Schizophrenia Treatment through Dream Analysis – A True Salvation from Despair

4619943550_8ac3d8ff94_mThe value of dream analysis is deeply understood when we deal with grave mental illnesses. Schizophrenia cannot be cured by common psychiatrists because they are not able to help their patients recuperate their conscience. However, the unconscious mind that produces dreams works like a natural doctor. Its remarkable psychotherapy surpasses the common treatments in all ways. The unconscious mind helps everyone acquire consciousness, even after having completely lost their mind.

This is a true salvation from despair. Schizophrenic individuals suffer very much.

Even though their cure is practically impossible, the unconscious mind is able to tame the wild side of their conscience, which destroyed the human side of their conscience through absurdity. The unbearable symptoms they face become weaker, until they disappear.

When the patients cooperate with their psychotherapy by relating at least one or two dreams to their doctor, their basic problems and traumas can already be understood. The unconscious mind sends very revealing dreams to those who need extraordinary support.

The scientific method of dream interpretation affords the chance to enter inside the patients’ minds to observe all their psychological problems. Dreams are mirrors that reflect the psychological content of the dreamer.

We can therefore understand the functioning of their cognitive mechanism, and help them correct their mistakes. Schizophrenic patients have many fears, and they are also revolted. Many times clear characteristics of multiple personality disorder are visible in their behavior.

Their psychological functions are distorted by the invasion of the primitive content of their anti-conscience, (the wild side of their conscience). This is why they have no equilibrium.

There are many schizophrenic patients who cooperate with their psychotherapy in the beginning, but they don’t continue relating their dreams for long. Their doctors can be helped by the unconscious mind that will send them dreams with information about their patients’ mental state.

When schizophrenic patients are helped by a certain member of their family or by a close friend, they are better able to evaluate the benefits of dream therapy. They will overcome their unbearable symptoms by offering resistance to the anti-conscience’s attacks. The anti-conscience provokes emptiness in their minds, dizziness, hallucinations, and various distortions in their hearing and speech.

This means that schizophrenics are not responsible for their actions. We must show them patience and understanding.

The psychotherapy of the unconscious mind in dream messages eliminates the poisonous effect of the anti-conscience, helping people suffering from schizophrenia understand the meaning of their actions. They gradually recuperate their consciousness, thanks to the comprehension of the truth. The unconscious mind explains to them how they had gone wrong in the past, and helps them forgive their enemies, and begin a new life.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Dreams are very important images and scenes produced by the unconscious mind that regulates the functioning of your entire body. All dreams contain precious messages in a symbolic form. These messages protect your human conscience from the poisonous influence of the wild and primitive side of your conscience. This is why your dreams are as important as your daily life.

Your dreams also protect you from all dangers that come from the outside world. They give you objective and valid information about everything that is important for you. They deserve all your attention. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams knows everything and helps you solve all kinds of problems.

I spent long hours studying and cured many people over 19 years before daring to share my knowledge with the world about the scientific method of dream translation.

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