How to Prevent A Mental Illness Thanks to Dream Analysis – The Meaning of The Elevator and The Stairs in Dreams

4832234011_ca901c047b_mYour dreams help you prevent mental illnesses because they contain precious messages. The information you have thanks to dream analysis will save your life.

You can also prevent sad life situations, conflicts, and various bad events.

You should follow the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me.

Only Jung could discover how to accurately translate the mysterious dream language, and only I could continue his dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche, discovering the roots of human absurdity.

All dreams are produced by the wise unconscious mind, which has a divine origin. The information sent by the unconscious mind in your own dreams helps you understand your psychological problems. You also learn how to successfully solve each problem. This is how you manage to prevent a mental illness before losing your mind.

For example, let’s analyze the dream of a young man who is very ambitious and proud of himself:

He dreamt that he was in the elevator, going up without ever stopping. In the beginning he was alone; but later he saw that there were other people with him. He keeps going up, but never arriving to any floor.

This short dream is already giving important information to the dreamer about his mental health.

Whenever we go up in dreams, we go to the conscious surface. Since the dreamer is going up by elevator and not by stairs, he is going to acquire consciousness of something very fast.

Whenever we go up in dreams (either by stars or elevator) we acquire consciousness. In other words, we understand something that we couldn’t understand before. We bring the knowledge we found into the dark bottom of our psyche to the light of the conscious surface. Therefore, this content becomes known.

The dreamer who saw himself inside the elevator going up without ever stopping had a serious warning. The unconscious mind was showing him that there are many things about himself that he is not aware of.

The dark unknown content he has inherited into his anti-conscience (which lives in the bottom of his psyche) will suddenly appear on his conscious surface. This means that the dreamer will be suddenly controlled by his anti-conscience and show abnormal behavior.

The other people who are with him are various negative parts of his personality that are following his ego. The dreamer represents his ego in his dreams.

The fact that he keeps going up indicates that he will suddenly lose control because the negative components of his personality will manage to arrive to the conscious surface very fast. He needs protection. Otherwise he won’t be able to control his behavior.

This dreamer is not paying attention to his psychological reality. The unconscious mind is showing him that he should not be proud of himself because he can suddenly lose control. His conscience will suddenly be dominated by the negative components of his personality if he won’t eliminate the absurdity he has inherited.

This dream also indicates that the dreamer ignores the content of his psyche. He should first of all go down and examine the content of his psyche. However he is only going up, without first analyzing what exists in the bottom of his psyche.

Unfortunately, there is craziness in the bottom of the human psyche. All human beings must be very careful because they inherit too much absurdity into the wild side of their conscience, the anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience always lives down in dreams because it lives under the conscious surface. In other words, it is ignored by the human side of our conscience, which lives up, on the conscious surface.

When the ignored absurd content goes from the bottom of the dreamer’s psyche to the conscious surface very fast, his conscience has no time to understand that he lost control. He is suddenly controlled by his anti-conscience, which is his primitive conscience. Therefore, he shows abnormal behavior without understanding what is happening to him, the same way that a person who drinks too much alcohol loses control, becoming aggressive or ridiculous.

The dreamer has to go up stairs in a dream (and not by elevator) in order to carefully bring the content of the bottom of his psyche to the conscious surface without losing his mind.

If the dreamer had seeing that he was in the elevator but he was going down in the dream, the meaning of this dream scene would be negative too. He cannot go to the bottom of his psyche very fast without being dominated by the craziness he will find there.

All dreamers must go down stairs in order to investigate the dangerous content existent in the bottom of their psyche. This is a very dangerous speculation. The anti-conscience is too powerful, and it can easily destroy the human conscience.

If the dreamer had gone down by elevator, he would suddenly be dominated by the craziness imposed by his anti-conscience. There is a difference between being controlled by the anti-conscience when the absurdity that lives in the bottom of the dreamer’s psyche suddenly appears on the conscious surface, or being controlled by the anti-conscience when the dreamer suddenly discovers the craziness existent in the bottom of his psyche because he goes down too fast.

In case he goes down too fast he will be forever controlled by craziness, even if this is not apparent. When the absurdity that lives in the bottom of his psyche suddenly appears on his conscious surface this means that the dreamer will be controlled by craziness only for a certain period of time, and not permanently. However, this is the beginning of the process of destruction of his human conscience. He cannot let the absurdity of his anti-conscience control his behavior even for a minute.

This dreamer needs treatment. He cannot keep being indifferent to his psychological reality. Otherwise, he will gradually become mentally ill.

He is in a very dangerous position. The anti-conscience will easily destroy his conscience, since it manages to easily invade the conscious surface.

This dreamer must be very careful and never act without thinking very well. If the next day he has an important meeting, after dreaming that he was constantly going up in the elevator, he must understand that he should not speak before carefully choosing his words. He might show immaturity or aggression. He must pay special attention to his behavior.

One dream can help him avoid a bad situation, but he has to follow dream therapy in order to prevent a mental illness. His first dream was an alarm. His next dreams will help him find solutions for his problems.

A mental illness is a terrible enemy. You cannot prevent a mental illness only thanks to the translation of a single dream. You must analyze the meaning of many dreams in order to understand the unconscious guidance and completely eliminate all dangers.

A dream collection will give you all the explanations you need, and help you become more intelligent. The generous unconscious mind gives you many lessons in each dream.

You should be prudent and analyze the meaning of your dreams before having unexplained symptoms and showing abnormal behavior. The unconscious mind will help you completely eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience. This way, you’ll be sure that you’ll never suffer from a mental illness in your life. You’ll eliminate the roots of absurdity from your mind and acquire sound mental health that lasts forever.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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