The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation - Christina Sponias
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Dear Friend, 

I don’t know if you believe in the many testimonials you see on Internet sites. I don’t believe in any of them, because anyone can easily tell their friends to pretend that they are happy customers. You cannot really verify this information and even if you could, who could be bothered? 

However, they have great psychological power. This is the way marketers create an atmosphere of trust and confidence. Here are people who have tried and tested the product and like it so much they are willing to give it a great review. This makes you feel safe. 

You are the customer, the potential buyer. The marketer has to convince you that the product on sale really is good.  

I don’t like this marketing ploy and have no intention of sharing testimonials with my potential customers. I like truth and I don’t like pretending or toying with people.  

However, I can’t tell you that the testimonials you see on the Internet are not real. Even if they are real, the seller has had to bother people and ask them for their testimonial. And they are necessary to some degree. As a customer you like to read testimonials, you want the confidence of knowing that the product you are about to buy really works. 

As a consumer you are afraid of wasting your money. Will the product really perform? Will you be a satisfied customer? Are you paying too much? Is the transaction safe? Will you be able to get your money back if you are not satisfied? 

These questions and more come to mind because you don’t want to be cheated. You are tired of trying this and that and ending up disappointed. You don’t want to waste your time, but above all you don’t want to lose all hope.  

You have already fallen victim to schemes and scams and now you are afraid to trust. How can you get your courage back in the face of the frustration you’ve gone through? 

Email messages inundate your inbox and you don’t stop to read them because you are busy with your own problems and trying to sell your own products and nothing changes in your life.  

So, I understand that you need proof and reassurance before you are able to trust me with something as important as your psychological, mental and emotional health. 

I want you to know that what I’m telling you is really true. By interpreting your own dreams you’re going to feel better and be very happy that you trusted me. 

On average I write one article every day. That means I have already given you many lessons about dream interpretation and how the scientific method can help you in every aspect of your life. But you need to see how it works in practice. 

I can translate the dreams of my Greek friends, my son, and my son’s friends. My friends know I can do this because I continued Carl Jung’s research and can now interpret dreams better than he could. Everyone asks me to interpret their dreams.  

In fact, a have a huge collection of dream interpretations I can use as examples to show you. But these are the dreams of people I know. My relatives and friends whose lives I am familiar with. How would you know if the examples I’m showing you are real? How would you be able to check their veracity and know for sure if the information I’m giving you is true? 

And how can you find out if my ebook will really help you learn how to interpret your own dreams and improve your psychological, emotional and mental health? 

I could ask customers that have already bought my ebook Craziness Prevention to give me testimonials, because some testimonials are really true. But then I would have to bother them as I told you before and I don’t like to bother my customers - they are depressed people. I don’t want to bother them just to get testimonials from them so I can sell my ebooks.  

You may have noticed that my first ebook Courage is free to anyone without restriction. You don’t need even to give me your email address to get this gift from me. Courage is not just any ebook, it’s a talking ebook you can listen to every time you feel sad and you need courage to go on. It’s a free audio book that everyone can use, even blind people and other physically disabled people who cannot type their email address for whatever reason.  

I wish I could convert all my ebooks and articles to audio format, but that would be too expensive.  

My customers may be people who are desperate; who are in need of comfort and relief. I don’t want to bother them by asking them for their testimonials. 

I understand only too well about desperate people’s problems because I’ve helped many people in the most horrible situations. I helped them as a sister would help them, for no payment, and at much expense on my part to offer them material relief. I have helped them in every possible way, not just as a psychologist. 

Today, I sell ebooks on the internet, but my help is always free and I give free psychotherapy to everyone through my articles.  

I'm not a marketer. I sell these ebooks because I incurred expenses writing them in order to give you their precious content. They are excellent works, and they are low priced because I understand that most people don’t have a lot of money left after their everyday expenses. For many even the small cost of my ebooks seems like a lot. 

I didn't want to bother anyone, but I knew that you needed a testimonial in order to trust me… 

So what did I do? 

One of my customers took me up on my invitation to send me her dreams. Her many strange dreams were troubling her and I wanted to help her. 

First, I need to explain what it means to instantly interpret someone else’s dreams.  

I don’t know if you speak a foreign language. Perhaps you know a few sentences in Spanish or French and have tried translating them into English, or vice versa. If you’ve ever tried to do this, you know that it’s not easy to translate from one language to another. You have to find the right way to say things that express the meaning exactly. You can’t just translate literally. 

