Second Divine Revelation – Religious Proofs of God’s Existence

3051830300_1a95309582_mAfter giving you scientific explanations about the content of the human brain and the way it determines the human behavior, I’m going to give you religious proofs of God’s existence.

I’m going to briefly mention the scientific proofs I’ve already given you in my previous articles in order to remind you of them:

1. Our planet is too young and the necessary combinations of molecules that would be able to form the first live cell had to take more time than the age of our planet if these combinations depended only on pure chance.

2. The behavioral programs that allow the survival of an animal from the beginning of its life could not have appeared by chance because they are too well organized and they are not the product of the animal’s experiences because the animal would not have had time to learn anything in the hostile environment where it lives. It would be killed by its enemies or die of hunger before learning how to find food.

The behavioral programs help all animals do what they need in a perfect way so that they may survive and procreate.

I concluded that only a perfect brain could create and organize the behavioral programs.

3. Translating our dreams according to the scientific method discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung and simplified by me who continued his research, we can have a direct communication with the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams, where he gives us precious information and guidance, so that we may eliminate the roots of evilness from our psyche, which come from the wild side of our conscience that is totally absurd, immoral and violent.

I concluded that the same wise and saintly brain that produces our dreams creates all behavioral programs and created our entire planet in fact, only in order to transform the evil primitive conscience of the human being, which is a demon, into human.

This means that the human being is derived from Satan. However, the human being is a creation of God, because God, this superior brain, transformed Satan’s conscience into human conscience. We have to help God transform the wild and evil side of our conscience that remains in a primitive condition into human conscience, like the tiny part of our brain that has human characteristics and was transformed by Him, by obeying to His directions in dreams and in symbolic signs in our daily lives.

We are basically demons with a very tiny human conscience. In other words: we are idiots and too absurd. We have to obey God’s directions in dreams, in religious teachings, and in signs that we have to interpret like dreams, so that we may be completely transformed into human beings.

These are the scientific proofs I gave you about God’s existence. Now, I’m going to give you religious proofs.

The human being is a crazy demon, a disgusting monster that has no moral principles, is too violent, impatient, sneaky and false. This is the scientific truth I discovered when I continued Carl Jung’s research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation, by precisely following his method.

I realized that he really discovered the right code, and thanks to this illumination, I was able to discover the meaning of many more symbols, especially because I’m a literature writer and my own art was full of dream symbols, which appear also in the literary works of many other writers that write inspired by the unconscious mind like me.

So, the second Divine Revelation is the information that was given to me through my own literature. The unconscious mind was guiding me the same way he guides us in dreams through my own literature, because everything I would write would come from the unconscious mind. I was very young and ignorant, but my words seemed to be too wise, and always had a very deep meaning.

I would understand what I had written only after reading my words, realizing that they were not really mine: they were from my magical inspiration. Through my own literature the unconscious mind showed me the entire truth, which I’ve justified for you in a scientific way.

I was prepared to discover the scientific truth through my own literature, and at the same time helped very much by my art, since it contained so many dream symbols that the romance I wrote when I was 16 years old, after suffering a tragic car accident, until I turned 21 years old and I got married, gave me the key for the comprehension of the symbolic dream language much better than Carl Jung, who was my teacher.

In the beginning I couldn’t accept this fact because I was considering Jung too superior than me and I thought that it was absurd to imagine that I could surpass him, with all the experience and the knowledge that he had as a psychiatrist.

However, the dream language is a language, and as a writer, I could understand it much better than him. He was a doctor, not an expert on literature like me. Therefore, I related the scientific knowledge I acquired from reading with my literary knowledge and everything that I learned by reading the words of my magical inspiration.

My religious proofs of God’s existence begin with the revelation that my own literature had a prophetic effect, what means that I was illuminated by God through my magical inspiration, which dictated me the words I should write.

My second religious proof is that my literary talent also gave me the heroism of the poetic mind. I have been a poet since my childhood. I wrote my first poem when I was 7 years old, and since then I’ve kept many notebooks with my poems.

This heroism made me accept to suffer as much as necessary without ever abandoning my purpose, because I had to obey God’s plan, so that He could finally put an end to the hell where we live using my example of obedience, and humanity could finally find peace and happiness.

God explained to me through the unconscious mind that I was a terrible monster and I would provoke so many destructions that He had pity on my victims, and this is why He chose me to learn the entire truth about the sad human origin. I would have to pass through many humiliations and accept working hard without any recognition in order to prove His existence to the world and at the same time, in order to prove the human absurdity, and the necessity that the human being has of God’s guidance. God is a doctor and teacher that tries to save us from craziness and despair.

I had to suffer in order to be transformed and eliminate my terrible selfishness. This is why I was the ideal person to learn everything, and defend God’s existence in a world where even the members of the Church are atheists.

My third religious proof is the comprehension that the people from Israel that formed the people of God, and that refused to recognize Jesus as God’s son, represent the attitude of the hypocrites who pretend that they believe in God.

With the knowledge I have, I condemn the Catholic and the Orthodox Church where I belong, because I was baptized in both and I frequented both Churches since my childhood, besides studying in a Catholic school since I was 6 years old until I was 17 years and a half.

I only condemn both Churches, because they are governed by Satan in fact, since they are very far from sanctity. There is no sanctity in any Church.

This is why God is more sad and disgusted with those that supposedly represent Him on Earth, than with the worst sinners of our world. They are hypocrites full of sin, that do nothing in order to eliminate the terrorism and the immorality that govern our world, besides being basically indifferent to the poverty and the misery of the biggest part of our population.

All members of the Catholic and the Orthodox Church believe that Jesus Chris was really the son of God as much as the Jewish.

The people of Israel had to deny accepting Jesus clearly and suffer, being in a difficult position in a world where most people supposedly believe in the existence of God and in Jesus’ divinity while they are only false hypocrites, so that the truth could clearly appear some day.

We have now to simply accept our brother Jews, who at least had the courage to clearly deny accepting Jesus’ divinity, while the hypocrites that belong to His Church only pretend that they believe that God is watching them and that they will be judged.

Nobody sacrifices their lives in order to save the poor. Nobody abandons their comfort in order to defend Jesus’ teachings. Nobody accepts caring their cross. Nobody accepts passing through crucifixions. Nobody gives more than what they have. Nobody does anything exactly like Jesus.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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