Dreams Explained and Analyzed – The Scientific Method

imagesCAVDRGBLDreams are perfectly explained and analyzed thanks to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, which I simplified for you. While in the past we had to compare numerous dreams until we could finally understand the meaning of a dream, today you can instantly translate all dream messages.

The scientific method of dream interpretation is based on accurate translations of the meaning of the dream images according to the unconscious logic.

Logic is a system based on reasoning, which is in fact the analysis of various hypotheses. When we are trying to find a solution for a certain problem our thoughts follow a certain path, depending on the logic we respect.

In order to understand the meaning of dreams you must follow the dream logic, which is given by the unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

Here are its basic characteristics:

* The unconscious logic is protective – The unconscious mind protects your human conscience from the attacks of your anti-conscience, which is the primitive side of your conscience.

Your wild anti-conscience keeps invading the human side of your conscience because it tries to control your behavior. The unconscious mind sends secret messages to your human conscience in your dreams in order to give you information about the anti-conscience’s plans and actions.

The anti-conscience never rests. It keeps trying to destroy your human conscience because it doesn’t want to be tamed by your human sensibility and sensitivity. You have to fight against your wild side if you want to find peace and happiness in life.

All dream images basically work like alarms and warnings, especially in the beginning of the dream therapy. This is why when you translate the meaning of dreams you must always look for the protective side of the dream messages.

* The unconscious logic is poetic and philosophical – The unconscious logic follows a different logical pattern. Its words are always open. Their meaning will be closed by your conclusions.

In other words, the unconscious mind speaks waiting for your complementation. It doesn’t tell you everything in an explicit manner.

For example, you may see in a dream that you have the power to fly in the air as if you were a bird, and believe that this dream was very nice.

However, your dreams are basically reflecting your mistakes because the dream logic is protective. You must learn the meaning of the basic dream symbols.

When you are flying in the air as if you were a superman or superwoman, this means that you are disconnected with reality, imagining unreal things. Flying in the air is a negative dream symbol, which shows you that your anti-conscience is eluding you and making you believe in something that cannot really happen they way you imagine.

Many times the unconscious words in your dreams will seem to be ironic, because the wise unconscious mind criticizes your behavior.

I remember that when I was in the beginning of dream analysis I had a dream where I saw a big vampire that had horrible teeth. However, instead of feeling afraid, I told him: ‘I’m sorry if I bothered you’, as if I was talking to a human being.

This dream was reflecting my ridiculous attitude before a great danger. I was gentle with my enemy, without understanding that the vampire was a horrible and evil creature. I should be afraid of it, instead of being polite, as if I was talking to a person.

This vampire represented my anti-conscience. The unconscious mind was basically showing me that I had to be very careful because I had a terrible enemy. I had to fight schizophrenia. This was a terrible battle. My anti-conscience was too strong.

I hope that your case is not as severe as my case was in the beginning of my research. However, even if your anti-conscience is as strong as mine was when I was young, you will be able to completely eliminate it through dream therapy, and find sound mental health like me.

* The unconscious logic is also religious. – The unconscious mind is a priest. You are a terrible sinner because you have inherited a terrible anti-conscience in your psyche. Unfortunately, the violent tendencies you have inherited automatically give you the primitive personality of an absurd sinner.

This means that you have to respect the unconscious wisdom. You are ignorant and imperfect. You don’t know what is really good or bad. You must be a humble student, and learn the truth.

In other words, you have to admit your mistakes, feeling grateful for having the wise unconscious guidance in your dreams. Your attitude must always reflect gratitude.

Your dreams will transport you to another dimension of reality, where you’ll attain higher levels of knowledge.

For example, if you’ll have a dream where you are having a surgical operation in a hospital, this means that you are passing through an important psychological and spiritual transformation.

The surgical operation is part of your trip to the Self, according to Carl Jung’s description. When you translate the meaning of your dreams you make a trip inside yourself. You can see all your mistakes, and you can also find the unconscious wisdom.

This trip will help you get rid of your anti-conscience. When you’ll eliminate your absurd wild nature, you’ll become a wise human being. You will acquire sound mental health and use your brain power.

You will be always calm, self-confident, and in a good mood. Then, your dreams will reflect your progress.

I was very impressed when I saw a dream where I was giving diamonds to one of my classmates. I understood that this dream was a confirmation that my work would really help everyone, even students that have learning problems like the classmate I saw in this dream. I had many positive dreams that were encouraging me during my journey.

Diamonds represent wisdom in dreams. The diamonds I was giving to the classmate who had learning problems showed me that I would manage to share the unconscious wisdom with the world.

You will have dreams with positive messages too, even though in the beginning most dreams reflect hidden dangers.

I had to cure many people through dream therapy for two decades in order to provide you with a very clear guide. Today all dreams are immediately explained thanks to the accurate translations based on my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words. Now you immediately understand the unconscious messages contained in the dream images, knowing that you can trust the scientific translations. This is a big relief.

The unconscious mind will show you in your dreams everything that you cannot see, and how to surpass all obstacles. You will feel that you have supernatural powers.

You will really become superior for being able to perceive many details that today you cannot see. You’ll have information about all components of your reality. Your superior vision and your superior personality will give you the power to predict the future, change your reality, influence others, and a lot more.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

Learn more at: http://www.scientificdreaminterpretation.com

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Dream Therapy

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