The Advantages of Scientifically Translating The Meaning of Dreams – Finding Out An Ignored Truth

200858281_1fbb466110_mYour advantages after learning the dream language will surpass your expectations if you’ll be a good student and precisely follow my lessons. Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method we can solve all problems and eliminate all mental illnesses. However, this is not a simple task because there is too much absurdity concentrated in the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience).

Our dreams reflect the mistakes we make when we are influenced by the anti-conscience, which is the animal, violent, and immoral side of our conscience. We must accept their criticism. Sometimes, this is not easy. However, in the end we verify and understand that our dreams enlighten and protect us with their wisdom.

I had a very negative attitude when my father-in-law was living with my husband and me, after my mother-in-law’s death. In the beginning I wanted to be nice to him. However, he kept asking me to cut an apple for him, iron his shirt and other things, as if I was his slave like my mother in law. She was everyone’s slave in fact. She lived her life doing everything for everyone in the family. Such as cleaning the house, cooking, etc. However, I was a young Brazilian who didn’t agree with the traditional model of the Greek family. My father in law didn’t seem to understand this fact.

I started hating him. I wanted him to leave my home. At that time I saw a dream that irritated me very much:

I dreamt that my father-in-law gave me a beautiful cup of coffee which had a delicate design on the cup; yet, I very angrily threw it in the floor, breaking it into pieces! I woke up furious. I didn’t know how to translate the meaning of dreams at that time yet. However, it seemed to be quite clear that I was being ridiculous while my father-in-law was giving me a beautiful gift.

I stopped caring about writing down my dreams for a while. I didn’t want to admit that I was wrong. The truth is that I was actually wrong in my daily life because I had to show compassion to my father-in-law; instead of being lazy and selfish.

However, in the dream he represented my husband’s conscience. Only later could I understand his symbolic meaning. The dream was showing me that my husband’s father (his conscience) was giving me important lessons about my husband’s personality, but I didn’t want to study them.

The cup of coffee means the acceptance of what is bad. I had to accept this bad experience because it was showing me an ignored truth.

I was completely eluded for believing that my husband was the right person for me. My father-in-law’s presence was eliminating my false impressions. He was showing me different aspects of my husband’s personality.

I made a very big mistake for getting married to a man I didn’t really love. I only married him because he was a very good friend and he insisted on having a relationship with me. The unconscious mind was showing me in my dreams that I had a lot to learn about my husband’s personality. He was not the person I had in mind when I got married.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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