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imagesCAZOONPVMy dynamic method of instant dream translation is derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung. I teach you how to immediately understand the meaning of dreams and discover the wise messages they contain.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams provides you with free psychotherapy in all dream images. Once you master the dream language thanks to my lessons, you will be cured from depression or neurosis through fast dream translation.

I will show with an example you how you can understand the wise unconscious messages contained in your dreams by easily translating the meaning of the dream images that appear in a dream. Dream translation provides you with a fast psychotherapy that will easily help you find sound mental health.

I will translate the meaning of a young woman’s dream. We must know a few details about her life in order to perfectly translate the meaning of her dream.

Denise lost her job because someone else bought the company where she used to work. Everything dramatically changed in her life. She is looking for a new job now, but she cannot find a good one. She is constantly depressed and angry.

Denise dreamt that she was driving her car and she was running too fast. Then, she was at her sister’s house with her sister and a man she didn’t know. In the beginning she thought that he was alive, but later she saw that he was only a ghost because he became almost invisible. Suddenly, a big snake appeared in the living room where they were. Denise didn’t know what to do.

First dream image:

Denise dreamt that she was driving her car and she was running too fast.

The car represents the dreamer’s life in dreams. Therefore, the way that she drives her car is the way she drives her life.

She was running too fast, what indicates that she was in danger; she could suffer from an accident.

At the same time, the dreamer couldn’t pay attention to what she was finding in the road because she was going too fast. She was not really seeing what existed around her.

This means that her attitude was dangerous, and that she was not learning various life lessons that she should learn. She was running so fast in her life that she had no time to observe numerous things.

The unconscious mind is showing to the dreamer why she had to face a bitter experience. She had to stop, and understand what she is doing in life.

Second dream image:

Then, she was at her sister’s house with her sister and a man she didn’t know. In the beginning she thought that he was alive, but later she saw that he was only a ghost because he became almost invisible.

Denise’s sister is a part of her personality that has the same characteristics of her sister’s personality. We must know how the dreamer characterizes her sister, or what her sister reminds her of, so that we may understand which part of her personality the dreamer’s sister represents.

Denise says that her sister has a restaurant and she works too hard. She believes that her sister worries too much about making money, while she could have a better life with the money she already has.

Therefore, Denise’s sister represents an insensitive part of her personality that is like her sister, who doesn’t care about having real satisfaction in life. Her sister cares only about making more money, without having a pleasant life.

The house in dreams represents the dreamer’s psyche.

Since Denise is at her sister’s house, this means that the unconscious mind is analyzing the dreamer’s behavior when she is controlled by the part of her personality that is like her sister.

The man she ignored represented her animus, in other words, her perfect match.

A ghost in dreams represents a neurosis.

Denise’s perfect match was a ghost in this dream because her perfect match became a neurosis.

This means that the dreamer didn’t look for her perfect match in life. The fact that she simply accepted living alone was an absurd attitude imposed by her anti-conscience, the wild side of her conscience.

In other words, Denise suffers from a neurosis because she didn’t pay attention to her feelings. She refused to give importance to her emotional life.

She was working as hard as her sister, without caring about finding happiness in life. On the other hand, she was not paying attention to anything. She was driving her life too fast, in a very dangerous way.

Denise had this attitude in life because she was avoiding her perfect match. She was afraid to be rejected, or she was afraid of her rivals. Perhaps she had a serious love deception, or she was rejected by the man she loved. Therefore, she decided to live alone instead of being threatened by the various dangers that threaten a love relationship.

Now, let’s analyze the

Third dream image

Suddenly, a big snake appeared in the living room where they were. Denise didn’t know what to do.

The snake is one of the most important dream symbols, and it frequently appears in dreams. The meaning of the snake is very important.

The snake represents a bad event that will put an end to a certain mistake that the dreamer is making. This mistake would generate tragic future consequences. Therefore, even though the snake represents a painful situation, it works like medicine. It puts an end to what was bad and would become even worse in the future.

The appearance of the snake in the living room informs to the dreamer that she lost her job due to divine providence. She had to pay attention to her feelings, and stop avoiding her perfect match. She had to transform her personality and become self-confident.

She couldn’t be indifferent to her reality. Otherwise, her neurosis would become a severe mental illness in the future.

As you can see, even though the three dream images I just analyzed seem to be unrelated, they are related. All dream images that appear in a dream are always related. The unconscious mind changes the dream scenes of the dream without caring about continuing the same story because the dream images are the unconscious words.

Therefore, we have to link all the dream images of the dream when we are trying to translate its meaning, even though these images seem to be independent. The different dream images are different words that complete the same sentence.

In her next dreams, the unconscious mind will show to the dreamer how she can find balance and stop suffering. Denise will eliminate everything that is negative inside her and develop the positive characteristics of her personality. Therefore, instead of being insane and suffering forever without any hope of salvation, she will find sound mental health, peace, wisdom, and happiness in life.

This is how her depression and neurosis will completely disappear. After acquiring sound mental health, she will finally meet her perfect match. She won’t be afraid of facing rivals because she will be self-confident. Therefore, she will have a perfect love relationship, and a happy life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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