Advice for Teens: Learn Why Love May Cause an Unexplained Depression Throughout Your Life

2075943147_0e1634ad94_mI’ve translated millions of dreams for many people. Most of the people I have translated the dreams for have psychological problems because they had serious deceptions in love, or because they have never found their perfect match. Love is the main cause of all mental illnesses because the wild side of our conscience (anti-conscience) uses love deceptions in order to destroy the human side of our conscience.

There are many people who suffer from an unexplained depression, without being able to understand why they feel this way. They believe they should be happy with the life they lead. However, what they consider as being the ideal conditions of life for them could be the opposite of what they believe.

I’ve seen too many people repress their feelings and try to get adapted to relationships that are far from being the ideal ones for them. They are afraid of facing rivals, or they are afraid of being slaves of the person they love. Therefore, they accept the wrong relationships, without looking for their perfect match.

This is a very big mistake, and its consequences are so disastrous that this mistake is responsible for many suicide attempts.

If you accept having a relationship with someone you don’t really love, you’ll be depressed and irritated for the rest of your life, without understanding what is so wrong with you. Even if you find the most wonderful husband or wife, if he is not your perfect match, you’ll never be happy.

When you find your perfect match you are always happy. This is something unique. You understand that you have the privilege of being with your soul mate when you meet him or her. You have no doubts that this is really the most ideal person for you.

Your heart will never accept a substitute, even if your mind wants to make such a mistake. Therefore, be very careful. I advise you to study dream interpretation according to the scientific method in order to find protection in the dream messages.

Wish I knew how to translate my dreams when I was a teen. I wouldn’t marry the wrong person, and I wouldn’t find my perfect match when I was already married, and he was already married too. My life biography is a thriller because I couldn’t live happily with my perfect match after meeting him. I would be hated by his children, and by my son. I was many years younger than him. He was my husband’s best customer. If I would have had a relationship with him, this would be a disaster for his family and for mine.

I was saved from schizophrenia because when I met my perfect match and I was in such situation, I was studying dream interpretation according to the method discovered by Carl Jung. I precisely followed the guidance of the unconscious mind. If I had not obeyed the guidance I was receiving in my dreams, I would have made many mistakes then and now.

I hope that you’ll be wise and take dream interpretation as seriously as I did, to save yourself from having tragic experiences in your life. The unconscious mind will help you find your perfect match when you are still young and free. You won’t be depressed like so many people in our world since you will have the privilege of living happily with the person you really love.


Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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