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Professional Dream Translation

Scientific Dream Interpretation Using Professional Translation Techniques

The science behind professional dream interpretation involves actual translation of your dream messages, just like translation from one language to another. The difference is with dreams we are not translating literally so there is not a direct correlation between the number of words spoken in the dream and the number of words that are translated.

In dreams, symbols convey many things to us at once. So the words in your dreams don’t necessarily convey the information we are looking for. What I translate are the images and scenes in the dreams, not the words. A professional dream translator has to interpret the symbology and the different parts of the dream, and unravel their meaning, not translate the dream word for word.

Not only that, but a dream translator has to learn the dreamer’s life story to understand the dream and translate it accurately.

Even a short dream can yield two pages of translation to expose all the details of the dream to the dreamer. It requires time and concentration to prepare this translation responsibly. That expertise costs money!

If you suffer from a serious psychological or physical disorder that can’t be cured, you need the help of your unconscious mind to find your cure. Your dreams hold the key to your unconscious. Perhaps you don’t have time to study dream interpretation on you own, or maybe you are not inclined to do it yourself. I can interpret your dreams for you and reveal their meaning, but you must also accept the psychotherapy I offer you when I translate them.

Therapy is good for everyone and it can help you even if it can’t help you get everything you might want. Everything depends on the cooperation of you, the patient! If you don’t write down your dreams for me to interpret them, and if you don’t follow the guidance I give you, I can’t help you.

So, if you want to cure a serious psychological or physical issue and you need the help of your wise unconscious mind, send me your dreams and I will interpret them for you. You will also receive my personal psychotherapy tailored especially for you.

Your unconscious mind is the real doctor. I can merely help you understand the guidance it is giving you. I urge you to act on what it is telling you. The psychotherapy I give you will explain what your unconscious is advising you to do with your life.

You can have complete trust in the guidance you receive in your dreams from your unconscious mind. Your wild anti-conscience tries to control your behavior and dominate your mind. The unconscious is pure and always tries to save your human side from the attacks of the wild anti-conscience. It is your protector and savior.

I don’t charge what a professional linguist charges for translation. I don’t count words like a translator.

My fee is €0.12 per word (or $0.19 US). Included in this fee I will read and study your biography for free. You only pay for the interpretation you receive as a result of this study.

I will give you a quote based on word count and if you agree to the price I will translate your dreams for you.

I must warn you though that one dream alone doesn’t tell us much. We need a series of dreams to understand what is happening to you and how to cure you. So you will have to send me many dreams to be translated if you want your psychotherapy to be complete.

If the quote is too high, you are welcome to purchase Dream Interpretation as a Science and try to interpret your own dreams.

Please, pay attention to the following details:

1. Your biography is very important. Write down the most important things about you and your life.

2. If you remember what had happened with you the previous day before you saw the dream you are sending for interpretation, tell me what your remember.

3. All the people that appear in your dreams are parts of your personality. Please, characterize each one according to your opinion, telling me what you think of each person that you see in your dreams.

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