Fighting Schizophrenia Through Science, Art, Philosophy, and Religion

imagesI continued Carl Jung’s research through dream interpretation. I was saved from schizophrenia by precisely following the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

In parallel with my scientific studies and discoveries, I had a strange romance. I was married, but I fell in love with a man who was quite older than me. He was married too. Unfortunately, he was one of the best customers my husband and I had in our factory.

I was ready to betray my husband, when I discovered the existence of the wild anti-conscience that generates mental illnesses within the human side of our conscience. I had to obey the unconscious mind that produces our dreams, and stay far from this man.

I only wanted to fall into his arms. I wanted to forget everyone and everything else, including my own son, who was 3-years- old at that time. I couldn’t stay far from the man I loved so much.

My mind and my behavior were completely controlled by my anti-conscience most of the time. I had almost lost my human conscience. My salvation was practically impossible. My mental illness was not merely a neurosis. I was practically schizophrenic in 1989, when I understood this tragic truth.

If I was merely a scientist I would never agree with the idea of completely obeying a superior mind, no matter how wise it could be. However, the unconscious mind gave me proof of God’s existence.

I was a literature writer. I felt great emotion for understanding that I was being miraculously saved through God’s intervention. The unconscious mind is the voice of divine providence. Without the unconscious guidance I would unavoidably become schizophrenic like my father.

I recuperated my faith. I understood that the unconscious mind was saving me from terror. Schizophrenia is pure terror. The man I loved would ruin my life and my family. I would never live happily with him.

The unconscious mind explained that my psychotherapy would be a process of spiritual purification. I would attain sanctity after its process, and save humanity from craziness and despair with my example. Everyone would follow my example after discovering the truth. The book I was writing in order to prove to the world that only Carl Jung had discovered the right method of dream interpretation would in fact prove that God sends us precious messages in dreams.

I was very obedient because I had no choice. I knew that I had to obey the unconscious wisdom because I was absurd and ignorant.

I didn’t love my husband, and I knew that he didn’t love me either. Nevertheless, I had to respect my husband as a human being. I also had to respect the wife of the man I was in love with and his children, who were my age. His children would never accept seeing me with their father. My son would also condemn me for betraying my husband when he would become old enough to understand my sin.

I was a philosopher. I could rationally understand what was logical or illogical.

I became very religious again. I knew that betraying my husband with his best customer was terrible. I knew I had to be a good mother and think about my son and his future.

Without my artistic, philosophical and religious spirit, I would never accept doing what the unconscious mind was showing me. I was very lazy, selfish, and indifferent to everyone’s pain.

However, my artistic spirit recognized the beauty of goodness. My philosophical spirit recognized the superiority of wisdom, and my religious spirit recognized the importance of my obedience to God’s will, expressed through the unconscious mind.

This was how I was saved from schizophrenia. This was also how I discovered that the cure for all mental illnesses is based on our obedience to the unconscious guidance in dreams.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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