Multiple Personality Disorder and Nightmares – A Shocking Prediction

imagesThose who suffer from a severe mental illness have terrible nightmares. Those who have a strong tendency towards mental illnesses have constant nightmares too.

If you frequently have bad dreams or frightening nightmares about crimes, this means that you are in danger. You must urgently follow dream therapy and eliminate your absurd anti-conscience, before it manages to completely destroy your human conscience.

I will give you a true example.

Here is the dream of a young man who had a hidden suicidal tendency. This is a real case. The dreamer gave me permission to publish his dream and life story because I gave him unlimited support.

Dream:(i don’t remember very well tge dream):I was a murderer and i was walking on the top of a city block.I had just killed a person(I don’t remember the point when i killed that person,so i don’t remember the person murdered).At one certain point i jumped on other building but i returend back.(i had courage since i there was the possibility to fall).I was very cool and tranquil,being very confident that the police would never know that i was the one who killed that person.I saw down many police cars near the block(i was siting on the top).i kept walking on the block and at a certain point,suddenly in the front of me, a lot of special police forces appeared and started to shot me.They killed me…
If you will help me and agree to send you other dreams,when i will be cured i will become a dream translator and help a lot of you want me to send you further biography?

Dream translation:

The dreamer represents his ego in dreams. His ego was completely controlled by his satanic anti-conscience, and this is why he became a cruel murderer. The courage and the calm that characterize his behavior are characteristics of the anti-conscience’s behavior.

While human beings are shocked and frightened with terror, the anti-conscience calms down with terror. This is why all murderers are always calm and they have no fear when they commit a crime.

They kill their victims without trembling. Then, they go to crowded places (immediately after committing their horrible crime) so that they may have an alibi. Since nobody knows when exactly the crime was committed, the crazy murderers manage to pretend that they were in public places among many others exactly when their victim was killed, misleading the police and private detectives. They can even laugh and normally talk with others, as if nothing had happened.

The police in dreams represent the dreamer’s self-defense. The dreamer is shot by the police in the end of the dream because his self-defense belongs to his human conscience.

His self-defense kills the dreamer’s ego because it condemns his actions.

When an individual is completely controlled by his/her anti-conscience and his second personality becomes a cruel murderer, the contact with his human conscience is very dangerous. In real life a murderer who suffers from multiple personality disorder cannot consciously understand that he is a murderer, even when his first personality knows that he kills human beings. He cannot really understand the meaning of his actions.

When a murderer consciously understands that he committed a crime, he loses his mind forever. He is not able to think. In other words, he becomes a vegetable.

Usually, those who suffer from a multiple personality disorder ignore how evil their second personality is. They have hallucinations while they are committing a crime, and they don’t see what they are doing. They see other images before their eyes, instead of seeing their victim and how they are killing them.

Their movements are as precise as the movements of any wild animal when it kills its prey. They follow a behavioral program. This is why they are able to successfully kill their victims from the first crime, like wild animals are able to kill their prey even when doing this for the first time in their lives, and even if they had no contact with other animals of their species. This behavior is not learned; it is inherited. This truth was discovered by the biologist and behaviorist Konrand Lorenz and his group of biologists in 1974. Lorenz is a Nobel Prize winner.

In this dream the unconscious mind was showing to the dreamer that the self-defense of his human conscience will completely destroy his capacity to think if he will consciously understand that he killed a human being. This is why his self-defense kills the dreamer in the end of the dream. The unconscious mind was showing him that he would surely suffer from multiple personality disorder, and his human conscience wouldn’t bear discovering this truth.

In other words, the police killed the dreamer in the end of the dream only because the unconscious mind wanted to show to the dreamer that the self-defense of his human conscience won’t bear realizing that he committed a cruel murder, even though in real life this phenomenon rarely happens. An individual who suffers from multiple personality disorder cannot understand the meaning of his actions because his human conscience is dead.

The murderers who suffer from a multiple personality disorder may know that they kill others, but they don’t really understand the meaning of their actions. They believe that this practice has another meaning. They have hallucinations and illusions during the crime, which are provoked by their anti-conscience.

After cruelly killing their victims, they hide their bodies, so that the police won’t find any clues. However, they don’t understand the meaning of their actions. They are hypnotized by their anti-conscience.

In this nightmare the unconscious mind was showing to the dreamer that he would have the tragic end of those who acquire consciousness and understand their crimes after killing a human being, in order to prevent craziness.

This nightmare was a warning, and a prediction.

This young man would surely suffer from multiple personality disorder and become a cruel murderer in the future. He needed urgent psychotherapy.

Nightmares about crimes always represent the destruction of the dreamer’s conscience by his/her anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is our satanic primitive personality. Everyone inherits this terrible content into the biggest part of their brain.

The anti-conscience will manage to destroy our human conscience if it is too strong while our human conscience is too weak, depending on our life conditions, and depending on the way that we will face its attacks. If we will look for treatment and fight the absurdity that invades our mind we can eliminate this negative content (which causes behavioral abnormalities) and find balance. Otherwise, this content will generate a severe mental illness.

The dream of this young man contained a shocking prediction.

In the beginning he refused to tell me his life story. I had to insist many times until I managed to convince him to open his heart, and tell me the truth.

He lived isolated because he suffered from social anxiety. His life was totally empty. He had no friends.