A professional translation entails a lot of work to convey the real meaning of the original text. But if someone is used to translating, it’s not that it’s hard to do, just that it takes time. 

Dream translation is exactly the same thing. You have to translate symbols in words. This job takes time. So, I asked my customer if she would compensate me for translating her dreams; to pay me for my time, and the compensation I asked for was permission to publish her dreams – anonymously of course – so that her example would show my customers that the scientific method of dream interpretation is worthwhile, and also to serve as an example so that others can learn how to interpret their dreams. 

Of course, I'm helping her interpret her dreams, so that she will be cured faster, but the knowledge I use is all in Craziness Prevention. 

Because of this, her testimonial is anonymous, but I believe that her example and the interpretation of her dreams have more value for you than a smiling face and a name…  

The messages you are going to see now haven’t been edited, so that you can see they are real, with their grammar and spelling mistakes, because this is how we write in our busy daily life. 

I'm not going to reveal her country of origin either, or other details of her biography that could possibly help someone identify her real identity. She is a free woman around 30 years old, who wanted her dreams interpreted because they are very vivid and very strange. 

Here are her dreams and my instant interpretation: 

1. I was working in really dirty film studio and i was dying to go to the toilet, once i eventually found them they were really dirty too and had no doors (a regular dream i have)  so my only choice was to pee in front of everyone. In this same sequence i lost my phone and my iPod and was devastated without them and also all the people at this job were really horrible to me... 

The dirty film studio where you were working is your own life and the life you present to others, but it’s not real, your life is a collection of films. You don’t live a real life. It’s dirty due to immorality. The dirt in your dreams signifies immorality. 

You wanted to go to the toilet, a place related to your sexuality and the toilets are dirty and have no doors, which means that everyone can see your sexuality, but you don’t feel comfortable with it.  

This is because you didn’t bow to the family rules and you got involved with drugs. You have a very big psychological and social problem. 

When you pee, you are freed from your fears, but not in a good way, since you are exposed to other people. Because this is a recurring dream it means that the unconscious keeps trying show you something very important that you have not understood.  

You want to enter the sexual arena because you are a free woman but it’s dirty because you left home when you were young.  

Perhaps this is something you know a little about, but you need to develop a real understanding of it, because understanding it will solve the biggest problem of your life. 

You have to accept yourself, accept your mistakes and forgive yourself. 

Losing your phone and iPod represents the fact that you have lost important possibilities. Everyone’s horrible to you where you work because other parts of your personality condemn your ego. The possibilities you lost out on were the opportunity to grow up as a regular woman with a normal life and marriage. The loss of these conventional things is a limitation in your life. 

With the knowledge you are going to acquire your unconscious is going to cure you. 

Life is difficult for everyone, everyone here faces a lot! But we cannot give up, because we are here to learn and to be transformed. And those who suffer learn much more than people that have a regular life without any pain.  

We all want to be happy, but happiness is not a simple matter. 

2: Me and my friends were held captive in a cave deep underground. i found an escape route but the only way to get to it was through another part of the cave covered with skulls and possibly cockroaches… as the dream continued the cave with the skulls became decorated like an apartment, painted walls and doors but it still had the skulls. The escape route also became clearer and i could eventually see light from a window ..but i still didn't escape because of the skulls. 

Whenever you go somewhere underground it represents your contact with the wild part of your conscience. Read about the anti-conscience in Craziness Prevention to understand what that really means. Your friends are parts of your personality. You found an escape route, but it was covered with skulls and cockroaches. This means that this was not a viable way out because many people died trying to get out this way – that’s what the skulls mean. The cockroaches represent people who are disgusting like them.  

The cave became an apartment to show you that this is part of you. Your apartment represents you, your home, your psyche. You cannot tell in the dream if this is your place, but since there is no indication to the contrary, then it probably is. In other words, you are just like the caveman you have inside you (your anti-conscience). You still cannot escape because you understand that the way out is not real, you are not going to escape from there, but die like those that became skulls. 

Since you’re underground, the real way out must be upwards. 

In general this dream means that you are dominated by the wild part of your conscience. In other words, you are overly influenced by the anti-conscience. 

