Hell on Earth and Hell After Death – Salvation and Heaven

356419260_2562f99b09_mYesterday, Saturday, October the 17th, my father died in Nova Odessa, Brazil. He was a very big sinner, hated by everyone. His death was in fact a very big relief for everyone, because he was an unbearable person.

He was ungrateful, didn’t respect anyone, and didn’t care about anything else besides his own sneaky interests… A very disgusting person. Everyone that knew him well enough agrees with this definition.

He was schizophrenic. This is why he lived suffering, and spreading suffering around him.

However, he had a tiny human conscience still alive when I was a child, and he was a very good father to me. He was terrible with everyone else, but an angel for me. I was an excellent student that had a great literary talent, besides drawing very well. I studied in a Catholic school and I represented his religiosity. But of course, the fact that I looked like him, and I inherited his green eyes also helped him love me and respect me as a daughter.

I have studied his behavior since I was a child, and without having the intention, at the end, his example helped me prevent schizophrenia, and discover the cure for this terrible mental illness, relating my knowledge by observing his behavior with the knowledge I acquired by translating dreams and studying many scientific subjects.

God sent him a saintly nurse in Brazil where he decided to live, who treated him as if he was her father.

Last Saturday I had talked to him on the telephone from Greece where I live, because he was not obeying his nurse and he didn’t want to use a paralytic chair, even though he took so long when he walked… His legs could not support him anymore…

Now, I’m sure that he is surprised for not going to hell after his death. But he was saved by me, who accepted to suffer in order to pay for his sins, besides paying for my own.

I suffered so much in order to obey to God’s directions through the unconscious mind in my own dreams, and become a calm and balanced person, instead of being nervous and impatient, that my suffering cleans also his sins. Nobody would agree on obeying so much, but I did, because I didn’t want to be like my father.

When God showed me that I was a monster worse than him, I simply accepted obeying God’s directions without arguments. I accepted passing through many humiliations in order to eliminate my terrible selfishness, which is responsible for absurdity.

I discovered that the human being is in fact a demon, and needs indispensably to learn how to behave like a human being by transforming his wild nature into a sensitive, human nature. If he doesn’t transform his wild conscience into human, he can only provoke much destruction and suffer very much.

After death, he sees the consequences of his sins. This is the hell, through which all sinners unavoidably pass, because after death, comes real notion: the entire vision of the truth, without any camouflage.

So, today, after my father’s death I can only feel grateful because I’m not a monster like him, and I have only helped many people for 20 years, saving many lives, and giving hope and happiness to the entire world with my example and my discoveries, since I simplified the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Jung, transforming it into a simple dream translation that everyone easily learns. Everyone starts immediately having a communication with the wise unconscious mind exactly like me.

Following the directions of the unconscious mind in dreams everyone learns how to eliminate the hell of mistakes and sins, and how to find peace, wisdom and happiness.

I invite you to follow my example and obey to the wise directions of the unconscious mind, so that your life and your example may help the entire world like mine, and we may transform the hell we live in into heaven.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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