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Dream Research – How a Literature Writer Became a Psychiatrist and Psychologist t

Dream Research –
How a Literature Writer Became a Psychiatrist and Psychologist

My occupation with the meaning of my dreams began in 1978, when I was 17 years old and I started having strange dreams, just before going to the United States in order to study there for six months.

In California I read Sigmund Freud´s book about the meaning of dreams. I borrowed it from the library at Pacific Beach. We didn´t have the internet at that time…

Freud´s theory was very interesting, but could not be applied to any kind of dream. He believed that our dreams are wish fulfillments. We see in our dreams what we would like to see happening in our daily reality.

Often this interpretation fits with some dreams or with parts of certain dreams. It seems to offer a very good explanation for what the dreamer sees, however it doesn´t explain everything we see in dreams and it doesn´t apply to every kind of dream. There are many dreams that just don´t make sense if we interpret them as a wish fulfillment.

Freud supposed that the dreams would give a certain amount of relief to the dreamer as if by seeing their wishes fulfilled in a dream they would feel better. However, this is not the truth. The dreamer doesn´t feel better when he or she is hungry and they see bread in a dream, because the dream reminds them of their hunger, it doesn´t feed them. So, his theory was wrong, and is only effective for certain kinds of dreams.

When I decided to live in Athens, Greece, I was a very nervous person, so I studied all existing methods of dream interpretation. I didn´t want to abandon Brazil, my country, but the situation there was very difficult; we had no safety at all. So, I decided to live in Europe, near my family.

I needed to calm down and find answers to a great many questions… I bought numerous books about psychology and started following all the different methods. I also bought books about many other scientific subjects, like biology and astronomy.

I wanted to discover the truth about everything…

Adler believed that a person´s ego and its compulsion to be always on top was responsible for all abnormal behavior observed in human beings. He interpreted a few dreams, always putting emphasis on the selfishness of the dreamer.

While Freud was always looking for signs of hidden sexual tendencies, Adler was always looking for proof that human beings only care about being in the center of their social environment and fulfilling their desires.

I read what many other psychologists wrote about the interpretation of dreams, like Erick Fromm and Pearls, however only Carl Jung seemed to have discovered a method that could be applied to every kind of dream.

By precisely following Jung´s psychology and method of dream interpretation, I realized that he had truly discovered the correct way to translate dream symbols.

In February of 1988 I started writing a book with the intention of proving to the world that only Carl Jung had discovered the most accurate method of dream interpretation.

I discovered the meaning of many dream symbols that Jung could not explain by analyzing the dream symbols contained in my own literature. After suffering a terrible car accident when I was 15 years old, I started writing a very strange romance about a beggar who wanted to bring peace and abundance to Earth, but was completely revolted with the humanity in its entirety.

This literary work was full of archetypes: dream symbols that appear in dreams, artistic and religious manifestations of all civilizations of human history. These symbols are very important and I tried to decipher their meaning when I learned Jung´s explanations about them. Then, I realized that the book I had written had two different meanings, depending on the interpretation of the symbolism, as well as its literary meaning. I, the writer, never imagined that my book could be so rich in symbolism… The unconscious mind that produces our dreams also gives us inspiration for our artistic works, and this is why my romance reflected what the unconscious mind wanted to show me, in a symbolic form.

I related many scientific discoveries that happened after Jung´s death to his discoveries and used this knowledge to prove in my book that his method of dream interpretation was correct. Ultimately, however, I had to disagree with his final conclusions, and follow my own path.

I continued the research he abandoned into the unknown region of the psyche through dream interpretation, discovering the wild side of the human conscience, which is primitive, violent and evil. This is the anti-conscience, our animal side, which provokes craziness to the human side of our conscience in order to destroy it completely and control our behavior.

Instead of finishing the book I was writing about the meaning of dreams, I had to learn how to fight craziness, despair, suicide, terror, violence, immorality and many other horrors, with the help of the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams.

The unconscious mind gives us our humanity, trying to protect us from the attacks of the anti-conscience.

In 1990 I started helping many people by translating their dreams and providing them psychotherapy.

After 19 years of research, studies, cures and many real experiences fighting against schizophrenia, psychosis, neurosis, depression and other mental illnesses, I now offer accurate dream translation that immediately reveals to you the meaning of any kind of dream.

I teach you clearly how to use the information you have in dream messages in order to solve all your problems, and overcome all mental illnesses.

This is how you are going to find health, wisdom, peace, love and happiness in life.



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