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3890481737_74dab5befe_mWe live in a materialistic and atheistic world where many crimes keep happening everyday. If you are depressed you must surpass the knowledge of your historical time. You will find help by paying attention to the ancient wisdom of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

The unconscious wisdom proves the existence of a superior brain. In other words, this extraordinary wisdom proves the existence of God. This is a scientific and religious truth you will be able to verify by yourself once you master the dream language.

The unconscious mind is your saintly natural doctor. It provides you with free psychotherapy for depression and other mental illnesses. You only have to learn the meaning of the symbolic dream language in order to understand the wise messages sent by the unconscious mind in each dream image.

If you prefer, I can translate your dreams for you. You can also study my dynamic method of instant translation from images into words and easily learn the dream language. My method is a simplification of Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation. You’ll get used with the unconscious logic and understand the meaning of all dreams.

Your depression will disappear thanks to the information you’ll have in the dream images. The unconscious mind shows you what is happening with your psychological system. It shows you what happened to you in the past, and what is happening to you today.

The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind helps you become more intelligent. The knowledge you have cures your wounds and gives you self-confidence.

For example, let’s analyze the dreams of a woman who suffers from depression. She got married to a man who is selfish and possessive. She has no courage to face a divorce because she loves him, even though she dislikes his behavior. They don’t have children besides being married for one year. He has a fertility problem but he doesn’t want to have any treatment.

She dreamt that a black dog was following her in the street all the time. At a certain point she stopped walking and she tried to approach the dog. However, the dog became a black panther.

The dog in dreams represents infidelity and immorality.

The street is a dangerous place where the dreamer is exposed to various threats.

The black color represents the acceptance of what is bad. This means that the dreamer accepts the bad side of her immoral tendencies.

Therefore, the fact that the black dog was following the dreamer in the street means that her immoral tendencies are following her while she is facing dangerous situations.

When a dreamer is walking in dreams, this means that she is making a research. Therefore, her immoral tendencies were following her during her dangerous research (she was in the street).

The fact that the dog became a black panther means that her immoral tendencies are stronger than what she may imagine. The panther represents a selfish and possessive person.

In other words, the unconscious mind is showing to this dreamer that she is being threatened by her immoral tendencies in her life, and that these tendencies are too powerful. The dreamer will get involved with a possessive person because of her immoral tendencies, and betray her husband.

This means that her real problem is not the terrible behavior of her husband. Her problem is the fact that she has a tendency to feel attracted by men who behave like her husband.

The fact that she is not happy with him will make her accept infidelity and get involved with another man. However, this man will be as possessive as her husband because she has the absurd tendency to feel attracted by men who are possessive and rude like her husband.

The unconscious mind shows to the dreamer many things at the same time. Each dream symbol represents a whole story. I’m simplifying my translations in order to give you a general idea about her problem without explaining all the details.

The unconscious mind is showing to this dreamer that she cannot ignore the fact that her husband doesn’t love her, and she is not happy with him. Her strong immoral tendencies won’t let her respect her husband.

At the same time, this dream is showing to the dreamer that she will tend to get involved with a possessive man that won’t be different from her husband. Her immoral tendencies became a possessive black panther. Again, she accepts what is bad because of the black color.

Thus, this dreamer’s problem is quite complicated. She not only got married to the wrong person; she has the tendency to feel attracted by possessive and selfish men. In other words, she doesn’t know how to find her perfect match. She is attracted by men who cannot be good partners for any woman.

The fact that her husband doesn’t want to have children (since he is indifferent to his infertility) indicates that he might cheat on her, or that he has no intention to be married forever.

The dreamer believed that her problem was her husband’s personality. However, her real problem is the fact that she felt attracted by a man who was not able to make her happy. This is why she got married to the wrong person. In other words, the attraction she feels for this man is absurd. It is not a healthy attraction for a man who is her perfect match.

Now, let’s analyze another dream of the same dreamer in order to really understand her psychological problems.

