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The Meaning of Dreams Scientifically Proved Thanks to Successful Therapies

Today you have the results of my long research. You have proof of the efficiency of the scientific method thanks to the many successful dream therapies carried on through my dynamic method, derived from Jung’s method. You have also Carl Jung’s discoveries before mine, and his successful psychotherapies giving you even greater proof that the scientific method really deciphers the hidden meaning of dreams. There is no doubt that our dreams have a tremendous healing power.

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Health Benefits of Dream Interpretation – Disease Prevention and Real Cures

Through dream translation we can diagnose strange diseases and understand their origin. Many unexplained symptoms are comprehended when we analyze our life biography in parallel with the meaning of our dreams because we discover what provokes them. We understand why we are sick and what we have to do in order to stop suffering.

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Physical and Mental Health – How to Find Happiness in Life

You have to study dream interpretation according to the scientific method and learn the dream language, so that you may be able to save your mental health from the anti-conscience’s attacks. You’ll acquire perfect mental health forever if you study and apply the dream wisdom you will be receiving. This is how you will also find physical health, peace, wisdom, love and happiness in life, because everything depends on your attitude.

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Alternative Medicine that Works for All Cases – Learn Why This is Possible

We can cure all diseases – either they have a psychological or a physical reason – if we cure the person’s mind. Our mental health is the most important thing of all, and its preservation is fundamental. We can also prevent all diseases if we translate our dreams, and we follow the unconscious guidance, without passing through pain and suffering with them.

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Cancer Cure through Dream Translation – Psychotherapy and Support in Your Dreams

A physical disease tries to prevent you from losing your mental health, which is more important for you than your physical health.

Of course, you need physical health too, and you will have it, but once you pay attention to what could provoke you a serious mental illness, and you transform your personality.

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Evolution Theory and the Cure of Diseases that Cannot Be Cured, Like Cancer

Diseases that have no cure, like cancer, can be miraculously cured if the patient follows the directions given to him or her in his dreams. Depending on his dedication, he will be able to overcome everything, understand why he had to pass through suffering, and how he can find peace, health and happiness.

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