3: I was a babysitter (a job i did for 5 years) for a beautiful little girl in a really rich family. i was always stealing food from them.Then i was in the sea at this sea side resort on a blow up chair ...but the sea was so dense that even if you went in the water you would stay afloat.

The baby-girl is also part of your personality. Other people in your dreams are always parts of your personality, except the person you love and except when you start seeing dreams that give you clear information about other people. Since you are at the beginning of your journey of dream interpretation, other people are basically parts of your personality. 

You are a babysitter because you have to take care of several immature parts of your personality. You steal food from the girl’s house because you take energy from the immature part of your personality, represented by the little girl. You want to be like her. 

However, you see the sea, and it is too dense. The sea represents craziness, because a lot of craziness has accumulated in the wild part of your human conscience. So, the sea is the unknown part of your personality, where many dangers are hidden. The sea is dense because your craziness is very profound. There is no doubt that you need psychotherapy. I’m going to help you and the unconscious is going to guide us.  

The real doctor is your unconscious that knows everything about you. I simply follow the guidance given by the unconscious in your dreams. 

I feel that I already know you very well, through your dreams.  

You’ll learn to interpret your dreams by yourself and everything in your life will change completely! You’ll pass bit by bit from depression to being positive. 

You’re already too affected by the anti-conscience. Don’t worry though, because you are in fact very lucky for finding me and my ebook. Other psychotherapists would not be able to help you, even if you had the money to pay them. But the unconscious can do the impossible. So you are safe.  

You have to face what is absurd and immoral so that you can understand the position you are in and either accept what is bad or eliminate it. That way you won’t feel so depressed and gradually you’ll develop your intelligence and the psychological functions of your personality that have stopped your human conscience from working. The absurd and immoral behavior comes not from your human conscience but from your anti-conscience. 

The anti-conscience is an animal, even though it can think. Its thoughts are the thoughts of a caveman. It’s ruining your psyche and your life, but you’ll find peace and freedom through dream interpretation and you’ll be able to transform this dangerous part of your conscience into a positive part of your human conscience. 

This is a process, but in the end you’ll feel grateful and you’ll find certain peace. I hope you’ll be a good student and a good patient. 

Using dream interpretation I’ve cured many people who suffered horrible problems. If you are a good student and follow the guidance of the unconscious mind, you’ll find your way and stop feeling so depressed. You’ll even find happiness in life! Even though today that seems like an impossible dream… 

I've suffered with very scary, anxious dreams in the past... for example when i was back living at home (the drug days) i always dreamt of having sex with my Dad ...this has always freaked me out but i'd love to know what you think.....

Your father represents your human conscience (which is also absurd – read the psychological types and you will see how absurd the human conscience in fact is) and the fact that you are making love with him means that you are connected strictly to your absurd human conscience.  

Besides the wild anti-conscience, even the human side of the human conscience is absurd. So, you identify yourself according to the absurdity of your psychological type. 

Read the psychological types and try to figure out which type you belong to.

4: i went to Rome to go shopping but once i saw the beautiful sea i decided to go and sunbathe instead. I changed into my bikini in this beautiful mansion but never made it to the sea because an old friend of my ex turned up and we were trying to decide to buy this strange metal house with five levels each one a different colour and completely old and rusty like as if it were a toy.I felt like this house was somewhere in asia.


Also the same night i dreamt i was in the London tube escaping from the ticket inspectors because i didn't get a ticket ..i also stole some magazines then i had the police after me.. also when i eventually found the right platform to escape there were no trains so i had to keep running.

What does Rome mean to you? In general it’s related to the past empire. Rome is a very important place. You were going to go shopping, which would have provided you tools to live better, but you saw the sea – which represents craziness and you decided to rest in the sun instead. This part shows you that you don’t have a serious attitude and you let craziness dominate you very easily. 

What significance does your ex’s the old friend hold for you? We understand the meaning that other people have in our dreams by what they bring to mind for us, what they represent for us. 

This toy house was probably how you were imagining yourself, since your house represents you, your psyche. In other words, you have false and childish impressions about yourself, since you were identifying yourself with this metal house – you would buy it and it would then represent your psyche – this is the analogy. We need to understand what this old friend means to interpret this part of the dream. 

Personal information - deleted 

Since it’s the friend of a boyfriend that you didn't love, but you used because you needed his company and support, his friend means that you’re exhibiting a similar behavior now. He is a part of your personality that is selfish.  

