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The Meaning Behind Dreams

When you translate dreams using the scientific method of dream interpretation you will see how dreams reveal both what is happening inside your mind, and also in the world outside concerning people in your life and how their behavior impacts you.

You will develop a third eye, and learn about the other side of reality, where reality is prepared before it happens, the same way that all organisms are prepared to survive on Earth even before they start life on our planet. Inherited behavioral programs allow living organisms to automatically adopt the best reaction in response to the various stimuli of their environment.

Since things are designed to happen according to certain physical laws, we can learn what will happen in the future, before it happens. Think of it as similar to forecasting the weather; you analyze conditions that already exist elsewhere and then you can determine what will happen in another location.   

We can alter the course of negative future developments if we can foresee them and instead prepare the positive future development we desire.

The meaning behind your dreams will show you first of all that you have a wild side and that you have to tame it and transform it into a human if you want to become balanced and find happiness in life.

If you don’t care about your dangerous wild side, you may succumb to a life of depression and even contemplate committing suicide. Or you may fall into an advanced stage of mental illness where psychotherapy and recovery will be nothing short of miraculous.

On the other hand, if you are mature and intelligent, and seriously study the meaning of your dreams, and care about transforming your personality as well as developing your intelligence, you will live peacefully and attain wisdom.

Everything depends on your attitude.

The Exact Meaning of Each Detail of Your Dreams

The scientific method of dream interpretation, discovered by psychiatrist Carl Jung at the end of the last century, is the only correct method, as I prove in my work. I continued his dangerous research into the unknown region of the human psyche and brain.

I greatly simplified his method, and discovered the meaning of many more dream symbols through my work of translating people’s dreams over the last 19 years.

Today you have the privilege of simply being able to learn how to translate your dreams by transforming the dream images into words.

This is exactly what you do when you translate the meaning of your dreams: you give a definition to each image that appears in them, but this definition is not based on your opinion, it is based on the discovery of the image’s real meaning, deduced over time by analyzing its appearance in many other dreams.

The discovery of the meaning of the dream symbols was  work that took many years because it was based on comparing and analyzing thousands of dreams.

Today you can simply learn how to exchange dream symbols with words, since their meaning has already been discovered, and you can easily understand the meaning of every detail in your dream.  

The General Meaning of a Dream Collection or Dream Analysis

Today you can also easily understand the meaning of a collection or series of dreams by reading and translating the basic dream symbols that appear in each dream within the collection.

This collection can be made up of dreams over a period of time of two or three months or more.

This is called dream analysis, where you compare one dream with another, analyzing the general meaning of the dream collection, which is much more important than the meaning of each separate dream.

The real analysis is done with a large collection of dreams. As the dream translator automatically translates the most important dream symbols that appear in each dream, they understand the basic meaning of each dream as well as the general meaning of all the dream messages together.

There is a sequence in the dream messages, because they are like chapters of a book or episodes in a series. So, if you are able to follow all the episodes at once, you will see the general intention of the unconscious mind by sending you all these dreams over a certain period of time.

This is a real revelation! You will discover many things about yourself, your life and your future by using dream analysis to  find the general meaning of the precious information given to you in your dreams.

The Basic and General Meaning of Your Dreams

You can get a general idea of the meaning of your dreams by a simple dream interpretation without a detailed translation. In other words, there is no need to go into long explanations about how symbolic meanings were discovered, nor is it necessary to provide a lot of detail about your life and your biography.

If you are simply curious about the meaning of your dreams  you only need to understand the unconscious’ messages; you don’t need to learn how the information was translated.

However, if you are in a difficult or serious situation, it is necessary to translate every detail of your dream precisely. You need to look not just at the general meaning but at the significance of details such as the appearance of people you know in your dreams and every object that appears. This will help you reach a much better understanding of your situation and see clearly what the solution needs to be to keep you out  of danger.

A specific and detailed dream translation is like a translation from one language to another.

Some people need it, while other people can be helped just by knowing the general meaning of their dreams, without analyzing too many details.

Everything depends on your needs and your circumstances.  

The Basic and General Meaning of Everyone’s Dreams

Some people believe that they will have visions about the future and become rich, other people believe that their dreams are full of nice and interesting messages about fascinating discoveries and funny adventures, and other people have similar frivolous ideas, but these are far from the basic and general meaning of everyone’s dreams.

Dream interpretation has being distorted by many false methods of interpretation for many years to the point that nobody believes our dreams are a serious and objective resource of real and valuable information.

Most dreams reflect the mistakes made by the dreamer under the influence of the worst parts of their personality. Dream messages are warnings about future negative developments because you are not being careful enough in areas of your life. They can also be premonitions about bad intentions that other people have and their future consequences, etc.

Your dreams protect you from what is bad, dangerous, and absurd, and from events that can ruin your life and the lives of all the people who depend on you. This is their basic function, because their main purpose is to preserve your mental health, and help you develop the positive characteristics of your personality.

Dreams provide you the guidance and advice of your unconscious and give you many important lessons about things in your life.

You have to be a good student and learn what the unconscious mind is teaching you in your dreams everyday, so that you can be transformed and live free of the constant threaten of the anti-conscience, your wild side, that wants to imprison your human conscience in the labyrinth of craziness and control your behavior.

Therefore, look at your dreams with the attitude of a humble student, ready to learn and ready to be transformed into a perfect and wise human being.

The reason we all have dreams in the first place is to help us with the transformation of our wild side into a human, so that we may live peacefully and therefore happily. There is no happiness around violence and terror.

Man has to learn how to become really human, calm, balanced, wise, sincere and sensitive, in order to live happily forever.



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