Psychological Benefits of Dream Interpretation – Finding Support in The Meaning of Dreams

4679803328_3eec1c0bab_mDream interpretation will help you in many ways. You’ll be surprised to find that the psychological benefits of this practice will surpass your expectations. Of course, you must learn how to translate the dream language according to the right method. Only Carl Jung could decipher its mysterious meaning. I proved that his theories were true discoveries and I continued his work. I discovered more about dreams and the functioning of the human mind.

Dreams with fights and dangerous scenes reveal that you are making costly mistakes. Warnings will help you prevent unpleasant or dangerous situations. Predictions will help you prepare the future conditions you need in order to obtain the results you desire. Infinite advantages will help you overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals.

Your biggest advantage will be the privilege of following the safe and free psychotherapy provided by the unconscious mind, the dream producer. This psychotherapy is completely different from any other treatment. The unconscious mind is a wise and perfect mind that knows everything. Therefore, it shows you what is right and what is wrong, giving you many explanations.

The unconscious words expressed through images always have a philosophical background. This happens because the psychotherapy of the unconscious tries to increase our human sensitivity.

Let me give you an example:

John dreamt that he was in an ancient house where all objects belonged to a remote past. He met his uncle and his brother there. They were burning the ancient objects found in the house. John tried to stop them. However, his uncle and brother were deaf, and couldn’t hear his words. Then John saw a big hole in the ground. Both his uncle and brother fell into it. John tried to save them, but he couldn’t do anything. The hole had no bottom, and they kept falling.

We have to relate this information to the dreamer’s personal life story in order to translate the meaning of this dream. The dreamer in this case, is revolted because his colleagues betrayed him. They pretended that they didn’t break a certain machine. Now his boss believes that he is responsible for this damage.

We also have to know how the dreamer characterizes his uncle and his brother, so that we may understand the meaning that they had in this dream. They represent parts of John’s personality.

He says that his uncle is a very demanding person, who never shows tolerance. His brother is too impatient. Therefore, his uncle represents John’s lack of tolerance. His brother represents his own lack of patience.

The unconscious mind is telling him that he must analyze the content of his psyche (house with ancient objects).

The dream is warning John that if he lets hate dominate his mind, the absurd parts of his personality (his uncle and brother) will make very grave sins (burn the objects).

Instead of hating his colleagues and desiring revenge, John must control his behavior instead of letting the absurd parts of his personality dominate his mind (his uncle and brother were deaf = the demanding and the impatient parts of his personality could not listen to his ego, which should control his behavior).

If John won’t forgive his enemies, he will get lost into the labyrinth of craziness (hole without bottom). His uncle and his brother who fell in the hole represent parts of his own personality. In other words, he will lose his mind, and suffer even more.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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