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Mental Health and The a Priori Absurd Human Conscience
Going beyond Carl Jung

According to Carl Jung, the human being has a conscience and an unconscious mind in the psychic sphere. The latter is divided into the personal and collective unconscious.

Jung researched the human psychic sphere through dream interpretation and discovered that the dreamer who investigates the content of the human psychic sphere will experience various dreams where he or she sees symbols that are always the same, even though the details of the images differ. This means that the trip inside the human psychic sphere has a route that leads to knowledge and we can follow it. In other words, we have a map of the way into dream interpretation. Carl Jung stopped his research at a certain point of his journey into dream interpretation, and he accepted ignorance from that point on.

I traced his path exactly, passed through the same points and observed similar images; however, when I arrived at the point considered as the end of the journey, I started seeing dreams that encouraged me to further continue the research beyond the point where Jung had stopped.

Moreover, I saw a dream encouraging me to disagree with his final conclusion. According to my research, his final conclusion was incorrect, although the path he discovered into the psychic sphere (through dream interpretation) was correct.

I learned how to interpret my dreams better than Jung because I have been a writer since I was 7 and I have excellent literary talent, due to which I received many prizes in Sao Paulo, my hometown. My literary talent helped me to interpret dream symbols better than Jung: I discovered many symbols in my own literary work, which revealed to me their real meaning, while Jung could not fully explain what they meant. Carl Jung speaks about dreams and facts in a vague manner, without giving a full and concise explanation to his readers.

My literature is the type that Jung considered directed by the unconscious mind of the psychic sphere and not by the conscious. He analyzed the psychological meaning of the work of a few writers whose works had reflected the influence of the unconscious.

When I was 15 years old I suffered a terrible car accident in which a friend who was next to me in the car died. I lost my memory and my movements temporarily. I also lost my faith despite the fact that I was very religious in my childhood. I became an atheist and was very aggressive with everyone.

When I recuperated my health and my mental faculties became as perfect as before, I started writing a strange romance revolving around a mythological character. It was the story of a beggar who despised human beings but wanted to bring peace to Earth and save humanity from poverty and from the invisible war that was always taking place in the world.

This book was full of archetypes, which are dream symbols that appear in artistic and religious manifestations of humanity across all eras and civilizations.

When I learned how to interpret the dream symbols and read this book again, I understood that it was a treasure trove full of archetypes that had a very important symbolic meaning. By interpreting the meaning of the archetypes and other dream symbols in my literary work, I found answers for questions that Jung could not answer.

One of them was a dream dreamt by a theologian. I analyzed it in an article with the title “Dream Meanings—Dream Symbols and Craziness” published on on 07/30/07. A quote from the article is as follows:

“Jung even said that the unconscious wastes its symbols with generosity because he couldn't understand why that theologian saw such an important dream, with symbols that were clearly very powerful and meaningful.

I thought that he would interpret this strange and impressive dream in the end of his comments, but he never did it. Many times, Jung didn’t interpret the dreams he showed in his books, and he only interpreted some symbols or none at all, but he could perceive that they were meaningful.

The dream seen by the theologian was that there was a black magic wise man wearing a white cloak and there was a white magic wise man wearing a black cloak. They both needed each other.

The interpretation is based on the symbolic meaning. A black man shall not be considered bad only because he is black, of course, but this is the symbolic meaning that is present in dreams. Similarly, a white man shall not be considered good either, because usually he is very bad. But in dreams, he has the meaning of a good man, since the white colour symbolizes good and black, bad. This is a symbolic definition that is completely beyond racism.

The interpretation is that the black magic wise man signifies our conscience, which is considered good because it wears a white cloak, although it is actually bad because it is black. The white magic wise man is the unconscious that produces the dreams, which is considered bad since he wears a black cloak because psychiatrists and psychologists believe that craziness comes from that side of human psychic sphere, while craziness actually comes from our conscience, not from the wise and saintly unconscious mind that produces the dreams, as Jung thought. Continuing his research, I could clearly see that craziness comes from the wild side of the human conscience, which is completely selfish, and not from the unconscious mind, which has a saintly nature.

The black magic wise man and the white magic wise man needed one another because the black (bad) human conscience needs the orientation of the white (good) unconscious, but the saintly unconscious mind also depends on the obedience of the bad black human conscience to its wise directions, otherwise it has no power to cure the human being from craziness”.

The interpretation of this dream was decisive for me, because this way I understood that I could completely trust the unconscious, instead of being afraid that it could bring me craziness. I understood that craziness comes only from the wild side of the human conscience, while the unconscious works like a doctor, trying to prevent the invasion of the crazy content which exists in the wild side of the human conscience into the human side.

