The Meaning of The Rain and The Storm in Dreams

4443402810_979491a886_mThe rain is a positive dream symbol, which indicates that the dreamer found a solution to a certain problem. The meaning of this dream symbol was found thanks to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, which is the only correct one. Jung studied the meaning of all symbols in all civilizations of our history.

My work proves that he was right, and shows you a lot more.

The rain and even the storm are very good signs. The storm represents a very important solution for a very big problem. It represents divine justice after pain.

The rain gives water to the dry earth. Without water, there is no life. We depend on the rain for many reasons.

The rain also cleans our dirty world. Its water is a true blessing. This is why it represents important solutions in dreams.

The appearance of this positive dream symbol in a dream will give you courage and hope. It’s very good to discover the solution for a problem that you couldn’t solve! The rain or the storm in a dream will give you relief and self-confidence.

You may immediately understand that you found the magical solution you were looking for like Archimedes, the known Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.

Archimedes stepped into a bath and noticed that the water level rose as he submerged a part of his body. He suddenly understood that he found a way to measure the volume of irregular objects with precision. He only had to calculate the volume of water displayed when these objects were immersed on water. This was a problem that he couldn’t solve before.

He was so excited for finding this solution that he leapt out of his bathtub and he started running in the streets naked and claiming ‘Eureka’, a Greek word that means ‘I found it’.

However, the ‘Eureka’ moment may not be so clear for you. Many times, you’ll have to think about what is happening to you and your life in order to discover what solution you could finally find.

This happens because while you are making a research, you are involved in a big number of possibilities. You are dizzy, thinking about everything. Your mind is not clear. You may find the right answer somehow, but without understanding that you have really found the solution for a certain problem.

The rain in a dream will show you that you have really found the answer you were looking for. The unconscious mind will help you understand what you have found and why this finding will help you solve your problems.

The rain in a dream can also be a prediction. You may be about to discover what you need. In this case the dream symbol prepares you for finding a solution. It works like an alert.

A dream about rain or about a storm will make you pay attention to your reality, without forgetting that you are looking for a certain solution. You will have the serious attitude of a researcher, without being disconnected with your reality, thinking about something else. The rain in a dream reminds you that you have to pay attention to many details in order to finally find the solution you are looking for.

The rain in itself is a phenomenon that seems to be a magical event. Many people wondered the meaning of the rain throughout the human history. It was a very important sign for many ancient civilizations.

For example, the Etrurians, who lived in Italy before the Roman Empire, were guided by the weather phenomena. They could predict the future by observing the weather.
The rain surely had a very important meaning for them, since the rain is a very strong and notable meteorological phenomenon.

The Etrurians were peaceful and happy people. They believed in life after death. For them, death was a reason of joy. They believed in paradise after death because they were peaceful and kind. Their remarkable art works remind the Greek artistic creations because of their beauty and their delicate details.

(Learn more about the Etrurians at The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation and Its Applications)

I don’t know the meaning that the rain had for the Etrurians because nobody could translate their strange language. Fortunately, Carl Jung could discover the true meaning of the dream language and we can decipher the wise unconscious messages in dreams. The dream language is not a mystery for us, like the language of the Etrurians. We know that the rain (or the storm) in a dream represents a solution.

The dream symbols are the same for all dreamers. This meaning doesn’t change depending on the personal details of the dreamer’s personality or life. The scientific dream translations accurately translate the symbolic meaning of all dream images for humanity, based on Carl Jung’s discoveries. He discovered the real meaning of dreams after a very arduous and dangerous research.

My research continuing his mission was very dangerous too, because there is craziness in the human brain. I could discover that we inherit a huge absurd content into the biggest part of our brain, after continuing Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation.

Now that I saw everything that Jung couldn’t see, dream translation is very objective and clear.

The fact that you can immediately understand the meaning of dreams is a spectacular advantage, because now you can clearly understand the wise guidance of your saintly doctor. The unconscious mind is your divine protector.

While the meaning of too much water in dreams (like in a flood) is negative because it indicates lack of faith, the meaning of the water of the rain is always positive. The rain is a very positive dream symbol that will give you courage. You have finally found, or you will surely find a solution.

One of my friends recently had a dream about storms. This dream was an answer to his worries because he was in a difficult situation, looking for urgent answers. In his dream two other storms in different countries were compared to the Brazilian storm. In the dream he knew that he would understand something about the Brazilian storms.

This dream showed him that he could relax. He would find the solution he needed so much. He did find this solution, thanks to the translation of his own dreams. His case is very interesting.

The Brazilian storms are tropical storms, what means that they are heavy storms, with too much water. These storms are the strongest ones we may see. The Brazilian storm represents a very important solution that the dreamer will surely recognize after finding it, like Archimedes did.

The unconscious mind gives many answers to all dreamers. You only have to learn the dream language with my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words in order to have the best advantage you could have in life: a direct contact with the divine unconscious mind.

The wisdom of the unconscious mind proves God’s existence and it also proves the unconscious sanctity, which Jung couldn’t perceive. This is why he didn’t have a religious attitude.

On the other hand, he was a scientist. He did admit that there was a religious side in the meaning of dreams, but he didn’t perceive the real dimension of this truth. Jung was even considered mystic, due to his elasticity. He was misunderstood by many people who ignored the value of his serious research, only because he understood the metaphysical dimension of dreams.

However, Jung couldn’t have a religious attitude in the end, without ruining his reputation as a scientist and a serious researcher. He could recognize the unconscious wisdom, without recognizing the unconscious sanctity.

On the other hand, he was afraid of the unconscious mind. My discoveries show you that you have to be afraid of your dangerous anti-conscience, which is your primitive conscience, where all the craziness you have inherited is concentrated. Jung couldn’t see where all the craziness was.

The wise unconscious mind can be completely trusted because it has a divine origin. It is God’s mind.

When you translate the meaning of your dreams you follow God’s guidance. You learn how to eliminate your evil anti-conscience, so that you may find sound mental health and happiness in life. This is a true privilege provided to you only now that I managed to simplify the complicated dream language, which is based on a different logic. I had to translate numerous dreams for two decades in order to provide you with this facility.

The meaning of your dreams will surely help you find mental health, wisdom and peace, even when the dream symbols you’ll see in a dream won’t have a positive meaning like the rain. All dreams give you important messages that help you escape from the anti-conscience’s traps and learn how to evolve.

Most dream symbols have a negative meaning because they are warnings. The human nature is too absurd and most dreamers make many mistakes in life. This is why positive dream symbols in dreams are quite rare.

Positive dream symbols reflect your evolution. You have to pass through psychotherapy and positively transform your personality if you want to find them in your dreams.

Once you’ll stop being influenced by your absurd anti-conscience, your dreams will stop reflecting your mistakes and predicting failure. They will start having a positive meaning because they will reflect your progress. At this stage, you will frequently see positive dream symbols like the rain.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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