How to Predict The Future Through Dream Interpretation

imagesCA7UE9IEAfter writing down a few dreams in a dream journal, you should analyze your dream collection. You’ll perceive that most dreams contain future predictions.

This is something that you can evaluate after a certain period of time, when various facts happen. You will understand the predictions contained in old dreams, which gave you also many other messages at the time you had each dream.

Many dreams prepare you for a big transformation, they announce changes in your life, or they explain your psychological problems in details. When you’ll analyze all dreams together, you’ll understand the general meaning of all the unconscious lessons for a certain period of time. This occupation will help you understand your destiny and predict the future development of your life.

For example, I had many dreams that were preparing me for a big transformation before fighting against craziness.

I had a very impressing dream with certain mysterious stairs. I had to go down stairs, but I didn’t want to because I knew that I would end up in Syria.

This dream had the aspect of a nightmare. The stairs were very dangerous and everything was dark.

At the time I had this dream I was at the very beginning of my studies, in 1987. I looked for the meaning of Syria in dreams according to Carl Jung’s definitions. Fortunately, I found an explanation. There were many things that Jung didn’t explain, and many times I had no answer.

I started precisely following his method of dream interpretation since 1986, after studying many other methods for two years, and verifying that only Jung’s method could interpret all types of dreams. In 1986 I also started writing down all my dreams in a dream journal, and not only the dreams I found interesting, as I used to do before. In 1987 I could translate the meaning of a few dream symbols, but I was still very far from real knowledge.

Syria was a country marked by the worst tortures known in human history. The fact that I refused going down the stairs and finding Syria meant that I didn’t want to face the tortures of craziness.

However, I had to discover the anti-conscience that generates all mental illnesses within our human conscience. Two years later I understood that this dream about ending up in Syria was in fact a prediction.

This mysterious dream was predicting my fight against schizophrenia when I would discover the anti-conscience. This battle happened only in 1989.

In 1987 this dream basically showed me that I had to investigate the content of my psyche. I had to go downstairs in order to discover my wild side.

Whenever we go upstairs in dreams, we go to the conscious surface.

Whenever we go downstairs in dreams we meet our wild side; the anti-conscience. The anti-conscience lives under the conscious surface because it is not known by our human conscience. This is why we have to go down in order to find it.

Most dreams have double meanings and contain predictions that you will be able to verify only later. There are also dreams that help you predict the immediate future.

Future predictions about facts that will happen in a few days or the next day will surely impress you very much. These dreams are unforgettable.

Nothing will impress you more than the protection of a dream warning when you’ll avoid a misfortune. You will have clear proof that your dreams save you from trouble.

You can also predict the future in order to have courage to go on, trusting your own capacities. I remember a very encouraging dream I had in 1988, when I finally learned how to translate the meaning of dreams. This dream was showing me that I would help many people trough dream translation.

I was writing the beginning of my scientific book about craziness prevention through dream translation. I was still very far from real knowledge, besides being able to interpret dreams.

I dreamt that many people were going from one side to the other side of a river. However, they were not stepping on the rocks that were making a bridge to the other side of the river. Everybody was going to the other side by stepping on my feet, and not directly on the rocks.

The feet in dreams represent our convictions, moral principals, and beliefs.

This means that my beliefs would help everyone have the courage to cross the river.

The rocks represent the truth.

When we cross a river in dreams, this means that we will meet the other side of our conscience (on the other side of the river). Crossing a river is an important mission for all dreamers. It represents the recognition that there is a wild part in our brain that we ignore.

The dream image where a dreamer goes downstairs indicates that he/she will meet the anti-conscience under his conscious surface. The dream image where a dreamer crosses a river also indicates that he will meet the anti-conscience, but in this case he will have a different vision about this content.

When he goes down he discovers the evil side of the anti-conscience. This is a shocking recognition. When he crosses a river, he discovers the existence of another side in his brain, which works independently of his human conscience. This is a scientific discovery that he can understand without shock.

The dream I had about helping others cross a river was a clear future prediction. It was not a hidden prediction like the prediction contained in the dream about going to Syria.

Our dreams reflect the preparation of the future. Nothing happens without preparation.

When the unconscious mind shows us what will happen in the future, it is showing us the development of our reality based on our behavior and on the influence of various factors. It is similar to the predictions made by meteorologists, who try to predict the weather based on climatic conditions and other phenomena.

