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Self-Mutilation End – How Dream Interpretation as a Science Will Help You Right Now

Self-mutilation is a very serious neurosis that can become a psychosis. The stages of a mental illness in the human brain follow a process that goes from:
1. Depression to
2. Neurosis,
3. Bipolar Disorder, or Hysteria, Dementia, Paranoia,
4. Psychosis,
5. Schizophrenia
All these different mental illnesses reflect in fact the same process of destruction of the human conscience by the wild anti-conscience, our evil [...]

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Stop Cutting Today Because You Already Have The Solution

Fortunately, I discovered the mysterious existence of the anti-conscience that Jung could not see, and this is why I am able to explain what happens to you when you abuse your body: each time you harm yourself you are dominated by the anti-conscience. It completely controls your behavior.

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How to Stop Mutilating Yourself and Find Peace

I’ve already showed you the roots of the human absurdity, and I explained what happens when you feel pleasure for mutilating yourself, besides showing you everything that you can do in this case, like talking to a friend, going to a hospital, tying your hands, drawing, writing, doing something else to keep you occupied during the crisis, until the absurd desire will completely disappear from your behavior, due to your resistance.

Now you only have to put my lessons into practice.

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Stop Cutting Yourself – Scientific Explanation for the Existence of the Tendency of Self-Mutilation

The anti-conscience is something which has no human feelings and is totally desperate, because it cannot find happiness. Therefore, it finds pleasure in terror and violence. This is a primitive self-defense: since it cannot find pleasure in what is good because nothing is ever good and there are always many horrors preventing happiness to exist for it, this primitive conscience finds pleasure in what is terrible.

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