How to Be Original and Abandon Old Ideas

2235671698_cac13b5ca6_mYou probably have your own ideas and conceptions of life, or you are following other people’s philosophies. In any case, you are probably respecting various social rules, accepting known conceptions, and believing in certain things, even if they are not the result of your own conclusions.

This means that when you judge reality, you start using the ideas you already have about everything, without criticizing them, and without accepting different ones, as if your ready ideas were correct, even if they are merely expressing some people’s beliefs or if they are simply the result of their personal opinion.

However, if you want to evolve and discover new solutions for your life, you have to learn how to abandon old ideas and misconceptions, otherwise you’ll keep repeating the common mistakes of humanity, without understanding what you are doing.

You can be helped if you care about the meaning of your dreams. The wise unconscious mind that produces them will teach you how to develop your intelligence and criticize everything.

This way you’ll stop simply adopting the futile attitude of the people that belong to your social environment, and you’ll learn how to discover the truth.

You’ll learn how to judge the world where you live and the people that are around you, without imitating their example, and without living under their limitations.

Be original and have your own ideas! This way you’ll really know in what you believe and in what you do not, instead of simply following the crowd, which may be totally wrong, and lead you to failure and suffering.

Many people tend to believe that what “most people” do is correct, as if everyone who does the same things thinks very well and really agrees with these ideas, while the truth is that most people usually make many mistakes, without realizing that they are following wrong ideas that don’t represent their personal philosophy of life and that won’t help them in any way.

This is true especially for people that belong to extroverted psychological types, because they tend to follow the mentality of their civilization with fanaticism, without analyzing if what they are doing is really positive, and without caring about their personal satisfaction.

Be different and look for the meaning of life, transform your personality, develop all your capacities, and learn how to discover what is good or bad for you, without being other peoples’ shadow.

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