Putting everything together: you were about to behave in a crazy way (go to the sea), but instead of that you behaved in an immature way, choosing the toy house with the selfish part of your personality (your ex’s friend). In other words: you were about to make a very dangerous mistake that would’ve cost you your mental stability, but instead of that you made another mistake, that was not as dangerous.  

However, you didn't solve the problem. You still need to go shopping in Rome. You still need to acquire energy and power in Rome. 

Asia is a fantastic place, full of adventures. 

In summary this dream is showing you that you are a long way from being objective and close to being crazy. Your behavior is futile and inconsequential instead of addressing your problems.  

5: I was at my boyfriends apartment which is really beautiful. We'd just got back together and i was worried because i'd said my friend from a certain country (deleted) could come over and stay but i hadn't told him yet. Then i was driving a smart car in the dark on a mountain road  but my lights were not working and i was driving on the wrong side of the road… Obviously i had a lot of near misses and then i realised i was being chased by another car. My only escape was a restaurant i found on the road side. When i walked in i found my boyfriend sat down with my old friends from a certain country (deleted) but then my ex turned up and sat down with them... i was worried because i didn't want them to all slag me off together. I also kissed my ex boyfriend in the mouth to say hello but missed his mouth twice...i left, got back in the car and drove off to find the roads really narrow and even harder to drive on....

This dream shows you that you’re hiding something from your boyfriend that doesn’t seem important but that could be wrongly interpreted. For example, your boyfriend could think that this country of origin deleted friend was your lover and this is why you didn't mention that he would come. 

The person you love is interpreted in dreams as the real person, not as a part of your personality like the other people that appear in your dreams, even though they also have symbolic meaning.

Then you were driving a car on a mountain road. The mountain indicates that you have a battle to face; you have to work hard to reach the top. However, you are not well prepared to face all the challenges along the way. Your lights are not working because there are many important points that you are not paying attention to. You are in the darkness of your ignorance, you don’t realise the truth. 

Now, what does your ex boyfriend mean to you? We have to understand his significance to interpret the rest.  

Personal information - deleted 

Your ex boyfriend is that part of your personality that represents support for you, but support that is not entirely good, since he is only a substitute for the person you really love. You try to kiss him on the mouth because you agree with him, with his position, however something doesn’t really fit together and that’s why you miss his mouth. 

You had just got back together with your boyfriend, but instead of being with him, you are with a substitute for the person you love: your ex. You find him when trying to escape. Why? Because this is how you behave when you want to escape from a difficult situation: you use others. So, your unconscious is showing you that you may behave the same way with your current boyfriend.

Have you read about the psychological types and have you discovered your psychological type? If you determine what your psychological type is, we’ll understand more easily what your mistakes are.

I don’t know. Sometimes i think i am one, other times another…

Last night i dreamt that i was in my old apartment (the first place i bought). I was on my way to the airport to go on a job and i was already a bit behind schedule so quite anxious.   

Your old apartment is the old you. You were on your way to the airport because you were going to travel to another level of knowledge – that’s what the plane trip means. You were late because you’ve been procrastinating about this trip for a long time: you were not taking care of your psychological problems the way you should have been. 

My apartment only had one room but two entrance doors, one in the front which i used as a front door (i think as if it were leading out to where i live now which is much nicer, cleaner etc. than the old building) and the other door which was blocked by a single bed and supposedly locked and never used.

Your apartment only had one room because you are not well organized, otherwise it would have the normal divisions. Your apartment is you, your psyche. It’s probably connected to the place you live now because you have not changed much, you’re like you were when you used to live in the old apartment.  

The door blocked by the single bed indicates that there is something preventing you from knowing other parts of your psyche and this is related to your sexuality. The single bed indicates that you are not prepared for marriage. 

So, not being ready for a life with someone else is preventing you from seeing other parts of your personality that you are not using. This is very common: the parts of your personality that belong to the wild side of your conscience are not used by your human conscience. 

Anyway as i was checking everthing was closed and turned off before i left for my trip i also checked the back unused door... it was unlocked and led out to my old apartment’s courtyard which was disgusting, even the garbage bags which were lent on my door fell through into my apartment.

Since the back door was unlocked and led to your old apartment it represents a part of your personality that you sometimes use, but basically ignore. The dirty yard reflects your immorality, which is exposed, since the dirt is outside the house, in the yard. 

