The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation - Christina Sponias
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Dream Interpretation as a Science
Dear Friend:

You’ll see practical examples of dream interpretation in action and how accurately translating your dreams, using the scientific method of dream interpretation, really helps you successfully solve all the problems in your life.

I make it easy for you to learn how to translate your own dreams, as well as other people’s dreams, and become a professional dream translator like me. You may even become a better dream translator than me, after learning everything I know, if you are more talented than me.

There is no chance that you won’t be able to learn the language of dreams, and how to translate dreams after you read Dream Interpretation as a Science. This eBook shows you the meaning of dream symbols and how the unconscious mind that produces them cures your mental and emotional problems.

In Craziness Prevention you get a glossary of the meanings of the most important dream symbols and a summary of the gigantic body of work by Carl Jung regarding the Psychological Types. You’ll see the relationship that exists between dream interpretation and the development of your psychological functions, and why this process makes you stronger and more intelligent.

This book gives you tools to fight against depression, neurosis and all existing mental illnesses: it teaches you how to follow the wise guidance you receive in your dreams.

In Dream Interpretation as a Science, the eBook I wrote for you after my summer internet offer (2008) of free professional dream translation and psychotherapy, you’ll see examples of multiple dreams from many different people from different countries. These people anonymously provided details of their real life biographies. These details are vital clues if we want to translate a dream properly. (This means that you’ll also be able to verify that these dreams come from many real people, and you’ll see their responses).

You’ll learn how to translate your own dreams and how to follow the free and safe psychotherapy provided to you by the wise unconscious mind through dream messages. You will also learn how you can help other people with this knowledge, protect yourself from their bad intentions, identify your soulmate, and more.

You’ll understand that this ebook is really spectacular and it should cost a fortune because it gives you such precious knowledge! However, it is low priced because this knowledge is too precious to be limited only to the people that could afford to pay for its real value.

This eBook is a real documentary! This is the first time in the history of mankind that such a big collection of dreams has been presented to the world – a collection that includes biographical details of the dreamers and the real treatments they received through the translation of their dreams.

The wonderful Internet, and the possibility one has to really hide their identity, lost in the vast space where people from all countries are in constant communication, allowed me the opportunity to collect many examples from many people. These people agreed to let me publish a few details about their biography along with their dreams (anonymously), so that I can really teach you exactly how to translate your, and other people’s dreams.

Without insight into the life of the dreamer, the translation is vague and has no real meaning. You cannot really understand what the dream is talking about.

However, psychiatrists and psychologists who write books about dream interpretation don’t usually have the right to publish anything about the lives of the dreamers, even when they publish their dreams. It is very hard to follow or understand someone’s dreams if you don’t know anything about them.

This is the first time that there has been a scientific eBook full of dreams and scientific translations, together with details of the dreamers’ lives. You have the privilege of looking into the mind of the dreamers and truly seeing their dreams in the context of their life. This work is really helpful and completely original.

First of all, the only correct method of dream of interpretation is the scientific method discovered by psychiatrist Carl Jung, and simplified by me, who continued his dangerous research in the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. I have refined this method. So, after reading Dream Interpretation as a Science and Craziness Prevention, your bonus, you’ll understand that what other psychologists or dream interpreters have told you about dream interpretation is simply not so.

You’ll be able to see in practice how translations using the scientific method are really accurate and how much their messages really help each dreamer.

You have proof! And I’m even giving you a big sample of Dream Interpretation as a Science, entirely free of charge. This sample is so big that it is like a whole eBook for free. You will get 5 free chapters full of dream translations along with my lessons. When you feel that you are really acquiring precious knowledge with my eBook and you feel safe enough to purchase Dream Interpretation as a Science, you will receive Craziness Prevention as a bonus.

In the free sample of this eBook, you’ll learn how to translate short dreams. Some dreamers don’t send me responses after I translate their dreams, other times they not only acknowledge my translation but they send me even more dreams. This collection of dreams stands by itself. It is simply an introduction to dream language. In the rest of the eBook you will receive countless more examples of dreams that will help you really learn the craft.

Dream Interpretation as a Science uses countless examples of dreams, biographies, translations and explanations to illustrate the technique. This really is the ultimate handbook for dream translation!

You’ll have a basic understanding of the meaning of symbols with respect to your dreams, your behavior and your brain when you read Craziness Prevention. This is an important eBook because it gives you a thorough understanding of how to use the free and safe psychotherapy that you receive in dreams from the wise, unconscious mind.

Get your copy of the free version of Dream Interpretation as a Science, which teaches you how to identify the most important parts of a dream, how to translate the symbols used in the dream and relate them to the dreamer’s life.

