What Are Dreams? Finding Information and Guidance

imagesCAVUJFM8Dreams are images that contain precious messages. Once you master the dream language, you will immediately understand the wise unconscious messages in all dream images.

The unconscious mind protects you from all dangers, preserving your mental health.

I transformed Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation into a fast method of instant translation from images into words.

Thus, everything only depends on your obedience to the unconscious wisdom.

Now you easily can:

* Successfully solve all problems

* Find sound mental health and physical health

* Find your perfect match (or transform your marriage into a perfect love relationship)

* Discover your hidden talents

* Build your self-confidence

* Make many friends

* Become a genius

* Live happily forever

However, in order to attain these goals, you must transform your personality. Unfortunately, you have inherited craziness into the biggest part of your brain. You cannot live happily without eliminating this negative content.

Carl Jung couldn’t see the entire content of the human brain. Now that I completed his research, discovering the anti-conscience, dream translation became a simple matter. Now you can easily follow the unconscious psychotherapy and eliminate your dangerous wild side.

All dreams basically protect you from your wild nature.

Human beings are in fact violent primates who possess a tiny human conscience, which is under-developed and one-sided. This is why the unconscious mind produces dreams, which work like psychotherapy for our deficient conscience. We must be helped in order to evolve. Alone, we will never attain a higher level of knowledge. Our anti-conscience keeps bothering us.

Our dangerous anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy our human conscience and take the place of our ego, so that it may completely control our behavior.

When our human conscience is alive, it controls our behavior, taming our wild side. However, our human conscience is ignorant and absurd because it is one-sided. It must be helped by the unconscious mind in order to win the battle against our anti-conscience.

Our anti-conscience keeps penetrating our human conscience and trying to mislead our conscience with its absurd suggestions, which are always camouflaged. They seem to be logical solutions to our problems, while they are based on a false logic.

The anti-conscience plays with our reasoning, mixing truths with absurd justifications that have a selfish nature. It gradually ruins our capacity to think logically with its absurd ideas.

The anti-conscience usually manages to destroy at least a certain portion of our human conscience with its attacks when we become adults. This is why instead of evolving, we tend to return to our wild nature, and lose our mental stability.

The crazy world we live in facilitates the anti-conscience’s domination. Thus, most people become mentally ill, even when they ignore this fact because their mental illness is not diagnosed.

Today, behavioral abnormalities like self-abuse are justified by the false concepts of our absurd civilization. Nobody really knows what is sane or insane.

The unconscious mind helps you surpass your historical time and its erroneous concepts. The unconscious mind also helps you eliminate your dangerous wild nature through consciousness. In the end of the process of consciousness, you stop being an animal. You become a sensitive, humble, generous, calm, and patient human being.

However, in order to attain this level, you must eliminate your satanic anti-conscience. Dreams are warnings and predictions that help you understand how much your anti-conscience is influencing your behavior. This way you can stop the destruction it is trying to make.

The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams your anti-conscience’s plans, so that you may avoid its traps. The unconscious warnings help you stop following your anti-conscience’s ideas and develop your intelligence.

The unconscious mind helps you acquire more consciousness. This means that your human conscience starts using your anti-conscience’s intelligence in a positive way, instead of being destroyed by your anti-conscience’s absurdity.

In the beginning of the dream therapy, the unconscious criticism is unpleasant and many times its guidance contradicts your desires. However, the unconscious guidance is always wise.

You should always remember that you are ignorant and that your conscience is under-developed and one-sided. Your progress through dream translation will be very fast if you’ll recognize the superiority of the unconscious wisdom.

If you’ll feel offended when the unconscious mind will show you in your dreams that you are making mistakes, you won’t learn how to correct these mistakes and stop suffering. If you’ll insist on your plans even when the unconscious mind will show you in your dreams that you will end up on despair, you won’t be able to prevent misfortunes.

On the other hand, dreams are not magical trips that you should try to control. Some people believe that they should modify the dream images and scenes based on their desires, while this is a very dangerous distortion. Never distort the content of your dreams based on your imagination. Dreams are important messages that must be respected, so that they may save you from suffering.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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Dream Therapy

If you are in a difficult situation, you can send your dreams to me for a professional dream translation and psychotherapy. I will help you solve your problems thanks to the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

After my initial help, you’ll learn how to translate your dreams yourself with my dynamic method of dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation. The unconscious wisdom will guide you forever, and help you acquire complete consciousness. Click here to Submit your Dreams

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