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How to Stop Dreaming When You Have Too Many Bad Dreams

Dreaming is a protective function of your organism, like the roar of your stomach when you are hungry. Too many bad dreams are alarms. They will stop only when you get out of the dangerous situation you are in.

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What Causes Dreams? What Do Dreams Mean?

What causes dreams is the human necessity of protection and guidance, because we inherit a very dangerous wild conscience that has to be tamed by our human side; otherwise it will destroy our humanity, and imprison us in the labyrinth of craziness, where all mental illnesses reside.

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Dream Analysis in Recovery from Addiction – Vivid Dreams

When someone is passing through a process of recovery from a certain addiction, their dreams are vivid and intense. This happens because their function is always protective. All dream messages try to protect the human conscience of the dreamer from their wild and primitive side, besides trying to cure them from mental illnesses already provoked [...]

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