A True Miracle – God and Dreams

imagesCA9ZNXIZMy case proves that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind and that the meaning of our dreams is sacred. This is a scientific and religious discovery that will completely change the way we live.

Carl Jung discovered the meaning of the dream language and the meaning of the mysterious dream logic. I continued his research, discovering that we, human beings, have a satanic origin.

I also discovered that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams must be obeyed because it is saintly and perfect. Jung didn’t have a religious attitude after discovering that the unconscious mind is God’s mind. He was afraid of the unconscious mind because he couldn’t see the entire content of the human psyche.

I clarified everything that was confused and obscure in his work because I continued his research. I discovered the evil anti-conscience, which is our primitive and violent conscience that remains in an animal condition. The anti-conscience generates mental illnesses within our human conscience and distorts our behavior all the time. It keeps invading our human conscience and trying to control our behavior.

This is the explanation for all the unexplained phenomena observed in our world. There is a saintly God who sends us precious messages in our dreams. When we master the dream language thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries, and thanks to my discoveries after continuing his research, we are able to have a direct communication with God, since the unconscious mind that produces our dreams is God’s mind.

God sends us objective and real information in our dreams, besides giving us many lessons about our psychological content, our behavior, our world, the other people around us, and many other things. The unconscious mind is the voice of divine providence.

If you are atheistic and you dislike the idea of believing in the existence of God and on the fact that human beings have a satanic origin, you have to be humble and admit that you are too ignorant. My discoveries confirm God’s existence, besides confirming the evilness and the absurdity that characterize the human race.

I already gave you many scientific lessons about the content of the human mind and the miraculous psychotherapy of the unconscious mind through dream messages in my previous articles. I also showed you that there is a spiritual reality besides the material one, even thought our current civilization is atheistic and materialistic.

Unfortunately, human beings are under-developed primates. We possess only a tiny human conscience and a huge wild conscience (anti-conscience).

The real reasons of our suffering have their origin in the remote past, when the first live conscience appeared on the Universe without any organization. The anti-conscience is the result of the accidental formation of the first live conscience.

God is the result of the organization of the live conscience. Without organization a conscience can only become crazy. It will unavoidably end up on terror and despair. Only through organization and goodness can a live conscience have a positive and healthy functioning.

Goodness is the only antidote against craziness and despair. This is why only goodness can put an end to evilness and terror.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams tries to organize your anti-conscience by transforming it into a human being while you follow the guidance you receive in your dreams. You have to cooperate with the wise unconscious mind so that you may eliminate your evil nature.

You cannot kill your anti-conscience. You must transform it into a sensitive and sensible content through consciousness.

You can easily achieve this goal through dream therapy. Normal individuals or depressed and neurotic patients are cured from the absurdity they have inherited in a few months of psychotherapy.

Psychotic and schizophrenic individuals need many years of psychotherapy in order to recover their lost human conscience. However, their cure is guaranteed. Dream therapy is the only method of psychotherapy that guarantees the cure of all mental illnesses because the unconscious mind can cure all mental disorders or physical diseases, since it is God’s mind.

Humanity can find salvation by following the guidance of the wise unconscious mind. Everyone will prevent all mental disorders before becoming mentally ill. We will eliminate all mental illnesses through dream therapy.

This is a true miracle that we didn’t expect.

If you don’t believe that the unconscious mind is God’s mind and it makes miracles through dream therapy, you must pay attention to my case. I was a young mother terribly depressed when I started caring about the meaning of my dreams. I was desperately looking for psychotherapy.

My father was schizophrenic, and this is why I helped my mother find her freedom when I was 14-years-old, giving her my support. However, I had inherited the absurd characteristics of my father’s personality. I was practically already schizophrenic like him when I was 23-years-old and I started looking for psychotherapy. Behind my depression there was a very serious neurosis.

I was lazy, selfish, and very demanding. I was also a very attractive woman.

When I was 27-years-old I feel in love with a very handsome married man while I was already married too. He was many years older than me. He also was a millionaire.

He was my husband’s best customer. My husband and I were business partners. We had a small factory. We produced polystyrene boxes for fragile objects, besides many other objects made by polystyrene (condensed white foam).