This comprehension was basic. From that point onwards, I followed my own method, obeying the directions I was receiving from the unconscious mind in my dreams and through various signs in my daily life. I understood that I should interpret reality in the same way that we interpret dreams. This way we can have more information about reality in terms of where we are, about ourselves, other people and the future.

My path was very arduous and dangerous. Jung warned his readers many times that the journey inside the human psychic sphere through dream interpretation is dangerous because the person comes near the neglected content of the psychic sphere.

Neurosis, Hysteria, Psychosis and Schizophrenia

For Jung, the content in the human psychic sphere was a mystery and he was afraid to research further. He was absolutely right, because beyond the point he stopped, craziness awaits its victims!

I knew it was very dangerous because my beloved friend Arnold, who had studied Jung’s psychology, became psychotic and after undergoing electroshock therapy and 5 years of psychotherapy with a psychiatrist using heavy medication, he committed suicide.

He was one of my best friends. I had a gang of friends in my adolescent years. Arnold seemed to be one of the most balanced people in our group. His craziness was a big and unexpected shock!

My father was schizophrenic since my birth, but with me he was extremely kind because I resembled him and I was intelligent. Upon observing his behavior, I could deeply understand schizophrenia. He was an actor who could work and appear perfectly normal, whereas in reality he was totally absurd, cruel and tyrannical with my mother and his employees.

The observation of the strange behavior of my beloved uncle Leonid, who was a Greek consul in Sweden and became hysterical after losing his job due to certain mistakes, was also a decisive point in my path. I could predict that he would become completely crazy some day from the first day I met him. He lived in his own world, indulging in his fantasies. He could only succeed in life and avoid craziness if he became an artist, but all his attempts to be an artist were poor because he didn't have any talent when he tried to paint and write poetry, only a little talent in singing and playing the guitar.

He seemed absurd for trying to be an artist without having any talent, to my eyes. His paintings lacked talent. His poems too didn't have any literary content and he was the only one who could understand them. However, he insisted on painting and he loved to read his poems to me. He liked my poetry very much. I was talented and had already received many prizes in literature.

My experiences with craziness were totally different from the experiences of the cold psychiatrists who don’t feel an attachment to crazy patients. My feelings for the person affected by craziness made me want to help them fight against this invincible disease.

About craziness

What is craziness? Why does it exist? How can we eliminate this horror?

I never imagined that I would be the one to find the answer to these questions some day. However, by continuing the research Carl Jung abandoned, I had to face schizophrenia. This way I discovered what exists in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere and causes craziness in the human conscience.

Craziness is an inborn characteristic in the human psychic sphere. Jung declared this truth after examining the speech and themes about which crazy patients talked when they had a serious psychological problem. He noticed that they talked about things they had never seen and places they didn't know. Whatever they talked about was innate in their psyche and came to the conscious surface.

Jung thought that this content belonged to the unconscious mind, because he could not clearly see its characteristics.

However, I deduced that the absurd content belongs not to the unconscious, but to the wild part of the human conscience.

According to me, the human conscience is divided into 2 parts: the human part and the wild part. In the wild part of the human conscience, the primitive conscience exists as it was at the beginning of its formation, without having passed through the transformation of consciousness. This part of the human conscience is very violent and cruel. It has no feelings: it is a true demon. This monster is responsible for the existence of craziness in the human being.

Craziness is a result of the disorganized formation of the conscience. This is a tragedy, because this conscience, which I designate as anti-conscience (anti means against in Greek), is alive and active in the human conscience. This conscience functions against the conscience and tries to destroy it in order to control a person’s behavior, spreading violence, immorality and terror.

I had to face schizophrenia, when I journeyed through my psychic sphere. Whoever reaches this point becomes completely crazy, similar to my friend Arnold.

My uncle Leonid regained his conscience after some time. But my father cannot be cured. He is absurd and cruel to this day (he is almost 90 years old).

This was not the first time I had to experience craziness. After the terrible car accident I suffered when I was 15, I suffered a neurosis that dictated me to follow a certain ritual that I believed would protect me from evil forces. I had become an atheist and I believed that the ritual would protect me after the accident, since I didn’t have the comfort of seeking solace from any religion. This was how everything started.

After some time, I had so many of these rituals that I got tired of them. I understood that I was neurotic when I read about neurosis in a magazine. I realized that I had to resist doing these mindless rituals in order to acquire an imagined protection; otherwise, I could become crazy like my father. Once the realization dawned on me that I was suffering from neurosis, I stopped performing the rituals.

In 1989, when I was 28 years old, the fight I had against craziness was worse than my first experience. I could have easily become schizophrenic if I didn't exactly follow the guidance I was receiving from the wise and saintly unconscious. Thankfully, I was a good and obedient student; therefore, I was able to win the battle against schizophrenia and discover what one has to do to eliminate the monster that exists in all of our psyches.

