The Meaning of a Dream About Yourself

5335951926_52935c2c5a_mFirst of all, be aware that only the scientific method of dream interpretation accurately translates the meaning of the dream images. It is based on the discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung concerning the meaning of dreams and their healing power. I simplified his method after curing many people with it. I also discovered more, after continuing Jung’s research. However, I found his extraordinary work ready. Jung is a genius who managed to understand the mysterious meaning of the dream logic. The world must be forever grateful for his persistence.

Most dreams are basically about yourself. You see many dreams that give you information about many different subjects, but everything is always related to you and your life.

You dream because you are an under-developed primate. Unfortunately, you are totally absurd because you have inherited a wild conscience in the biggest part of your brain (anti-conscience). Your one-sided and tiny human conscience is absurd too. Therefore, it cannot help you fight against the worst absurdity you have inherited in the biggest part of your brain.

The anti-conscience that occupies the biggest part of your brain is schizophrenic. It is a disaster resulting from the disorganized formation of the first conscience that appeared in the universe. A live conscience has to be organized in order to find solutions. Otherwise, it will be filled with craziness and despair. This is was what happened with your anti-conscience. Since the anti-conscience didn’t evolve, it remains in the same primitive condition of its formation. Your mission as a human being is to transform the absurd content you have inherited in your anti-conscience into a positive content. In other words, you have to cure your absurd wild conscience.

Consciousness is a very heavy burden. When we understand the meaning of our existence, we understand what is bad. This is why consciousness cannot be suddenly acquired. It must gradually enlighten our mind. When we suddenly acquire consciousness of our mistakes we cannot bear our existence. The anti-conscience suddenly acquired conscience of many existential tragedies, without finding solutions. This is why it became schizophrenic.

Therefore, your anti-conscience is a monster that tries to control your behavior and destroy your human conscience. It is your violent, primitive personality, that doesn’t want to be tamed by your sensibility. Your humanity is concentrated in the tiny part of your brain that possesses human characteristics like goodness, generosity, and forgiveness. However, there are also many negative characteristics in your human conscience, because it is one-sided and thus, absurd. It needs development. Besides this fact, your human conscience is controlled by your ego.

When you dream about yourself, you are getting information about the mistakes you make because you follow your ego. Your ego is stupid, ridiculous, and totally selfish. The ego represents the absurdity contained in your human conscience. You have no idea of how dangerous your ego and anti-conscience are. They can destroy your life. The unconscious mind helps you pass through various evolutionary stages of consciousness. You eliminate your dangerous ego and anti-conscience through knowledge.

The elimination of your absurd ego and the elimination of your absurd anti-conscience, work like a process of brain empowerment. You finally get rid of the craziness you have inherited in your brain.

You acquire more consciousness as you see your defects, and you learn how to use all your capacities. The unconscious mind criticizes your attitude in the dream images, so that you may correct all mistakes and become a perfect human being.

In the end you become so intelligent that you understand the solution to all problems. Your life has a deeper meaning, and everyday you feel more alive than ever. This is a transformation that gives you permanent relief and satisfaction.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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  • Raine West says:

    Thanks, Dr. Sponias, for this article. I started tracking my dreams while in therapy for my depression because they became so clear. Since then, (nearly eight years) I’ve used my dreams to predict meltdowns, tell me when I need to rest, and tell me when I’m moving in the wrong direction with my life. Though I don’t always feel cured, I feel more in control as I work to shed that proverbial evil ego. I had no idea that there was a science behind it, but I’m not surprised. I’ll be keeping up with you on Twitter. This is fascinating stuff and I’m ready to learn more. Thanks again.

  • admin says:

    Write down your dreams everyday in a dream journal and follow my lessons so that you may learn how to translate the dream images into words that your conscious mind can understand. Then, follow the unconscious guidance in the dream messages.

    If you’ll be a good student, you’ll get rid of your depression in less than 8 months of psychotherapy. Some people overcome their depression in 2 months; everything depends on your personality and life story. However, there is no doubt that you’ll be cured through dream therapy. This is the only really safe treatment that can guarantee your sound mental health for life.

  • Joanna says:

    Hello, I have a question regarding a dream I had lastnight. I’ve been stuck in bed for the last 4 days because I broke my foot, so i’ve been aving these very vivid and hard to ignore dreams. The last one left an emotional fingerprint on me and I would love to know what it means. After trying to get to meet with my mom, and I really tryed, it was hard, people stopped me, nature was againts me and i finally got a cab, that took me much closer than I could have imagined, I felt like I could Have walked that distance. I payed a stupid price to the taxu driver and got out and started walking. Then, i saw them. My Mom walking in front if me with my little 3 year old brother and my little sister. And so I in front of them, open my arms and waited for them to come jumping and hugging me. And my sister recognized me and she ran and hugged me. A liitle 2-3 baby she was. My mom said that my sister knew I was coming although this was a surprise for everyone, that she was waiting for me.Then I looked at my sister and realised it was me ,my little baby self. I was hugging myself.

    What those that mean ? Meeting yourself in a child form?

  • admin says:

    Hi Joanna,

    You should submit your dream and life biography for professional dream translation.

    Many people send me their dreams for translation everyday.

    Learn more at:

    All the best!

    Christina Sponias


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