However, exactly then (January of 1989) I discovered the severity of my mental illness. I was seriously following dream therapy according to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung since 1986, when I was 25-years-old, while before I made a research (since 1984, when I was 23-years-old), looking for the right method of dream interpretation.

I accepted to precisely obey the unconscious guidance when I discovered that I was crazy and I needed an urgent treatment.

I accepted to stay far from the man I loved and I stopped going to the factory. I told my husband that I didn’t want to work there anymore. I told him that I wanted to stay home and take care of our 3 years old son (at the time) and write my book about craziness prevention through dream interpretation. Two girls were working at the factory and helping him. I was not necessary.

My husband felt relieved with my idea to stay far away from the factory because he understood that there was ‘something’ between his best customer and me. However, I met this man only once when he visited our small factory, and never again.

The idea of abandoning the factory (where I could be into contact with the man I loved) was not mine. It was what the unconscious mind showed me that I had to accept.

I was extremely obedient after verifying the unconscious sanctity.

The unconscious mind helped me purify my spirit, even though I was a terrible sinner. I learned how to control my behavior and I stopped having absurd thoughts.

I helped numerous people through dream therapy since 1990, not only without compensation, as well as spending money in order to give them all the support I could. I was also an active member of the Catholic Church from 1989 until 1999, when I had to start working on the computer and I had no time for anything else. I was also working at my store at the time, and helping many people through dream therapy entirely free of charge.

Many times I had to abandon my activities in order to offer support to my patients. This means that I had to immediately go to their houses and meet them. They had very serious problems and crisis. So, I stopped participating of the activities of the Catholic Church.

I managed to discover the cure for all mental illnesses by precisely obeying the unconscious guidance. Everyone can find sound mental health and happiness through dream translation.

If you don’t believe in this miracle, I must add many other details. I was saved only because Good needed my example in order to prove to the world that the obedience to the unconscious guidance can cure impossible cases.

I didn’t deserve salvation.

Do you think that a lazy, selfish, demanding and very attractive young woman would ever agree on following a process of psychotherapy that worked also as a spiritual purification during 19 years, while curing numerous desperate people from various mental illnesses?

I could be a millionaire and give orders to everyone instead of working so hard to help others without compensation and without recognition. I didn’t even need to work. I could have a healthy husband protecting me and giving me everything I would desire.

Why should I care about becoming a psychiatrist and psychologist?

I could spend my time with pleasant activities instead of fighting invincible mental disorders.

However, I accepted all sacrifices without objections. I understood my position. I didn’t doubt for a second that I would be worse than my father. I was totally cruel and indifferent to the human pain.

Don’t you think that my obedience was a true miracle?

This is a very important miracle that you can verify into practice. God managed to convince a monster like me to accept passing through a process of psychological transformation and spiritual purification instead of being in a top position, giving orders to everyone.

I had the personality of a dictator. My father was a dictator too.

I didn’t doubt that many people would suffer very much because of my absurdity and cruelty. I understood that I had to become a sensitive human being like I used to be when I was a child and my sensitivity was still alive.

I had to get rid of my barbarous anti-conscience and attain sanctity. This was the only way I could preserve my human conscience, instead of becoming schizophrenic like my father.

Do you doubt that my father was schizophrenic? Do you doubt that I would become schizophrenic like him?

I don’t think so. Schizophrenic people are very common in our world. We were not exceptions, but the confirmation of a rule.

If you don’t believe that God made a true miracle for convincing a selfish and indifferent creature like me to accept passing through a difficult process of psychotherapy, this means that you don’t know what a miracle really is.

I was very selfish, extremely lazy, and totally insensitive. My transformation proves God’s existence. I became a humble and sensitive human being. All the people I have cured through dream translation also prove God’s existence.

My cures are based on my obedience to the unconscious guidance. The real doctor is not me, but the wise unconscious mind that gives me directions in dreams and in my daily reality.

You will meet God through dream translation too. I teach you everything that I know. Therefore, I don’t need to give you any proof. You only have to learn the dream language in order to verify by yourself that God produces your dreams. You’ll also verify that God makes miracles.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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