Child Psychology – Understanding Children and Understanding Yourself

imagesCALZRNR0Child psychology must be based on the comprehension of the sensitivity that obviously characterizes every child. When we are children we are very sensitive because our organism is still growing. We are too ignorant. Therefore, anything can have a very negative impact on our psychological development.

When you study child psychology you start understanding your children, and at the same time, you start understanding yourself. You observe the importance of many details for the formation of our personality. You understand what is important for a child, and a lot more.

Children who are not respected and loved acquire serious psychological problems from the beginning of their formation. If you had a sad childhood, you probably have many psychological problems, even if you don’t admit their existence, or if you cannot recognize various behavioral abnormalities in the way you act.

If you are a parent you must be extremely careful so that you may always show to your child that you love him or her.

In order to have balanced and self-confident children, you have to:

* Be very patient with each child and pay attention to his/her problems – A child cannot understand many things. Whenever you show him/her your anger, he will conclude that ‘mommy or daddy doesn’t love me’.

A child cannot understand that his/her questions are silly, or that you are tired because you had to work too much in order to feed your family. A child cannot understand that even though you don’t have the patience to answer his questions or fix his broken toy, you still love him very much.

Of course, you always love your children, even when they make noise and you wish you could get rid of them. You never stop loving your children.

However, a child doesn’t know this basic truth.

If you don’t give to your children all your attention, they will simply conclude that you don’t love them. They cannot show understanding. They are too ignorant, and they are extremely selfish. Your children believe that they must concentrate all your attention all the time. They cannot respect your tiredness. They cannot understand the seriousness of the problems you have to face because you have many obligations, and stop bothering you with their silly requests.

It is true that some children understand their parents’ problems, and some of them even help their parents in all ways. However, these children are rare. Most children are totally indifferent to their parents’ worries.

Children think in a very simple and direct way. They didn’t develop their reasoning yet. In order to understand your children, you have to remember your own childhood.

When you have children you have to go back to the past, and ‘grow up with them’ as if you were growing up again. As you follow their development you will understand many things about your own development, which will help you understand your own reactions.

Try to remember how you used to feel when your parents didn’t do what you wanted them to. Children are not intelligent adults. For them, everything that is bad is the end of the world. You must remember all the time that they are extremely sensitive, selfish (in fact egocentric), and ignorant.

* Never use violence – Even though many people until today believe that ‘sometimes’ parents must punish their children by using violence, this is the worst mistake you can make. If you’ll be violent with your children while they are too weak, they will hate you for this reason. Later, they may become aggressive teens and ruin your life with their behavior.

The consequences of violence are even worse that what you can possibly imagine. All mental illnesses are related to psychological problems originated during our childhood.

You must always show love, patience, and understanding to your children, and you must always help them in all ways. Talk to your children. Explain what is bad and dangerous. Give them many lessons. Open their eyes. Help them learn how to live.

* Always show love – Even when you are tired, sad, or angry for many reasons, you have to simply swallow your pain and always be kind and patient with each child.

Love is more important for a child that anything else. Even if you cannot give them enough food, if you’ll give them your love, you will still be a good parent.

Therefore, don’t think that by buying whatever your children may desire, you will be giving them ‘your love’. Love is not a material element. You must give to your children all your attention and affection. You will show them your love if you:

* Hug them with warmth

* Frequently kiss them

* Listen to them

* Answer all their questions

You may be still worried, thinking that you don’t really know what to do. Which psychologist should you follow?

The best psychologist you can find is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams and has a divine origin. The meaning of dreams creates a bridge between science and religion.

Dream translation according to the scientific method discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me will help you understand the wise guidance of the unconscious mind in your dreams. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is wise and saintly and it works like a natural doctor. It provides you with free psychotherapy in all dream images and scenes.

All dream images contain important messages that help you find balance. You also have information about your children and their psychological reality. The unconscious mind is very generous and gives you precious information and guidance about everything that is important for you.

By learning how to translate the meaning of dreams with the right method, you will also be able to translate your children’s dreams, and understand many things about them that you would never learn otherwise.

Carl Jung was a real genius. My work proves that his theories were real discoveries. You will be amazed with all the information you’ll have in your own dreams when you’ll learn the dream language.

If you need urgent help, I can translate your dreams for you. You can study the dream language later, when you’ll have time and disposition to do so.

The unconscious mind will show you how to interpret your child’s reactions and how to respect his or her own personality, instead of imposing your will. This is another very big danger you must pay attention to. Most parents tend to impose a certain behavior to their children, without paying attention to the characteristics of their personality.

Everyone inherits the basic characteristics of their personality from birth because everyone belongs to a certain psychological type, as Carl Jung could discover after making a serious research, a long time ago. However, this discovery was not recognized by the world; until today it is not respected by all psychologists and psychiatrists.

Psychology is a field that has many different ramifications. Each psychologist follows his own method, or the method of another psychologist. There are not basic rules in this field.

However, my discoveries after continuing Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation prove to the world that everyone must learn Jung’s method of dream interpretation without a doubt. Everyone must also respect the existence of different psychological types that characterize the human behavior, especially because they are one-sided and they generate neuroses.

Now that we know that Jung’s method really translates the meaning of the unconscious messages, and now that we know the healing power of dreams, we must prevent all mental illnesses through dream therapy. All psychologists and psychiatrists must learn Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation in order to help their patients thanks to this knowledge. All individuals must acquire this knowledge too; it must be taught in all schools.

The unconscious mind is the best psychiatrist and psychologist on the Universe. The unconscious wisdom will help humanity completely eliminate all mental disorders that characterize the human race.

You should always remember that you must respect your child’s psychological type without imposing your opinion, and without distorting his/her own personality. The unconscious mind will help you with this task by sending you many dreams about your child’s personality, and about your own personality.

I simplified Carl Jung’s method for you. Now you can easily learn how to immediately translate the meaning of dreams. Today the dream language is not a mystery.

The scientific translations of the meaning of your own dreams will help you clearly understand your children, and clearly understand yourself. You will raise happy children, who will become happy teens, and happy adults.

You will also pass through a process of psychotherapy and mind development. This means that you will become a calm and balanced person. You will also be able to translate the meaning of your husband’s or wife’s dreams, the same way you’ll translate the meaning of your children’s dreams.

The dream language is always the same. Its meaning doesn’t change depending on the dreamer, like many false dream interpreters suppose. This means that you only have to study this language once in your life. You’ll then have the unconscious guidance forever; helping you in all ways.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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