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Depression and Neurosis Treatment through Scientific Dream Interpretation – A Practical Lesson

Fortunately he is only depressed, and he can easily be cured by following dream therapy. But even if he was already neurotic, his treatment would still be quite simple if he would be a good student and patient.

Complications and delay appear only when the person already suffers from grave mental illnesses, like psychosis and schizophrenia, even though they can be cured through dream translation, the same way.

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How Does Psychotherapy Work and Which One is the Best for You?

The unconscious mind will analyze your case in detail, showing you exactly what provokes all your reactions, and how you can overcome each emotional and each social problem, besides helping you completely develop your atrophied intelligence. Your dreams will show you how to evaluate all aspects of reality, not only the ones you usually pay attention to, thereby opening your mind.

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How to Overcome Anxiety and Neurosis

You feel very anxious, and you accept the neurotic behavior, as if it was a relief for your anxiety. On the other hand, your neurosis provokes your anxiety, because it provokes a state of constant dissatisfaction and despair.

Get out of this repetitive circle and learn how to transform your personality, developing your intelligence.

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Can Neurosis Become Psychosis?

Neurosis can be easily cured in its first stages and even when it is almost becoming psychosis, if you seriously care about the meaning of your dreams, and you follow the unconscious’ guidance.

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How Does The Brain Work?

A brain is very complex, it has many different functions and each one works in a specific way. I cannot give you a general definition of the functionalism of the brain, but I’m going to give you a specific definition about the main functionalism of the human brain concerning our behavior.
The vision I have was [...]

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Homosexual Feelings in Men – The Cure for Homosexuality

He suffers because he accepts having sexual relationships with other men, while he could be a normal person and have a regular relationship with the woman he would love, create a family and be happy with her, like most men.

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