After these basic lessons, the full version will teach you how to translate long and complex dreams, how to recognize mental illnesses by analyzing a dream, how to cure people that suffer from depression and more serious mental illnesses using treatment through dream interpretation. You’ll also learn how to translate complex dreams about love matters with a dreamer who has psychological problems, and much more!

Your Bonus:
Craziness Prevention - Free and Safe Psychotherapy through Dream Interpretation

  1. Are you overly nervous and suffer from anxiety?
  2. Do you feel totally insecure and lack confidence?
  3. Are you tortured by strange thoughts and feelings that you do not understand?
  4. Are you afraid that you may be in danger of losing your mental stability?
  5. Does it sometimes appear as if you do not have control over your behavior?
  6. Are you afraid you may never overcome your feelings of depression?
  7. Are you tired of expensive, outdated therapy that does not work for you?
If your answer is “yes” to any of the questions above, you are not the only one. Many people suffer from similar problems. Fortunately, I have the techniques that can help unlock the potential in you to cure yourself.

The science and art of dream interpretation

Dreams are not random occurrences, but are meaningful and are driven by your unconscious mind. The human mind has three parts: the conscious, anti-conscious and unconscious. The unconscious mind, about which so little is known, is a repository of hidden information about you. Dreams contain powerful messages about your personality, problems and their possible solutions.

The unconscious sends you several images through your dreams, giving you messages in a symbolic way. Instead of using the speech we are accustomed to, the unconscious uses symbols to communicate. If you learn how to translate the meaning of each symbol, you can understand the messages.

The unconscious reveals the following facts:
  1. The state of your present life—how and why you live the way you do now.
  2. Your past—your traumas, complexes that started to alter your behavior and their causes, your impressions and conclusions that were incorrect.
  3. What will your future be like—how the present situations will develop in the future and how they will impact you.
  4. Personality traits of other people and those of yourself.
  5. How you can develop all psychological functions and become more intelligent and attain wisdom.
  6. How you can live peacefully and happily and help others be happy.
The unconscious mind is like a doctor and teacher and if listened to carefully, it can provide you with all the inputs for you to lead an intelligent and happy life.

The wise unconscious reveals when you are right and when you are wrong. It also gives you several signs to help you discover where to look for what you need and shows you how things would be if you would do what is wrong, so that you may understand what is right.

By interpreting these messages, you can defeat depression and prevent craziness and suicidal thoughts. Dream interpretation can also help you triumph over physical diseases with emotional origins that cannot be cured by any other method.

Click Here for a Free Sample. (86 Pages!)

My story

I was just like you a long time ago, when I started seeking help for my own depression. My son was an infant, my mother-in-law had just passed away and my father-in-law was living with us. I had to cook and maintain our home for everyone and I was a totally inexperienced housewife.

I was irritated all the time and was totally devastated when I lost both my mother–in-law, who was an angel, and my beloved cousin, who was only 18 years old, within a short period of time.

Everything was horrible and I plummeted into the depths of depression. I was afraid of the future. The only good thing in my life was my baby. However, even what was good in my life reminded me of pain. I was pained that my mother-in-law passed away without seeing her grandchild she was so eagerly waiting to see.

I wondered if I was going crazy. I was always afraid of craziness, because my father had been schizophrenic. When I experienced other tragedies in my life I became even more fearful of it.

I couldn’t understand what was happening in my life.

I needed help. I could not pay for treatment with a psychotherapist at that time, so I looked for my own solutions. I wanted to understand how I could help myself without going to a therapist for an indefinite length of time and paying a fortune for treatment.

I went back to reading books on psychology. Years before, I had read Freud’s book about the meaning of our dreams and learnt that dreams had a powerful message. I also studied the works of Carl Jung and other world-renowned experts. I learnt that all psychologists give great importance to the meaning of our dreams. Since I had experienced many strange dreams, I wondered if knowing more about my dreams could help me find solutions to my problems, when things were not going my way.

The solution to my problems: Dream Interpretation

The more I studied my dreams, the more I got the feeling that dreams held the key to my life. I gradually evolved my own techniques for dream interpretation.

By learning how to interpret dreams, I also developed the ability to sometimes predict the future and be prepared to either face the reality or change it beforehand. During my research in dream interpretation, I understood why people suffer and how we all can find happiness.

Discovering Health, Peace and Happiness

As I continued with my research in dream interpretation and I applied my findings in my own life, I found that my physical, mental and emotional health were progressively improving.

Because I interpreted my dreams, I could cure myself of all my mental ills by obeying the directions I received from the helpful unconscious wisdom that produces all our dreams.

Spreading the knowledge

Over time, I realized that the knowledge I had acquired and the techniques I had evolved could be put to use for the benefit of others. I started advising people on overcoming their problems using my techniques of dream interpretation and found considerable success.

