Advice for You: My Conclusions After Thinking for a While

2330388901_103b25ec28Here I am in Brazil, because my father died, and living again near my best friends. This is a very interesting experience I was not expecting at all… But God knows when everything must happen, for many reasons that we cannot imagine.

Tomorrow I have to go to Nova Odessa again. I am grateful for the saint of a nurse that treated my father. She was a real sister to me and I will always consider her my sister and share with her everything, especially because my father’s life was my responsibility and she treated him on my behalf.

Money is a very dangerous thing, because it inserts poison into everyone’s heart. Never let money make you forget your moral principles, otherwise you’ll enter into a labyrinth and never again find your peace of mind.

I won’t let my father’s money make me forget I owe everything to my sister, who had to bear his temperament. He had no sense of justice and was not grateful for all the goodness he was receiving in his life. He always was totally selfish and unfair. He used to buy everyone when he had this power. Everyone had to simply agree with him…

This is why I somehow hate money: it makes people abuse their power when they have it.

Fortunately, my real family is made up of my Brazilian friends!

Here in Brazil I’m near my best friends, and again receiving their support. Here I’m dependent on them, because they are hosting me in their houses. I’m glad I have many good friends in Brazil who never abandon me!

I feel really blessed because I’m Brazilian, and not Greek like all my family. I like Greece very much, but Brazil is a very special nation, where everyone is welcome. Brazil has a certain superiority that we cannot find in any other country in the entire world, because here everyone feels at home.

Perhaps I’m being too patriotic, without having such intention… As a matter of fact I feel I belong to the entire world and I’m against patriotic differentiations, I’m only observing the Brazilian hospitality as a neutral observer that has no inclination to exaggerate in anything, for any reason.

Here I’m writing my conclusions just to tell you something, because I suddenly stopped writing my daily articles and I had to stay silent for a long time, talking with my friends and with my lawyer, my father’s lawyers, and also updating my Brazilian documents, which took some time and much effort… I had to care about these matters here where I suddenly had to come…

What can I tell you to help you in your life? You know that this is my mission and this is why I write so many articles for you… I’m always helping you open your mind and learn more. This is my moral obligation because I continued Jung’s research concerning dream interpretation, discovering so much that I had to delay 19 years before publishing my work to the world. I had to understand everything that I had discovered, and give many scientific and religious explanations to the world.

However, this is an atheistic world and the fact that I prove God’s existence is not accepted by the scientific world. There is a great prejudice against religiosity in the scientific mindset of our time.

My conclusions are that everyone here is a hypocrite that doesn’t really believe in the existence of God, even if they say so… But if you want to be wise in your life, you had better believe in the existence of God because this is true, and will only help you find wisdom, peace, love and happiness.

If you are an atheist, simply change your attitude. Now you have learned more. Be flexible and accept the truth, even if you don’t like it.

The truth is clean even when it is ugly. Stay very far from lies that distort reality…

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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