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Dream Interpretation: Science and New Attitude To All Life Challenges

You learn how to control your behavior, without letting your primitive self dominate your thoughts and alter your attitude while you face all challenges of life. This means that you become a wise human being that is never dominated by anger, and that you build a really unique personality thanks to the development of your intelligence.

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How to Heal Your Body and Spirit while You Develop Mind Control

You’ll discover spiritual salvation after taming your wild nature and transforming it into human nature, besides discovering the sanctity of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams. This is how you are going to heal your spirit from wickedness, violence, immorality, cowardice and indifference.

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Real Mind Power Secrets – Attaining Complete Consciousness

You’ll learn how to pay attention to all the details of reality, while now you observe only 25% of reality’s content. This happens because you close your eyes to the aspects of reality that are against your psychological type. You have to learn how to be balanced and observe facts and characteristics that you usually don’t analyze in the environment where you are, and in the behavior of all the people around you.

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Do You Believe in Destiny? Future Predictions Based on Personality Traces and Dreams

The route of your life will allow you to test your capacities, and transform your personality, if you avoid the mistakes imposed by your one-sided psychological type.

You have to learn how to live peacefully and happily, by transforming your wild nature into a sensitive human nature.

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Mind Power – How to Control Your Behavior

People that have never cared about their psychical world are exposed to many dangers, without imagining how fragile their mental stability is. Depending on the stimuli of their environment, they could behave in a totally different way from what they usually do, and be induced to continue behaving this way each time they are in contact with the same stimuli.

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Mind Power – How to Influence Other People and Captivate Them

Your mind is not a toy, and you must be very careful when you lead with its content. Learn what exists inside yourself by translating your own dreams if you want to have a clear vision of the content of your mind, and at the same time, receive the safest and most effective psychotherapy you could ever have.

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