This part of the dream fits with your recurring dream, where the bathroom was dirty and didn't have any doors, like the film studio where you used to work.  

How is your sex life?  

Your dreams indicate that you are too vulnerable. 

Anyway i had to search quickly for the keys for this door to lock it... I did find many old keys, two old keys seemed to lock the door, one with a red stub and one with a green stub... neither of the keys locked the door so i eventually had to leave the door unlocked. Which really bothered me because i realised so many people had seen this operation ...finally i was so late to go to the airport that my colleagues came to get me.... 

You found the wrong keys to lock the door because you don’t have the right attitude in life. The color red means anger or excitement and the color green means life. You were trying to lock the door of your psyche with anger, excitement and life, a door that led to your immorality (the dirty yard). In other words, you were trying to keep your immorality at arm’s length while you were being erotic and wanting to live intensely. 

In the end you were unable to lock the door because the immoral part cannot be hidden and you could not reach a higher level of knowledge because you have not evolved sufficiently. 

All together this shows us clearly that you are not prepared to get married, you are a type that should live alone, in a single bed. Why? Because you are immoral. Why are you immoral? This is something that you have to tell me, because I don’t know you well enough. 

Perhaps you were too free after leaving your parents’ house, perhaps you were not only involved in drugs but also having relationships with men. Perhaps you don’t have the right attitude to be a married woman. 

The next few dreams will show us more. 

Try to interpret your dreams yourself and show me your interpretation, because I really don’t have time to interpret people’s dreams. Too many people ask me to interpret their dreams for them… 

I’m even thinking that perhaps I should give this option to those whose problems are serious and urgent: allow them to ask me to interpret their dreams for them, but if I did so they would have to pay me, the same way one pays for professional translations, which are very expensive! 

That’s another reason why everyone has to learn how to interpret their dreams themselves… My ebook is so cheap because I have a moral obligation to help everyone without caring about money. This ebook is really helpful for depressed and desperate people, but I can’t give my time to everyone even if I wanted to, because there is only one of me… 

Dream interpretation is very easy for me, but it takes a lot of time to read all the dreams people send me.  It takes still more time to translate them and offer guidance. 

If I asked people to pay me for translating their dreams they would have to pay me a small fortune and would get only a few dreams translated for their money. I would have to ask them for about 20 cents a word. That really adds up. But that’s how much my time is worth. And think about the responsibility I would have…. 

Perhaps I could make a book out of the dreams I interpret for others and sell the ebook so that I’ll make a profit out of this job. What do you think? 

Would you let me publish your dreams and your life story (without giving out your real identity of course – it would be completely anonymous)? 

I would use it to teach others about dream interpretation. If you do this I will give a free copy of the ebook as my gift to you and I will interpret your dreams for free. 

Well, that’s just an idea. Please, don’t think that I’ll use your dreams without your permission. I have more than enough dreams already from other people I have helped. They would give their permission for me to use their dreams because I have helped them a lot but I don’t want to ask them because I don’t want to take advantage of their friendship. So I’m asking you because you’ll get something tangible in the deal. You’ll get your dreams interpreted for free, plus a free copy of my ebook. 

Anyhow, I’m going to give it some thought and dash off for now. I shall ask my subscribers what they think about the idea. 

Please, let me know what you think too.  

Best regards, 



...I find myself in a classroom with other students and we have to do a makeup exam. We all hated the teacher and wanted to get rid of her.

The last student really over-exaggerated in her exam  using famous people and models therefore getting a round of applause and getting the best results.
:: The school represents that I’m a student and I’m learning what exists in my psyche, the exam means that i have to go through this important transformation but i think hating the teacher and wanting to get rid of her means that i want to change and become a better person.

Right! The school means that you are learning what exists in your psyche and all the people that appear in the dream are parts of your personality. 

Since you have an exam, it means that you have to pass through a very important transformation or to understand something very important that will expand your vision and make you wiser.  

This is not a regular exam however, but a makeup exam. The makeup hides your real face, which means that you have to learn how to behave socially. (Read about the persona to understand the significance of how you appear in a social setting.) 

Everybody hates the teacher because most parts of your personality don’t care for the way you behave in society. In other words, you prefer to be free and behave the way you want to, instead of paying attention to detail and hiding your feelings from others. 

