Are You Neurotic? A Definition That Will Surprise You

imagesCA231376A neurotic individual doesn’t trust his/her own judgment. He behaves in a way that is totally contrary to his personality and beliefs. This is a serious indication that he is losing control, but he cannot perceive the various behavioral abnormalities that start characterizing his behavior.

A neurotic individual does absurd things in order to solve his problems, without caring about their absurdity. However, he hides his actions from others because he knows that everyone would conclude that he is crazy if they knew what he is doing behind the curtains.

A neurotic individual knows that he/she must hide his craziness from the world, but he cannot understand that he is crazy because he does crazy things. He justifies his craziness to himself, and he accepts his absurd justifications. However, he knows that everyone else won’t accept these justifications the same way he does. This is why he hides his actions from the eyes of the world.

In other words, a neurotic knows that his behavior is abnormal, but he cannot understand that he cannot show abnormal behavior and still be considered a reasonable person. He believes that he is normal, but the world cannot understand that besides doing crazy things (like cutting his own body) he still is a ‘reasonable’ person.

A neurotic believes that his absurd justifications have a logical meaning, even though he knows that the world would never agree with this fact.

For most people, this is a surprising definition. If you are like them and you believe that those who understand that they may be considered absurd by others didn’t lose their consciousness yet, you have to admit that you are wrong.

Unfortunately, craziness is not characterized by the absence of consciousness, but by various distortions of what should be considered logical or illogical. The craziness that invades the neurotic’s conscience is generated by his sneaky anti-conscience, which can think, and therefore, it can pretend to be logical, even though it is totally absurd.

But how can an absurd conscience pretend to be logical, if it is totally absurd? This preposition seems to be based on a false assumption.

However, our absurd and evil primitive conscience is a wild animal that can think. It wants to destroy the human side of our conscience in order to control our behavior. Therefore, it prepares many logical traps for our human conscience, the same way that various animals prepare intelligent traps for their enemies.

For example, certain wolves pretend to be dead in order to make their prey approach them without fear. When their victim is close enough, they suddenly capture their prey, revealing the truth.

If even irrational animals like wolves can prepare smart traps for their enemies, you can imagine how many traps a rational primitive conscience can prepare for our human conscience, even though it is basically absurd.

The anti-conscience refuses to study its reality and change its behavior. This is why it remains in a primitive condition. However, it is quite smart and tricky, besides being basically absurd.

Neurotic individuals understand that they have to hide their absurdity from the world because their anti-conscience starts thinking and acting in the place of their ego, while pretending that it is a conscious content.

The anti-conscience knows that the world would detect the signs of absurdity reflected in the neurotic’s behavior. Therefore, it misleads the neurotic by justifying his absurd actions with false statements. At the same time, the anti-conscience makes him hide his absurdity from the world, so that it may continue destroying his conscience without being bothered by the intervention of others, who would notice the abnormalities in his behavior if he wouldn’t hide his absurdity from the world.

A neurosis makes an individual be always afraid of others and suspect that there are many conspiracies against him because his anti-conscience generates these fears in order to make him hide his absurdity from the world.

There are numerous other characteristics that clearly reflect neurotic behavior, which can be detected only after a specific psychological study. You can be helped with this task through dream translation.

The scientific method of dream interpretation accurately translates the wise messages of the unconscious mind in your dreams. The unconscious mind helps you understand the absurdity of your anti-conscience and eliminate its influence.

I can translate your dreams for you and provide you with free psychotherapy after my translations. You can also study the dream language and translate your dreams yourself, without depending on a dream translator.

If you show abnormal behavior in many occasions this means that you are neurotic. In other words, if you do crazy things, you are crazy. You hear many justifications for your absurd behavior in your brain, but these justifications don’t come from your conscious mind; they are originated by your primitive anti-conscience.

No matter how many justifications for showing abnormal behavior ‘you’ may find (because you are under the influence of your anti-conscience) your absurd behavior will never stop being absurd. If you want to be a balanced human being, you have to be a sensible and sensitive creature who is not afraid of being considered crazy by the world.

You may believe that the world cannot understand your ideas; the world cuts the wings of your imagination, and so on. This is true, but only up to a certain point.

If you believe that the world cannot understand the reasons why you have to do absurd things, and this is why you have to hide your crazy behavior from the world, this is a serious indication that you are controlled by your anti-conscience.

All dream images contain symbolic messages with important information about your mental health, and about everything that is important for you. You should respect the unconscious guidance in your dreams and follow its directions. The unconscious mind will help you get rid of your anti-conscience’s control, and find real balance.

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