The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation - Christina Sponias
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Craziness Prevention review

It is hard to wake up each day and withstand temptation and make the right choices. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone always telling us what choices we should make? In Craziness Prevention Christina Sponias taught me that dreams are our doctor, our mentor, and the truth that guides us on the right path. Reading Craziness Prevention opened my eyes to realize that there is so much power and knowledge in the mind.

There is the saintly unconscious that is in all of us! The unconscious is the truth that has helped me to understand what future temptations will hinder me. The unconscious comes in our dreams to fight the evil that wants to destroy us. Sponias offers in Craziness Prevention a dictionary with dream symbols that have helped me translate my dreams and apply them to reality. In Craziness Prevention, Sponias has polished the complex scientific method of dream translation in a way that everyone can understand.

I have learned to be humble and allow my dreams to “speak” to me. I wake up each morning to wise advice. I am constantly referring back to Craziness Prevention to help me translate my dreams. Learning the power of my dreams has become a way of healing my pain, the pain that caused me confusion and frustration. After gaining knowledge from Craziness Prevention I now look at life with optimism and the confidence that I am prepared to fight the evil. I am stronger and know now that I can live a healthy, moral life. Great thanks to Christina Sponias and her share of healing knowledge in Craziness Prevention.

Elisabeth King

Dream Interpretation as a Science review

I was fortunate enough to have come across Christina’s website and decided to send her a few of my dreams for translation. I was amazed by how well her translations related to what was happening in my life, with very little information provided.

Then I read her ebooks. The knowledge I have gained from studying Dream Interpretation as a Science and Craziness Prevention is absolutely precious and invaluable. I have gained a much higher level of awareness and a greater understanding of life.

It was not long before I was able to translate my dreams and other people’s dreams too. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful teacher and access to the information provided in her books. It has taught me how to attain happiness and given me the courage to help others.

Carl Jung discovered the correct method of dream interpretation, however, Carl Jung’s method is very complicated and he accepted ignorance and stopped at a point. Thankfully, Christina simplified this scientific method, continued the research and discovered much more, which took much dedication and courage.

In Christina’s books, you will discover that it is truly a gift to have the unconscious (God), guide you to health, peace, wisdom and happiness through our dreams. All you need is to know how to translate your dreams correctly and Christina’s books will teach you how to do this in the simplest and most practical way.

It is sad but true to say, there are many books and websites that give false hope, cause unnecessary worry and provide incorrect translations of our dreams – don’t be fooled!

Christina Sponias dedicated many tireless years helping people all of the world overcome the hard challenges in life and attain happiness. She is genuine and deserves a noble prize!

Many blessings,

Mary Greenwood



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