Everyone (however developed one’s human conscience may be) has a wild, violent and cruel conscience that occupies the biggest part of the psychic sphere. The human conscience is very fragile and scarce. The human being has to transform the anti-conscience into a positive part of the conscience.

I had to fight fainting, hallucinations and many abnormalities in my mind and speech. I can vouch for the fact that it is humanly impossible to bear the attacks of the anti-conscience once it asserts its dominance.

We have to prevent craziness before the anti-conscience becomes all-powerful.

Understanding the conscience

The trip inside the human psychic sphere is not as dangerous as Jung described it anymore, thanks to my findings. Jung concluded that the unconscious is a good counselor for the human being but he had to take his decisions based on his conscience. He also said that he should not investigate the content of his psychic sphere unless he felt the need.

I concluded that the human conscience is totally absurd since it is constantly invaded by the anti-conscience and directed by the person’s ego. The anti-conscience is primitive and absurd, but it is not idiotic: on the contrary, it is very clever and powerful. This is why it attacks the human conscience and tries to invade it. After invasion, the anti-conscience attacks the conscience through craziness, destroys it and controls the person’s behavior.

The process that starts with an unexplainable depression and ends in suicide is always the same. Neurosis is the first manifestation of schizophrenia in the human being’s mind and behavior.

I am of the opinion that human beings should investigate the content of their psychic sphere from the first days of their adolescence or even before that, so that they may prevent depression, craziness and suicidal tendencies and also develop all their capacities to become more intelligent, balanced and wise.

This is the only way we can eliminate terror and violence on Earth and create a population of balanced individuals that will respect and care for each other. This is the only way we can eliminate immorality, hypocrisy and futility and stop being indifferent to the absurdity of our world and our lives in a place where we are afraid of our own shadow.

Helping others

After winning the battle against schizophrenia, I started to help and cure many people around me by using the techniques of dream interpretation. My first case was in 1990, when a friend had agoraphobia (she was afraid of crowded and closed places) and kept fainting. She stopped working and stayed home, without knowing what to do. She was trying to overcome her problem by herself, without admitting she needed psychotherapy.

I visited her and started interpreting her dreams daily (over the phone) and giving her advice. Her psychotherapy lasted 8 months. After the therapy, she started working at her sister’s store and started to drive her car again and have a normal life. In a few months, she opened her own store and became normal and successful.

After her, I had many other patients with more serious diseases. I have been offering my services free of charge, from the point of view of rendering help, without any commercial motives. My therapy, depending on the extent to which a person has been affected, can take between 6 and 8 months.

For patients with hysteria, psychotherapy takes a longer time to complete, depending on their level of cooperation with the counselor. Patients may not agree to relate their dreams. In such cases, the doctor can receive guidance in his or her own dreams about the patient’s psychic condition and through signs in his or her daily life that reveal various aspects of the patient’s disease.

For psychotic and schizophrenic patients, psychotherapy takes a long time because the patients don’t cooperate. It takes time for them to face reality and understand that their mistakes are responsible for their misfortune. Also, they do not relate their dreams and obey instructions from their doctor.

However, success in psychotherapy for depressed and neurotic individuals through dream interpretation is guaranteed if they precisely follow the unconscious’ directions in their dreams.

My book “Craziness Prevention”

My studies have included an analysis of human ignorance, the formation of our planet, the appearance of life, animals and human behaviour, and the development of several civilizations in our world. The works of the biologist Konrad Lorenz and astronomer Fred Hoyle were decisive in my research and conclusions. My research is based on conclusions made by experts across the fields of the social, physical and biological sciences.

We can easily prevent depression and craziness (and consequently, suicidal tendencies) through dream interpretation. I have written an e-book called “Craziness Prevention: Free and Safe Psychotherapy through Dream Interpretation” and in my e-book I explain how one can travel into the human psychic sphere and conquer the anti-conscience without falling into its traps. I relate everything to Carl Jung’s work in dream interpretation. In my book, I prove that only Carl Jung has discovered the unique method of dream interpretation.

I started writing this book in February, 1988, and finally finished it in April, 2007, after rewriting it many times in Greek, then rewriting it in English and then publishing it as an e-book on the Internet. It has taken a long time to bring out my book, but I think it was well worth the wait.

The idea of God

Carl Jung considered the unconscious mind as God, but he thought that God was also evil, because he believed that the wise unconscious was also responsible for bringing craziness to the human conscience.