However, the unconscious mind doesn’t suppose the future development of our reality based on calculations and observations like human beings do. The unconscious mind has a divine origin and knows everything.

While meteorologists and all those who try to predict the future can only make various calculations and suppose certain results, the wise unconscious mind knows exactly what will happen in the future without making mistakes like ignorant human beings. The unconscious predictions are able to detect unexpected alterations that human beings cannot understand.

For example, meteorologists cannot easily predict the weather conditions of regions that are surrounded by mountains because the mountains are like walls that prevent various intrusions. The mountains create a different situation that is not like the situation of regions that are beyond them, where the air can come and go without finding obstacles. This is why many times meteorologists are not able to make accurate predictions.

The unconscious mind knows all the details that human beings ignore. This is why the predictions contained in dream messages never fail.

My most impressive dream prediction was in a dream I had one day before meeting my perfect match. I dreamt that I would meet a man who was more handsome than Alain Delon (a handsome French actor I liked very much).

I did meet a man who was really more handsome than this actor the next day. I immediately fell in love with him. I couldn’t believe that this was really happening to me. He was just perfect.

However, I was married to another man, and he was married to another woman. My son was three years old, and he had children that were my age because he was many years older than me. He was my husband’s best customer.

Therefore, I couldn’t live with him. The dream prediction was a warning, and not a positive prediction.

I had to accept respecting God’s wisdom and stay far from this man. I had to respect my husband and think about my son. This was what the wise unconscious mind showed me in my dreams and in various symbols of my daily life.

I also had to go to the Catholic church every Sunday and follow various religious seminars in a Catholic institution with sisters of Saint Joseph. Besides discovering how to cure all mental illnesses through dream translation, I discovered that our dreams are produced by a saintly God, who must be respected. We are terrible sinners who must obey God’s wisdom if we want to save our mental stability.

My love story is very sad. However, my scientific and religious discoveries give hope to humanity.

I couldn’t agree with the unconscious wisdom because I loved the man I met after the dream warning. I wanted him no matter what. However, I was very obedient. I stopped doing what my selfish and evil conscience desired.

I understood that I had almost completely lost my human conscience. I was practically already schizophrenic like my father. I had to face a very hard battle against schizophrenia instead of paying attention to my deception in love.

The unconscious mind reminded me of all the poor people of Brazil, my adored country. My parents are Greek, but I am Brazilian because I was born in Sao Paulo. I lived there for 17 years and a half.

There are too many poor people in Brazil. This fact caused a very big pain in my heart when I was a child and my sensitivity was still alive. Later, I lost my sensitivity. I became totally indifferent to the destiny of the poor people. I cared only about my own life.

The unconscious mind showed me that I already was a monster like my father, who was a schizophrenic dictator. He had a factory, a store, and a lot of money. My mother worked with him. She was the worst victim of his absurd and unbearable character. I didn’t want to be a selfish and cruel monster like him.

I had to be a savior. I had to save the poor people of my country, and the poor people of the world for obeying the unconscious guidance. I would attain sanctity and wisdom. I would help God put an end to all mental illnesses and to all horrors. I had an important mission.

I forgot my own pain and my sad love story.

When I became an expert on dream translation, after winning the battle against craziness, I started helping others through dream therapy, since September of 1990, when I had my first patient. She suffered from agoraphobia and she didn’t want to follow any treatment. She was reading various books and trying to solve this problem alone, but feeling worse everyday.

Her sister asked for my help. I started translating her dreams (through the phone, every night, around 10 o’ clock) and giving her advice.

She had stopped working and driving. Fortunately, she didn’t depend on her salary.

I helped her fight her phobia and build her self-confidence. Her treatment lasted 8 months. After that, she opened two stores. She is also helping her sister. Today she is the strongest member of her family. Her case was quite simple, but it could become quite complicated if she wouldn’t find the right treatment.

After this first simple case, I had to face many very difficult cases. Fighting craziness is too hard. I had to learn how to face despair and help each patient find sound mental health after facing despair.

The dream I had in 1988 about helping others cross the river was more important than what I had imagined when I was 27-years-old. This dream was also showing me that I had the moral obligation to discover many practical solutions while curing many people trough dream therapy for two decades.

In other words, I had to facilitate everything for everyone because everyone would depend on my findings in order to understand the existence of their wild side. They couldn’t directly step on the rocks (the truth about the human nature) and cross the river alone.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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