It is night and she is getting dressed to go to a party. She is quite younger and unmarried in the dream. Her cousin is going to the party with her. However, when they get out, someone steals her cousin’s purse. Instead of going to the party, they go to the police station.

We have to know how the dreamer characterizes her cousin, which represents a part of her own personality in the dream. The dreamer says that her cousin has many friends, and she has an intense social life. Therefore, her cousin represents an extroverted part of the dreamer’s personality.

A party in dreams represents an important event. It could be something like meeting her perfect match.

A woman’s purse in a dream represents her feminine identity. The fact that her cousin’s purse was stolen indicates that her cousin will lose her feminine identity because she will be forced to have a love relationship with a man. She won’t be able to escape from his domination. In other words, she will be a victim of a possessive man.

Instead of going to a happy important event (the party) she will end up going to the police station, which represents self-defense.

Her cousin represents a part of the dreamer’s personality that is extroverted. Therefore, the unconscious mind is showing to this dreamer that when she acts like her cousin, she is easily controlled by the desire to have love relationships with possessive men.

However, the dreamer is young and unmarried in the dream. This means that the unconscious mind is giving her an explanation about her past. The dreamer has the tendency to feel attracted by selfish and possessive men because she is controlled by the extroverted part of her personality (her cousin) since she was younger. In other words, she has this negative tendency for a long time; this behavior is not new.

This example shows you the real reason why this dreamer suffers from depression. The dreamer should not blame her selfish husband for feeling depressed. She must blame the extroverted part of her personality for feeling attracted by selfish and possessive men.

Even if she will get divorced, she won’t be able to find the ideal man for her because she keeps being controlled by the extroverted part of her personality.

Since her extroverted side is absurd, this means that the dreamer doesn’t belong to an extroverted psychological type, even though she is constantly influenced by this part of her personality. The dreamer belongs to an introverted psychological type, but she is easily influenced by her absurd extroverted side.

Her extroverted reactions belong to the wild side of her conscience, her anti-conscience. In other words, the extroverted side of her personality doesn’t belong to her conscious mind. This part of her personality is in a primitive condition. When it controls her personality, she shows an immature and inconsequential behavior.

Instead of finding happiness (the party), she goes to the police. Therefore, the unconscious mind is showing to this dreamer that she has the tendency to feel attracted by possessive men and live in a self-defensive condition (police station). In other words, this dreamer is masochist. She has an absurd tendency to feel attracted by rude men that will hurt her, instead of loving her and making her happy.

The dreamer will get rid of her depression by transforming her extroverted side into a positive component of her conscience. She will stop being controlled by the extroverted side of her personality without understanding what is happening to her.

As you can see, the unconscious mind shows to the dreamer the real reason why she is suffering and how she can find peace. This vision makes the dreamer stop considering herself as a victim of her husband. She is in fact a victim of her anti-conscience, which makes her feel attracted by possessive men that cannot make her happy.

Through dream therapy she will learn how to transform the wild part of her personality into a balanced component of her conscience. She will therefore learn how to evaluate a man’s personality and find a partner who is introverted like her, instead of following the absurdity of her wild extroverted tendencies.

She will also learn how to tame her extroverted side. Her absurd extroverted side will become a sensible and sensitive part of her personality that won’t belong to her anti-conscience like it does now. She will acquire consciousness of her extroverted side, and it will belong to her human conscience. Therefore, the dreamer will control her behavior and positively use her extroverted side.

The unconscious mind will help this dreamer understand how she can tame her wild side in her next dreams. Therefore, she will stop being a victim of her anti-conscience, and find balance.

Now, we have to analyze the childhood of this dreamer in order to understand why she was controlled by the absurd tendency to feel attracted by men who are selfish and possessive like her husband when she was younger (as shown in her second dream).