The fact that you hide your feelings doesn’t mean that you’re a hypocrite, it means that you’re not willing to become somebody else’s victim. You don’t want people to manipulate you because they can see your feelings. (I remember you told me in your first email that your face reveals everything to people. You have to get better at not showing your vulnerability to others.) 

The last student was a part of your personality that understands the lesson: you must follow her. This part of the dream was positive, because it shows you that you have inside you the characteristics necessary to be a person who cares about the way you appear to the world. 

You must be careful and pay attention to what you show to others, precisely because others are usually bad and they may take advantage of your lack of control.

Then I’m in a restaurant in a really high tree house with a group of friends felt nice to be up there, not at all scary.
:: I think that this means that I’m trying to get to know and liking my human conscious.

The restaurant is a place where you get food, and food means energy. The tree represents life. However, the location of the restaurant is a little strange.  

It shows you that you’re going to find energy when you reach the apex of your life. What could that mean? It probably means that when you do something important it’ll give you life - happiness in life. 

However, the restaurant is too high, which means that it’s not where it would normally be, near the ground. This location is not good, because it is difficult for you to get there.  

So, the unconscious is showing you that, for you, happiness in life has to be in a high place, on a level that is too high and you cannot easily reach it. 

Your friends are the parts of your personality that believe that happiness in life has to be this way.  

I then have to go and find my brand new car but i realise that I’ve parked it in the main street where this huge procession of hooligan football supporters will soon be passing by. When i finally get to the area of the procession where my car is, i can’t even cross the road because there were so many guys and i was scared. Anyways i would never be able to get to my car and even if i did the road was now closed off. I was so scared that this part woke me up.
:: I’m not really sure about this part because i think the car is me or my life and it’s new so my new life, the way maybe i want it to be, but it gets stuck by other horrible parts of my personality (the hooligans) and I’m worried that it’s going to be destroyed and that it’s out of my control....
What do you think Christina?
I think this dream shows im trying to be better or to change but im still very scared. 

Your car is how you move in life, the way your life goes.

You will recognize the significance of it in Craziness Prevention where I define the taxi:  

“If you are in a taxi this is good because you are not the driver in your life, which means that you let the unconscious show you the correct route to psychic health. When you are the driver, you may make many mistakes following your selfish human conscience and the patterns of your psychological type. The car you are driving is your own life.” 

Your new car is the new direction your life is taking, thanks to interpreting your dreams, but you should not be the driver, you have to be led by a taxi. So, the dream shows you that you have to let the wise unconscious mind tell you how and where to go, instead of following your ignorant and absurd conscience. 

The hooligans are the parts of your personality that don’t agree with your psychotherapy and your obedience to the wise unconscious mind. 

You have to take another route. Leave your car there and follow your unconscious mind. 

It’s very good how you saw that you are a student and learning how to interpret your dreams. They will show you the way! 

To answer your questions, I’m around 30 years old (real age deleted) and i feel like I’m a bit trapped in Certain country (deleted) because i bought my apartment and it has taken me a long time to build up my career. (Personal information deleted)

Also you were right about my facial expressions...i’m like an open book... sometimes i feel like i should where sunglasses to hide some emotions. 

Last nights dream...
I broke into my friend’s house... the house was new and decorated all green, it had very high ceilings and as i broke into the top of the house i had to jump down to the floor but i jumped and fell in really slow motion almost breaking things but not.

:: The house represents me and i think that it was new, the way I’m trying to look at myself, and the fact that it was green, which means life, i think it was trying to say i should start to live... the jump in slow motion represents me going down into the unknown content of my psychic sphere but i was going in slow motion, it means that I’m in control of the speed I’m going into my unknown conscious. Unlike my usual dreams where i would be underground or where i fall really quickly.

My friend came home and had caught me in his house but he was happy to see me .. his hair had grown and he had thick blonde hair. We ate chocolates and his girlfriend told me not to eat too many as i would be sick.

:: Here i think if my friend caught me and was happy to see me means that I’m trying again to see myself with a new personality and his blonde hair represents new ideas, as he had thick blonde hair which means lots of new peaceful ideas. Which i think means that now I’m starting to feel a little bit more relaxed and less confused because I’m starting to understand my dreams which have always confused me or scared me .

I then find myself on a plane ...but there’s not a seat left for me… but anyway i make the journey… the reason i have to make the journey is to give my boyfriend 2 messages.(i forced myself to remember those messages but i cant remember) they were written on kitchen tissue.

