Masochism and Absurdity – The Content of The Wild Side of The Human Conscience

untitledWe cannot understand why someone would prefer what is bad, however the distorted nature of the wild side of the human conscience is absurd. It influences the human side of our conscience; leading us to evilness. This absurd part of our brain and psyche projects mental illnesses and mental disorders onto the human side of our conscience in order to destroy it. The anti-conscience wants to destroy our humanity in order to control our behavior.

The anti-conscience is a schizophrenic demon, which is totally cruel, violent, immoral, and idiotic. It is a masochist beast. This is our primitive conscience that didn’t pass through the process of development that our human side did.

Masochism is the absurd pleasure with what is bad. It is pleasure for suffering. This is a crazy reaction; a self defense mechanism resulting from despair. The anti-conscience feels pleasure with despair in order to survive. It doesn’t know how to eliminate it through understanding. The demonic and masochist nature of the anti-conscience is a tragic consequence of its incapacity to abandon what is bad. It doesn’t know how to solve its existential problems.

The tragic formation of the anti-conscience is the result of a disorganized process begun by accidental chemical combinations. The first live conscience that appeared in the universe could only be absurd because it was ignorant. As a consequence, it could only make many mistakes.

The anti-conscience is a wild and primitive conscience we have inherited, which didn’t evolve at all, and became totally absurd. It is masochist because it is absurd. Its violent reactions are the result of the tragic consequences it had to face after making tragic mistakes.

The absurdity and the masochism of the anti-conscience are responsible for all the absurdity that characterizes the human race. This is why many times human behavior is so barbarous and disgusting that it can only be considered demonic.

Barbarities, like child pornography or sexual abuse, terrorism, crimes, poverty, daily suicide attempts, and many other horrors that are part of our tragic reality prove that we have inherited the evil anti-conscience. The wild side of our conscience is responsible for our cruel behavior and for creating a crazy world governed by violence and hypocrisy.

We must eliminate this monster before it manages to destroy the human side of our conscience through craziness and despair. The elimination of the anti-conscience is the cure for masochism as well as for all behavioral abnormalities and mental illnesses.

When we eliminate the anti-conscience, we eliminate the roots of human absurdity forever. This is done through dream therapy. We learn how to transform the anti-conscience into a positive part of our human side, instead of being our worst enemy.

Follow my lessons and study the dream language so that you may understand the wise messages of the unconscious mind, which is your natural source for healing, in your own dreams. All dreams protect your sanity and help you develop your intelligence. You’ll never show abnormal behavior, but be always balanced and wise, when you select dream therapy.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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