How to Make Your Dreams Become True

10996703_1a43f686ac_mThe impression that our dreams are wish fulfillments is based on the method of dream interpretation deduced by Sigmund Freud. He concluded that dreams are wish fulfillments after analyzing various dreams and relating them to the dreamers’ lives.

Freud observed that when various dreamers had a certain problem, they dreamt about what was worrying them. Many times, they would see in their dreams that they were happily solving their problems. However, when they would wake up, they would realize that they simply had a sweet dream.

Freud observed that those who are hungry had dreams about eating bread. Those who were in love with someone dreamt about making love with the desired person. This is why he concluded that our dreams are mere wish fulfillments.

However, his suppositions were incorrect. Carl Jung managed to prove that our dreams follow a different logic because they are produced by the unconscious mind.

Jung’s discoveries help us enter into contact with the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams. The unconscious mind can help us attain all our goals. Therefore, the unconscious guidance helps ‘our dreams’ become true.

The real meaning of dreams can be understood only when we respect the dream logic and the symbolic meaning given to the dream symbols by the dream producer; the unconscious mind.

Those who are hungry and dream about eating bread are receiving a symbolic message. The bread represents salvation. Therefore, the bread has a spiritual dimension. The bread will feed the dreamer’s hunger and also save him or her from despair.

Those who dream about making love are receiving a symbolic message too. Other people in dreams represent parts of the dreamer’s personality. Making love in dreams means that the dreamer completely agrees with a certain part of his/her personality, which is represented by the person who is making love with him/her in the dream.

In case the dreamer is in love with the person who appears in the dream, this dream has a different meaning. The unconscious mind gives objective information about the person we love in our dreams. Thus, when someone has a dream about making love with a special person, this dream is a future prediction.

If the dreamer already has a relationship with someone else, this dream must work like an alarm. It shows to the dreamer that he/she will betray his partner. He must understand what is happening to him, to his relationship, and to his life.

Therefore, the impression that our dreams are wish fulfillments is false. However, the word ‘dreams’ is globally interpreted as the realization of hidden desires, even though Freud’s definition of the meaning of dreams was incorrect.

Fortunately, our dreams are not mere wish fulfillments. Our dreams are more important that what Freud had believed. They give us real information and real solutions to our problems.

Thus, you can make ‘your dreams’ become true by following the wise unconscious guidance in your dreams. Simply ask the unconscious mind how to attain your goals, and write down your dreams in a dream journal. The unconscious mind will give you many answers and lessons.

The unconscious language is made by images instead of words. All dream images have a symbolic meaning that you have to learn, the same way you have to learn how to translate any foreign language to your language if you want to understand its meaning.

I simplified very much the dream translation process for you. Now you simply exchange dream images with words, and you immediately understand the meaning of all dreams. My dynamic method of instant dream translation is based on Carl Jung’s discoveries and on the unconscious guidance.

All dream images have a symbolic meaning, even when they reflect familiar objects, or known people and animals. All dream symbols have the same meaning for all dreamers because the dream language is universal. This means that you only have to study the meaning of the dream language once in your life. You’ll have this knowledge forever enlightening you.

Dreams about your past indicate that you are repeating a wrong behavior you used to have when you were younger.

Bad dreams indicate that you are making costly mistakes that can ruin your life. You must be careful and follow the unconscious guidance, so that you may stop making these mistakes and find all the solutions you need.

Recurring dreams indicate that you are not doing something you must do without procrastinating. If you won’t do what is necessary, you will surely face bad consequences in the future.

Nightmares are alarms. They are warning you that your mistakes will generate terrible future consequences in a short period of time.

Recurring dreams indicate that if you won’t take action, you will suffer from tragic consequences in the future ahead.

Dreams containing positive dream symbols like the rain, which represents a solution, or the sunlight, which represents the real truth, indicate that your progress in dream translation is helping you become more intelligent and evolve.

The unconscious mind keeps sending you numerous messages in your dreams without ever abandoning you like human beings do. The unconscious mind has a divine origin, and this is why you can absolutely trust the unconscious wisdom.

The saintly unconscious guidance always protects you from what is bad, helping you avoid tragic consequences. You also learn how to develop your intelligence and use your brain power.

All dream messages have a protective character because you must fight against your wild nature and become a wise human being. You should follow dream therapy for a while in order to completely develop the human side of your conscience. This way, you will be always sensible and sensitive.

Once you become a perfect human being, all your dreams will surely become true. You’ll know how to avoid bad results and how to achieve all your goals.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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