Can Neurosis Become Psychosis?

1871149414_d9a0ef4ca3_mUnfortunately, neurosis can easily become psychosis or schizophrenia when it is not treated. Neurosis is already the acceptance of absurdity by the person’s human conscience. The neurotic accepts showing absurd behavior, which is against the normal functionalism of his human conscience.

The abnormality in his or her behavior reflects the invasion of the wild side of the human conscience into the conscious field, and the indifference of their conscience to the absurdity of their behavior is a serious demonstration that they are indifferent to what should alarm them.

However, neurosis is not so serious when it is properly treated. Translating your dreams according to the scientific method you are going to eliminate it in around 2 to 8 months of psychotherapy.

But if you let the absurd behavior dominate you more and more, psychosis is an obvious consequence!

When you are sick you have to care about your health and eliminate what is harmful to your body, and to your psyche. You cannot be indifferent to the abnormalities in your behavior, and in your life, if you want to be balanced and live a healthy and happy life.

All mental illnesses are provoked by the wild part of the human conscience that is primitive but too strong. It occupies the biggest part of the human brain.

Through dream translation according to the scientific method you learn how to transform this dangerous part of your brain into a positive part, instead of being its victim.

The unconscious mind shows you in dream scenes the absurdity of your behavior when you are under its influence, using other people, and objects of your daily life. You have to learn how to see each object according to the symbolic meaning of the dream language, instead of considering it as if it was part of your daily life.

The symbolic meaning of the dream images is always the same, and this is why you can translate the dream language by learning the meaning of the basic dream symbols.

This language made only with images and scenes reflects your behavior, and at the same time shows you what exists inside you, but cannot be viewed by anyone. You start seeing your internal world, which is as real as the external world you live in.

At the same time your eyes open, and you start perceiving the existence of many phenomena you couldn’t notice before. This means that you also have a huger vision of the external world, while you learn more about your psychical reality.

Neurosis can be easily cured in its first stages and even when it is almost becoming psychosis, if you seriously care about the meaning of your dreams, and you follow the unconscious’ guidance.

Be very serious and learn how to understand the wise messages of your natural doctor in your own dreams, and prevent psychosis, schizophrenia and all existent mental illnesses, by putting a definitive end to the harmful interference of the anti-conscience, your primitive conscience, in the field of the human side of your conscience.

This is how you’ll be cured and completely develop your intelligence, becoming as introverted as extroverted, without being a slave of your psychological type, the most responsible for your neurosis, because it is one-sided, too selfish, and too ignorant.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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