How to Stop Mutilating Yourself and Find Peace

292290205_e35951b8a0_mToday I’m finally glad again, after losing my four blogs because they were infected by malware. I had a warning two months before this happened, but I thought that my blogs were so old, and Google loved them so much because they provided useful and helpful original content to the public, that I didn’t imagine that the warning I had was about something as tragic as losing them completely!

Suddenly, they were infected by malware, and Google believes that I did such horrible thing, because I’m supposed to be responsible for my blogs: I am the only one who has the passwords to open my dashboard.

However, my computer was infected by malware too, at the same time, and the intruder got my passwords, infected my blogs, while Google believes that I did it, and they were probably deleted. I talked with a blogger in Google’s forum about this matter, besides sending four messages to Google about it, however nobody is helping me with this matter.

I was very sad, and I couldn’t forgive myself for not caring about the warning I had, as seriously as I should.

However, I understood that I could not prevent what happened because I was busy with graver problems, I could not care for my blogs, and I didn’t imagine that the problem could be fatal.

Of course, I understood that in fact it was better to stop having four blogs because I was tired of keeping them and promoting each one of them separately… I was keeping them for my readers, but working too hard to do so, and sharing my traffic, which means that for my business it was better to stop having all these blogs, and create only one, hosted in my own server.

You see, what happened was not so bad, and now my blog will be better organized. I’m going to write a lot also for parents, because from them begins what is happening to you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should condemn your parents. You must have pity on them, because they are also victims of the cruel world we live in, and they inherited the anti-conscience, the same way you did. Perhaps you wouldn’t be better than them if you were in their place… you are not perfect. So, show mercy when you think about their mistakes.

I know many sad stories about tragic situations, because I deal with the worst existent disease: craziness. Craziness is total absurdity, the worst stage of absurdity of the human mind, the complete domination of the worst existent mental illness. This is what I prevent with my work.

I had a friend who had electroshock therapy after becoming psychotic. He was like a brother to me. I know that anyone can suddenly become crazy and start breaking everything around the house like Arnold, to whom I dedicate my free audio ebook Courage, because he committed suicide at the end of his tragic road.

My specialty is the prevention of such a tragic end; and it is my moral obligation too, since I know how to put an end to all mental illnesses, thanks to my research, translating dream messages according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

So, of course I can help you, who are simply victims of neurosis, and this is why you are dominated by the absurd tendency of self-abuse. Neurosis and depression can easily be cured through dream interpretation. All the other mental illnesses are harder to be cured, but your case is not the worst one.

After helping you with my articles and thinking a lot about all the cases of self-mutilation I learned about and treated, I decided to dedicate special attention to all parents. They have to learn how to behave, and how to raise self-confident children that will be able to live happily. So, I’m going to write many articles for them too.

Today I’m glad because I began this new blog in my own domain, after copying the links of my best articles about self-abuse, giving you the links of the articles already live at, where I submit all my articles, because it would be too much work to paste each one of them from Microsoft Word to the blog.

I wanted to give you back the nest you had before, with the most important articles about how to stop cutting yourself all together, always helping you.

And of course, I’m going to continue writing many articles for you, even though I have already shown you very clearly that you cut your own body only because the anti-conscience, your primitive and wild conscience, dominates you and obliges you to do things that you would never do if you were not under its domination.

What is domination? When you drink too much wine, you are under the domination of the alcohol, for example. The invasion of the anti-conscience is something like that.

I’ve already explained to you that the pleasure you feel for hurting yourself comes from the self-defense of the anti-conscience against suffering. It is not a normal reaction. It is a cold reaction, disconnected with the external reality, and this is why it is absurd.

I’ve already showed you the roots of the human absurdity, and I explained what happens when you feel pleasure for mutilating yourself, besides showing you everything that you can do in this case, like talking to a friend, going to a hospital, tying your hands, drawing, writing, doing something else to keep you occupied during the crisis, until the absurd desire will completely disappear from your behavior, due to your resistance.

Now you only have to put my lessons into practice.

This is the hardest part. I know…

But my lessons work in practice, what I’m telling you is not only theory. They were tested over 19 years in many different cases. Respect my directions and do what I’m showing you, and you’ll win the absurd tendency of self-abuse thanks to your resistance for sure.

And of course, learn how to translate your dreams with my method, derived from Jung’s method, because this is what will help you lead a happy life. You’ll discover that you are very strong in fact, and you’ll become much stronger translating your own dreams.

In case you don’t understand a certain part of a dream, don’t feel disappointed. Learning a language is a process.

Don’t try to translate everything you see in a dream at once. Translate your dream bit by bit.

When you try to translate one foreign language to another, you try to see if at least you understand the basic meaning of a sentence.

Let’s suppose that you had to translate this sentence written in Spanish to the English language, so that you could understand its meaning:

“The table was too tall, but it was very beautiful in the middle of the dinning room, with all the chairs around it, as if there were many people still living in the empty house.”

Now, what would you try to translate first of all?

Table, tall, beautiful, middle, dinning room, chairs, people, and house.

Let’s suppose that you didn’t know the meaning of the other words that compose the sentence.

But, couldn’t you understand at least a little bit of the meaning of this sentence, if you translated the words I selected? You translated the basics.

This is what you have to do when you try to translate your dreams.

I give you the meaning of the basic dream symbols so that you may be able to understand the basic meaning of a dream very easily, even if you don’t know the meaning of a few images, the same way that you didn’t know the meaning of a few words in my previous example.

Translate a portion. Keep it, and compare it with the dream you’ll see next week, because then you’ll see a continuation, and many things that today haven’t happened yet, will have happened then, which means that you’ll understand why the unconscious mind had sent you the first dream… this is how everything works.

I’m more than confident that once you learn how to translate your own dreams and you start understanding the wise messages of the unconscious mind giving you guidance, you’ll overcome all your problems and find peace, besides helping your parents.

So, be a good student! I have already written more than 700 articles about many subjects. Fortunately keeps all them online very well for you, and you can simply go to their widget, which you’ll find in my website, and read them.

Then, you must put my lessons in practice, so that you may be really helped with this knowledge.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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