Using my methods, you can discover and enjoy your true self too! You will understand how to lead a happy life instead of being afflicted with depression and other psychological problems. The happy result of my arduous research provides you with a roadmap, which you can follow in order to improve your life.

I am one hundred percent confident that if you are depressed, desperate or in the grip of any emotional problem, you will find relief and support!

My e-book “Craziness Prevention”

I have condensed my years of research into an easy to read e-book with a practical approach to dream interpretation in a completely safe manner. Following the solutions outlined in “Craziness Prevention”, you will discover the way to lead a balanced and consequently happy life.

Many people get offended by the word “craziness.” However, craziness is the main characteristic of the human psychic sphere. The human being is much more violent and absurd than sensible and sensitive. From a psychological perspective, almost all human beings are “crazy” at different times and in varying degrees.

I have interpreted the symbolic language of the unconscious and have provided you a glossary of the same in the e-book. This is an advanced attitude for scientific dream interpretation. Jung would never have been able to provide you with this glossary with the knowledge he had, since he stopped the research in the unknown region of the psychic sphere at a certain place, whereas I continued it to the end.

This is why I can say with certainty what each symbol means, and give you a very well-defined and clear translation. For Carl Jung, there were many obscure and confusing points, while for me nothing is dark or unexplainable.

I was very lucky because I found his work ready and I only had to continue from the point where he had stopped. You are very lucky too, because you can receive today all this knowledge very easily in “Craziness Prevention” and start interpreting your dreams successfully right now!

I wrote the book that I needed to read. I am confident that this book will take you on a path to a better emotional health and wellness in a way that’s easy and safe.

Key benefits from the book

The key benefits of practicing my techniques detailed in “Craziness Prevention” are as follows.
  1. Take control of your behavior.

    1. You will be able to control your anger and fear, and hence view your life situations in a calm and balanced manner.
    2. You will feel safe and secure, and know what to say and do in any situation.
    3. You will be able to reach higher positions in work and your community, because people will trust and respect you.
  2. Predict the future and change what appears negative

    By continual training, you can receive messages/instructions about the future from your unconscious mind. The wise unconscious is a source of wisdom that would tell you what you must know to avoid mistakes and suffering. Please note that you will not be able to predict tragedies or deaths, unless the unconscious decides to do so, which is very rare. You will be able to predict what is negative only if it is something that can be avoided and corrected.
  3. Understand what other people think, feel and sense

    1. You will fully understand the people you love and know how to ensure peaceful and happy relationships.
    2. You will be able to predict other people’s reactions and avoid fights, misunderstandings and manipulations against you.
    3. You will be able to trust your friends and partners without fear.
    4. You will be able to avoid relationships with people of those psychological types which are not compatible with your type. This will save you from unnecessary conflicts and help you recognize those who are compatible with your character.
  4. Learn how to avoid diseases, accidents and misfortune

    Accidents and bad events don’t happen by chance. There is a negative energy that arises from the anti-conscience and influences not only your behavior but also causes a magnetic field in your environment, provoking fights, accidents, bad luck, tragic events and other horrors.

    Through dream interpretation, you can learn how to protect yourself from the anti-conscience and its energy, as well as how to dominate it and transform it into a positive force.

    Diseases are consequences of your moral mistakes, as observed in theories that govern psychosomatic treatment (treatment relating mind and body, curing physical problems through psychotherapy).

    You can prevent or cure diseases by following the directions of the unconscious.

    Misfortunes are typically the result of our following the suggestions of the anti-conscience. You can avoid misfortunes by acquiring the mental strength to not follow negative suggestions made by your mind.
  5. Acquire wisdom and happiness for Life

    1. You will have the ability to understand your problems, their cause and their solutions.
    2. You will enjoy greater clarity and less confusion in thinking.
    3. You will feel calm and in control rather than insecure and panicky.
    4. You will stop complaining and will start taking positive action to make your life better.
    5. Your wisdom will be enhanced and you can even become a genius by developing all your psychological functions based on the wise guidance you receive in your dreams!
My Gift to You

I do not look at publishing my eBooks as a purely commercial venture. Dream Interpretation as a Science and Craziness Prevention are the results of my years of efforts, looking for real psychological health, with the sole motive of helping people to overcome their problems.

I have been advised that the price of these eBooks should be considerably higher given the value they offer. However, I am selling only Dream Interpretation as a Science for the low price of 42.90 Euros, and you get Craziness Prevention as a bonus. You receive two valuable eBooks for one low price that together give you absolutely priceless information that you can't get anywhere else! My price is deliberately low in order to make it affordable to as many people as possible because the primary purpose of these books is to help you help yourself to achieve a better life.

By reading these books, you will have access to the cure from the best psychiatrist and psychologist you could ever find—your own unconscious.

Best regards,

Christina Sponias

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