Her parents were not happy. Her father was too indifferent and weak. He worked in his brother’s company and he depended on his brother for everything. Her mother was always busy sewing. She didn’t show affection to her children. The dreamer has an older sister, and a younger brother. She never felt that she had a family. Nobody ever gave her any attention.

Therefore, the dreamer had a sad childhood. This is a very negative factor for the formation of her personality. She acquired her absurd masochist tendency because she wanted to be different. She didn’t want to get married to a weak man like her mother did. She wanted to get married to a man who would be totally different from her father.

This intention made her accept the absurdity of her anti-conscience and look for the wrong psychological type. She had to look for an introverted psychological type similar to her psychological type in order to find her perfect match and have a perfect relationship.

We observe this phenomenon happening many times. Most people don’t want to imitate the bed example of their parents. Their desire to be different makes them exaggerate because they are basically looking for protection. They don’t know how to behave. Their anti-conscience takes advantage of their ignorance in order to make them behave in an absurd manner.

This dreamer is easily controlled by her absurd anti-conscience when she tries to be extroverted (her cousin), instead of being introverted like her psychological type. She should be as introverted as extroverted in order to be a balanced person. However, she goes from one side to another without finding balance.

The unconscious psychotherapy will help her build a self-confident personality and understand who her perfect match really is, without being eluded by her anti-conscience. She will stop living with a man who is killing her personality.

She made a serious mistake for getting married to this man. She doesn’t really love him. She is induced to believe that she is in love by her absurd anti-conscience, while this is not true.

She needs a divorce.

God teaches us that we must be loyal to our marriage, but many times we make serious mistakes. A wrong marriage can lead us to craziness and despair. Since the couple has no children, a divorce is not really difficult. A divorce in this case is an unavoidable step that will prevent worse future situations.

If the couple had children everything would be complicated.

Pay attention to this detail if you are not married yet. When you get married to the wrong person and you have children with the wrong partner, you have to face too many problems forever. Be very careful before getting married. Look for the person who will really make you happy. Don’t think that a marriage is something simple only because so many divorces keep happening all the time. Your life and your happiness depend on your wisdom.

The unconscious mind will help this dreamer begin a new life, free from the domination of her wild side. This is how her depression will completely disappear, and she will find sound mental health and authentic happiness in life.

If you are depressed like her, the unconscious mind will help you the same way. The divine unconscious mind proves that there is a God who cares about us, and helps us find happiness, besides all the horrors we face in life.

The wise unconscious mind will show you all your mistakes and misconceptions. You’ll stop making mistakes and having absurd ideas. Only this detail will already make a great difference in your life.

Mistakes are very bitter. You won’t be able to forgive yourself if you’ll make a serious mistake that will ruin your life. The fact that you will get rid of your absurdity and you’ll stop making mistakes in life is a very big victory and a huge protection from all dangers.

The psychotherapy for depression provided by the saintly unconscious mind will surely help you find the help you were looking for, and a lot more.

You are very lucky because today you can easily talk with your unconscious doctor thanks to my simplifications. Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is too complicated, and the dream language follows another logic. I had to compare numerous dreams until I could simplify everything for you.

I directly give you all answers, and you can easily follow the wise guidance of your natural doctor, the wise unconscious mind that can cure all mental disorders and physical diseases. The unconscious mind is in fact God’s mind. If you are atheist, be prepared to meet God when you’ll master the dream language because this is really going to happen. Our atheistic and materialistic civilization is coming to an end.

The confirmation of God’s existence and the possibility to enter into contact with God through dream messages will cause a true revolution. You should be one of the first ones to take advantage of my discoveries.

I could discover so much because I was very obedient. I would never discover anything without being guided by the wise unconscious mind. The fact that I was an ignorant literature writer who suffered from a serious neurosis that could easily become schizophrenia proves my incapacity to discover anything by myself.

The unconscious mind prepared everything. I was simply following the unconscious plan during my research. I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance without objections. My work is not really mine. The unconscious mind is the real author of my words. I’m merely a dream translator. Your doctor is the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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