:: The journey on the plane means that I’m reaching another psychic level but the journey was not comfortable because i didn’t have my own seat, so that means i'm not understanding fully this level or that it won't be an easy journey.

The 2 messages that i have to give to my boyfriend represent  2 = feelings but feelings written on tissue paper used to clean the kitchen. The kitchen represents a place where you prepare your actions so i think my feelings are written on paper that is used to clean up  food = energy, my mistakes or where my new ideas,  actions come from. Maybe this means that I’m starting to realise that I’m wasting a lot of energy for my boyfriend....

What do you think....?

I was thinking about your last dream. It is strange that you jump from the top of the house. You have to interpret this part of the dream the same way we interpret high, dangerous places. You could fall quickly and get hurt, but you fall slowly, so you didn’t realise the danger.  

In the beginning all our dreams show our mistakes and several misconceptions we have about life and everything else. Don't feel disappointed because you always see unpleasant dreams or because the interpretation of the dream is not as you would wish. In the beginning you have to learn what flaws your personality has and correct them.

Also, the plane trip is positive, but the fact that you didn't find a seat and that you were only travelling to give 2 messages to your boyfriend is not all that positive. 

His blond hair indicates futility and cruelty. Blond people are not humble and sweet, but too proud of their beauty. The message written on kitchen paper means that it is something very important and decisive. 

The chocolate is something that wipes out your pain – we give chocolate to a child for example to make it stop crying. You were eating chocolate to avoid the problems that bother you. Not a wise attitude… His girlfriend tells you not to eat too much because she is a part of your personality that can see your boyfriend’s mistakes, while you like to eat chocolate to forget about what makes you sad.  

Now, with the tips I have given you, you must interpret your dream again. By the way, this is how we interpret a dream completely when we have time (sometimes we have too many dreams to interpret and we don't examine the minute details, but the details reveal a lot). We have to make a first interpretation and then go back and examine the details afterwards. After the first analysis, our second interpretation is much better. 

Dream interpretation is a translation from images to words. The unconscious mind uses several icons and symbols to tell us many important things without using words. It makes comparisons, it shows what is absurd so that we may understand what is logical and sensible, etc. 

Here is a very simple example of a dream that uses comparisons: The woman who had this dream is my son’s friend. 

In her dream she saw many important and well dressed men in a parade with several children following after them. It was a military parade. After that she saw a crowd of men all together playing with their penis.  

What was her unconscious showing her? That the supposedly respectable men are like all men in fact: they only care for sex. She was being naïve in her beliefs and that’s why her unconscious showed her two scenes that would reveal to her what she was not perceiving.  

So, keep taking notes of your dreams and try to guess what the unconscious mind is trying to show you with images.  

Thanks for helping me out on that one confuses me a bit and I’m not quite sure where to go with it..apart from that i thought it was quite positive instead it is not. Also i haven’t been able to concentrate too much on that dream because i had another one that I’m desperate to tell you...

I go to see an apartment to rent… with a group of people. The apartment is again a one room apartment but completely unlivable, more like a warehouse. I try to look on the bright side and decide to take the apartment but obviously realising that there was a lot of work to do on it. There was a woman with her cat whom she played with a lot and the cat dribbled a lot, I think because he was enjoying himself.

:: So the apartment is me, again one room, dark, dirty and
unlivable=my immorality, but i think because I’m positive to make it better it means I’m trying to make things better in my own life. The woman with her cat… I’m not sure about but i know the cat means that i should smarten up. Then i started the building work in the apartment, starting with the flooring. There was a dead guy on the floor and i just decided for him to be covered over by the stones they were using to fix the floor. (so i was going to bury him) i walk over just to have a look at him, i look at his face and he slowly opens his eyes!!! Which were an amazing emerald green colour and he was beautiful and dark skinned, he took off his hat and he had beautiful brown curly hair too. We just gazed at each other and fell in love. I havent really understood the meaning of the dead guy..also the meaning you give in your ebook is a little complex so i don’t understand....

The part where you find a dead guy on the floor means that you find your dead soulmate (animus) on the floor. Read about the animus, the ideal man for you. This part of the dream cannot be interpreted in the same way we usually interpret dead people in our dreams, because this is the animus, the person you love. The person you love is not a part of your personality in the same way as other people that appear in your dreams, so the information you receive about them is related to them and not to you.

