.

However, we have to eliminate the evilness and the absurdity we have inherited into our anti-conscience in order to become real human beings, as we were meant to be if we would obey God’s guidance.

This means that when you’ll learn how to completely develop your human conscience and completely eliminate your anti-conscience, you will automatically become a genius. You will in fact become a wise human being. You won’t merely be a very intelligent person; you’ll develop your sensitivity to the same degree you’ll develop your intelligence.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are not intelligent according to the metrics of our absurd civilization. You have the potential to become a genius because your brain has an unlimited power. If you’ll precisely follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams, you will eliminate your anti-conscience and acquire complete consciousness.

When you’ll stop being a wild and selfish animal you’ll constantly evolve, without being bothered by your wild and evil nature. Then, you’ll verify that you were born to be a genius, but your wild and evil anti-conscience didn’t let you use your extraordinary brain power.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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