What is Schizophrenia? An Answer to A Question Without Answers

imagesCAQUWBB7Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that cannot be cured by today’s psychiatry. Only the unconscious mind that produces our dreams has enough knowledge in order to eliminate all the absurdity that characterizes schizophrenia, and help a schizophrenic individual recover his lost conscience.

Carl Jung discovered the healing power of the unconscious messages. I simplified his method of dream interpretation, after discovering the wild side of the human conscience that he couldn’t see with the knowledge he had.

Today we know that schizophrenia is caused by the total invasion of the anti-conscience, the wild side of our human conscience, into the human side of our conscience.

The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side. However, the anti-conscience can think, and it has an independent functioning. It invades the human side of our conscience, pretending to belong to our human conscience, while it keeps destroying our conscience through craziness after its initial invasion.

A schizophrenic individual has no human feelings because only the primitive side of his brain is working. His human conscience was completely destroyed.

However, this phenomenon is not visible to the outside world. It is an internal destruction, which can be visible only thanks to the projection of our psychological content in dream images. We can understand this reality when we translate the meaning of our dreams. The unconscious mind shows us in our dreams what is happening in our brain.

The same way that the process of destruction of an individual’s conscience is not visible to the outside world, it is not visible also to the schizophrenic individual. He/she cannot understand that he is controlled by his primitive conscience. He believes that he is the same person, even though the truth is that he became somebody else. Now, his primitive and wild personality took the place of his human personality. He cannot control his actions, even though he ignores this fact.

The destruction of his human conscience is activated when he suffers from traumatic experiences, especially when he is a victim of terrorism for a long period of time.

The process of destruction of the human conscience by the anti-conscience is based on causing despair to the conscience of the individual. Craziness is the result of total despair.

The anti-conscience destroys the human conscience of the individual by imposing absurd ideas to his human conscience whenever he has a traumatic experience. If he pays attention to these ideas and starts believing in them, this means that he starts following the anti-conscience’s horrible plan for the destruction of his human conscience through craziness and despair.

The anti-conscience will oblige him to follow many absurd ideas, and get involved in many difficult and dangerous situations. In the end, he will completely lose his capacity to think logically. His conscience will be gradually annulated by his anti-conscience, until his conscience will completely lose its power.

The human conscience of a schizophrenic individual is only an observer. It cannot control the individual’s behavior.

A human being can consciously control his/her behavior only when his human conscience is alive. When his anti-conscience manages to destroy his conscience through craziness, his human conscience becomes a ghost without energy. His conscience simply observes the actions of his anti-conscience, which takes the place of his ego.

In other words, after suffering from a traumatic experience, the human conscience of a schizophrenic individual starts listening to the anti-conscience’s ideas. The anti-conscience keeps misleading his conscience with absurd thoughts without interruption, until it will manage to completely destroy his capacity to think logically. Then, the individual’s conscience loses its power, becoming a mere observer that cannot act.

A schizophrenic individual is in fact a victim of his wild nature. He is not responsible for his actions. Once his anti-conscience manages to destroy the human side of his conscience, the human being he used to be before dies. Only his satanic anti-conscience acts in his place. This is why a schizophrenic individual becomes a murderer.

A schizophrenic individual is also a victim of the evilness of the world, besides being a victim of his anti-conscience. Our crazy world works based on violence, immorality, indifference, and greed. A person who is threatened by a mental illness cannot find psychotherapy and support in such world. On the contrary; they are induced to become mentally ill because they are victims of terrorism.

Our crazy world works based on most people’s anti-conscience since most people are controlled by their anti-conscience; if not permanently, in many situations. This is why the world doesn’t know what schizophrenia really is.

The scientific method of dream interpretation gives to the world an answer to a question that has no answer if we will try to find explanations based on the limited knowledge of our historical time.

Putting everything together:

We are basically wild animals who possess a tiny human conscience. This means that some of our reactions are human. However, the biggest part of our brain belongs to our evil, violent, and immoral anti-conscience, which is a killer, like a shark.

When the anti-conscience manages to destroy the tiny human conscience of an individual through craziness, he/she becomes a demon without human sensitivity. He returns to his original animal nature, which is satanic. This is why he becomes a murderer.

In order to preserve our mental health we must eliminate our satanic anti-conscience through consciousness. This process is done through dream therapy. The unconscious mind is the only doctor who can cure our anti-conscience and eliminate its evilness and absurdity because the unconscious mind is wise and saintly. Human beings are not able to cure schizophrenia because they are too ignorant and evil.

Fortunately, Carl Jung discovered the meaning of the dream language, and fortunately, I could simplify and clarify his complicated method of dream interpretation. Today everyone can easily learn the dream language and immediately understand the unconscious messages. This way, everyone can eliminate their anti-conscience through consciousness.

The scientific method of dream interpretation gives to the world an answer that we couldn’t imagine.

On the other hand, the unconscious guidance in dream messages is a miracle that we didn’t expect.

Even though our satanic origin is a misfortune originated by the disorganized formation of the first live conscience, the existence of a saintly God who sends us messages that work like psychotherapy in dreams is true salvation.

We can eliminate our evil nature through consciousness if we’ll follow the unconscious guidance in our own dreams. The unconscious psychotherapy is always effective because the unconscious mind knows how to transform our wild conscience into human content. This transformation is the only guaranteed cure for all mental illnesses.

Other methods are not able to help a schizophrenic individual restore his human conscience. Severe mental illnesses are not treated through psychotherapy as they should; only simple cases characterized by depression or neurosis are somehow cured through psychotherapy in our historical time.

This is why instead of saving their patients from craziness and despair today’s psychiatrists merely help their anti-conscience destroy their consciousness for giving them medicine, which destroys their immune system. A mentally ill individual must fight craziness instead of being artificially calmed down by medicine, without eliminating his anti-conscience’s absurdity.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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