It was very positive that he awoke and you fell in love. It means that you will finally discover your soulmate, because the boyfriend you have is not the right person for you. This is the general meaning I see in your dreams, from everything I have understood.

The general picture I have is that you are not happy and you don't know what to do in life. You need to rediscover joy, to feel loved, in other words, you need a new life. The unconscious will show you how to develop your personality and find the right person for you, fix everything in your life and feel happy.

It takes some time, but you’ll get there if you are a good student and a good patient. Everyone is cured through dream interpretation, even those that don't pay attention to the dream messages and only care about their dreams when they have problems. They can be helped too, even if they only use dream interpretation in the hard moments of their lives and stop caring about their dreams later. 

However, this is not a smart attitude, because the more you care, the more you receive from the unconscious mind.

It’s very good that you have the discipline to write down your dreams!

...Thanks Christina....
I imagined that was the case about that dream. What you wrote about me is exactly right too.

The part where you fall off the roof of the house means that you’re going to be greatly deceived, because you’re falling from a high place. You don't fall suddenly because you have the protection of your dreams, since you’re interpreting them and slowly learning what is happening to you and to your life; you are seeing your mistakes, so you won’t suddenly have to confront some unanticipated problem, you are already prepared because you are seeing that your life is not good, your decisions are not correct, etc.

I believe this dream shows you clearly that you are going to be deceived in a big way by your boyfriend, which fits with the previous dream: you had to travel by plane to tell him only two things: like "good bye" and "leave me alone". Something like that... And then find a seat on the plane, to get to another level of knowledge.

Think about that.

The woman with the cat is the part of your personality that is not paying attention to several serious things. You are playing with the cat instead of being serious. The cat is the smart part of you that must take action.

The next dreams will tell us more!

        Hi Christina

Thanks for your reply ...i've had an awful week and I’ve found it hard to remember my dreams because I’ve been working and waking up early.

Personal information - deleted

Last night’s dream was me and my daughter in a house that was on a mountain and it was open without any windows which made me feel nervous... all i can remember is that we were taking a shower and we had to decide where to stay (in whose house) my exe’s house or my friend’s, i don’t think my boyfriend was an option.

P.S ...i’ve been listening to peoples dreams and secretly understood roughly what their meaning’s so interesting.

It’s really nice to know the meaning dreams - later you’ll understand the meaning of everything that’s happening to you and everyone else, because everything can be interpreted like dreams and give you information. 

I very much liked the books that Jung wrote about the psychological types (there is a summary of the psychological types in Craziness Prevention) and after that I tried to discover which psychological type everyone I knew belonged to; that really helped me understand how they thought and how they behaved.

You are only just beginning to discover the treasure that exists in our psyche: the wise unconscious mind that knows everything and shows us everything we’re missing. In a while you’ll feel far superior from everyone you know, with all the knowledge you’ll acquire.

Now, let’s examine your dream:

Last night’s dream was me and my daughter in a house that was on a mountain and it was open without any windows which made me feel nervous... all i can remember is that we were taking a shower and we had to decide where to stay (in whose house) my exe’s house or my friend’s, i don’t think my boyfriend was an option. 

Your daughter refers to an illegitimate child. Since she is a girl, she signifies futility. The house on a mountain is you, in a place where you have to show courage. However, the house didn't have windows but was open. This part of the dream is similar to the recurring dream where the bathroom is open. It shows that you’re not protected against other people’s attacks.  

The fact that you were taking a shower means that you were trying to clean and wipe out your sins with your daughter, who represents a big sin.  

You had to decide where to stay because you are not happy with your life the way it is and not happy with your boyfriend. If you decide to go to your ex’s house it means that you’ll behave the same way now that you behaved with him then. If you go to your friend’s house, you may behave differently (better) using the positive parts of your personality. 

......Hi Christina.
Sorry i didn't respond any earlier. This week I’ve been working and i haven't been able to remember my dreams very well.
Personal information - deleted I got 3 white hairs in one week for all the stress I’ve been trying to keep under control.
Speak to you soon .. 

       Personal Information deleted –

even though it confirmed the unconscious’ warnings. 

Your dreams are showing you that you’re not protected from other people’s attacks and your sexuality is not protected either. You have to develop other parts of your personality and become smarter, so that you’ll be able to control your behavior, and find the right person for you. 

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