He knew that his case was very strange. This is why he used to lie to his family and pretend that he had friends. This attitude indicates that he was accepting his absurdity and justifying it. In other words, he was neurotic.

Unfortunately, besides asking for help, he couldn’t understand the severity of his case. He purchased my ebooks and he learned how to translate his dreams, but he was not paying attention to the unconscious guidance. He didn’t do anything in order to have a normal social life. He kept avoiding a contact with others. He was always busy with various activities he could do alone.

It was very hard for me to provide him with psychotherapy without his cooperation. However, I’m used with this attitude. Those who suffer from dangerous neuroses or severe mental illnesses don’t cooperate with their psychotherapist.

He sent me his dreams and translations for a professional analysis, even though he was totally indifferent to the unconscious guidance. He was not doing anything in order to overcome his mental illness, besides caring very much about his nightmares and their meaning.

After three months of dream therapy and my guidance through email messages he finally accepted to do something in order to improve his life. This was when he finally had a positive dream, while all his previous dreams were basically shocking nightmares.

He refused to accept my suggestions, telling me all the time that everything was impossible for him. He finally tried to do something to change his life only in order to please me (because I was insisting so much about this matter) even though he didn’t believe that he could solve his problems and have a normal life.

He is now overcoming his social anxiety and having better dreams. Even though he is still far from balance, he is out of danger because he finally accepted following the unconscious guidance instead of simply translating his dreams, without taking action.

I’m mentioning this case so that you may understand that:

* If you have constant nightmares this means that you suffer from a mental illness, or that you will surely become mentally ill.

* You must pay attention to the meaning of your dreams because the unconscious messages save you from terror and despair. You have inherited too much craziness into your anti-conscience, even though you cannot see this absurd content inside you.

* You must also obey the unconscious guidance. Only by translating the meaning of your dreams you won’t be cured. You have to do what the unconscious mind shows you that is indispensable.

You have to abandon your comfort zone, abandon your old ideas, and change your behavior. This is necessary for your own safety. The wise unconscious mind is your savior.

* You must feel alarmed and shocked with the case of this 19-years-old man who would surely suffer from a multiple personality disorder in the future without treatment.

Perhaps your anti-conscience is not as strong as this man’s anti-conscience, while your human conscience is very strong. You may believe that you are quite sensible and out of danger. However, the same murderer that is inside this young man is also inside you.

The anti-conscience is a terrible killer, like a shark. However, the anti-conscience is worse than a shark because it can think and interfere into your conscience’s thoughts.

* My shocking discoveries after continuing the research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation should receive the global attention. However, I have many competitors who tried to kill me from the beginning of my dangerous adventures online, where I finally published my scientific ebooks about the meaning of dreams and craziness prevention, after 19 years of research and cures.

Before publishing my work I cured numerous people from various mental illnesses through dream therapy (entirely free of charge) since 1990 until 2007, when I finally published my work and my conclusions on the internet in English, while in the beginning I had written my book in Greek because I live in Greece (where I have many relatives because my parents are Greek). Greek is my second language.

I’m Brazilian, and I know very well the Portuguese language. However, I had to also study and learn the Greek and the English language in order to be able to write my book about craziness prevention, where I simplified the complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung.

I had to become a translator and translate three different languages (made by words) in order to simplify the dream language (made by images) for you, besides fighting craziness, and besides curing many people through dream therapy into practice for two decades.

Thanks to my work:

* Today you can immediately translate the meaning of all dreams and immediately understand the precious unconscious messages contained in all dream images.

* Today you can prevent all mental illnesses and guarantee your mental stability forever.

* Today you can find salvation through dream translation even if you already suffer from a mental disorder, and even if your mental disorder is as severe as the mental disorder from which the man of my example is being saved (Multiple Personality Disorder).

Fortunately, you can find my work online. So, you can learn the truth and save your mental health.

My work was not scientifically recognized yet because my competitors prefer to see me dead than to save humanity from terror thanks to my discoveries. They don’t want to lose their position. Since they are very powerful, they decide what is approved or not by the scientific community.

Human beings ignore the content of the human mind. The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung is a true revelation. My discoveries after continuing his research will put a definitive end to terrorism on Earth. These discoveries prove that dreams are real warnings, which save us from craziness and terror.

My competitors will become my students and learn how to cure their patients thanks to my dynamic method of instant dream translation, derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation.

The anti-conscience can create many different false personalities when it controls a person’s human conscience because the various parts that compose our personality have distinct characteristics. Since these parts belong to our anti-conscience, they are not conscious. This is why a person cannot remember what they do when they are controlled by the absurd components of their personality that belong to their anti-conscience.

Now, I’m going to repeat my most important lessons because you must learn them very well:

* The anti-conscience is an independent conscience.

* Your human conscience cannot see the content of the anti-conscience’s mind or interfere in its functioning.

* However, your anti-conscience can read your thoughts and penetrate your human conscience. It can also send many absurd thoughts and feelings to the human side of your conscience, generating various mental disorders.

If you want to save your mental health and never again be threatened by the terrible shark that exists inside you (your anti-conscience), you must eliminate this monster through dream therapy the fastest possible.

If you cannot purchase my ebooks and learn how to become a professional dream translator like me, you can at least learn the basics and preserve your own mental stability by studying my free articles and ebooks.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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