After analyzing the 8 psychological types discovered by Jung, which define the behavior of each human being, I could only conclude that the human conscience is completely absurd and the human being should obey the wise unconscious instead of acting on the instructions of one’s ignorant, crazy and selfish human conscience. The unconscious is an organ directed by God, which is nothing but a wiser human conscience.

I realized the need to understand the nature of this superior conscience (or God), when I read the papers published during a symposium conducted in Alpbach in 1968. This symposium was attended by neurologists, biologists, psychologists and many other scientists.

Konrad Lorenz revealed in his work (1974) that wild animals would not be able to survive in a dangerous environment if they had to learn how to defend themselves from their enemies. They would not have the opportunity to learn anything since their enemies would kill them before they could learn to defend themselves.

He explained the experiment conducted by another biologist, who proved that wild animals know how to kill their prey from the very first time they do this, even if they are isolated from other members of their species. This is not a behavior they learn by watching or experience: it is inherited.

Lorenz discusses chains and automatic reactions that start working according to several stimuli in the animal’s environment, which are inherent in the animal’s learning mechanism.

This is identical to what happens in the learning mechanism of the human being. This fact leads us to the conclusion that a superior brain prepares all the existing behavioral programs in the human being’s and the animal’s cognitive mechanism.

Lorenz received the Nobel Prize in 1974. His extraordinary research was the basis for my own research. Thanks to his book “Behind the Mirror,” I could continue exploring the content of the human psychic sphere and understand the truth about human nature, having a scientific base, which helped me relate all my notions and find the necessary solutions for problems that nobody could explain.

I discovered that the human being is basically a schizophrenic murderer, since the biggest part of one’s psychic sphere belongs to the anti-conscience, which is cruel, without feelings, sadistic and tyrannical. This conscience is totally evil and evilness is too powerful, since destruction is easy to cause while construction requires effort and takes a long time. This is why terror is stronger than sanctity.

A schizophrenic is able to kill a victim, hide the cadaver and run to a crowded place in order to be among many people, so that he or she has an alibi. This behavior is inborn; it exists from the very first murder because the human being is a murderer from birth, like all wild animals.

How do we overcome craziness?

The solution is psychotherapy through dream interpretation. The unconscious that produces the dreams is a real doctor that can cure everyone from the craziness inherent in our psychic sphere.

Depression is a warning that craziness is about to invade or has already destroyed a big portion of your human conscience. You suffer according to the mistakes you make in your life, by following your one-sided psychological type.

Depression can easily be cured through dream interpretation in its first stages, or cured even when the person is already neurotic. Neurosis and depression are diseases that can be cured through dream analysis.

Depression can be a pre-neurosis symptom; this is why depression and neurosis are closely related. Neurosis is the next step in the domination of the conscience by the anti-conscience, after the appearance of depression. Masochism and self-abuse are prevalent in many people who are mentally affected; these transform sadness into an absurd self-punishment.

Psychosis and schizophrenia can be cured, but with time.

I almost cured a psychotic friend by observing her and treating her over 13 years. I am saying “almost” because she continued to be influenced by others and my suggestions were not as effective as they could have been. When I met her for the first time, she had the behavior of a child, although she was almost 40 years old. In the beginning, she was extremely aggressive with me, but with time, she started accepting me and became my friend. Her treatment was finally a success. After the treatment, she became quite normal in many aspects and was able to do various things without a problem.

I treated a schizophrenic patient for 7 years. Even though his psychic problem was worse than the problem of my psychotic friend, I was able to cure him in a shorter time period because I knew the story of his misfortune. His cure was partial: schizophrenic patients cannot recuperate their human conscience; they can only understand the meaning of their actions and accept their suffering without negativity.

Hysterical patients can easily be cured like neurotics, once we eliminate their fear.

The point is that if we want to eliminate craziness and terror from our lives, we have to transform our world completely. Our world is a place where everyone is afraid and suspicious of each other. All countries have their soldiers and weapons. Wars are a routine feature.

Our world works on money. For money, the human being forgets one’s moral principles, sells one’s body, accepts all kinds of humiliations and prepares the most poisonous traps for one’s own brothers who are considered as one’s enemies.

I was attacked many times because I am not a scientist but a writer who claims that she has discovered what most psychiatrists and psychologists have tried hard to discover but were unable to. I was also attacked by the Catholic and Orthodox Church (where I belong since I was baptized in both Churches) when I told them that God is very sad and totally disappointed with their irresponsibility and hypocrisy. They, instead of following the teachings of their religions diligently, simply behave like any of the others who are dominated by their anti-conscience. To a lot of religious people, God unfortunately exists only in theory.

The human being has distorted the meaning of religions, trying to adapt them to the selfish philosophy of life. The truth not only has a scientific side but also social, religious and philosophical sides.

My work proves that everything we learn in Christianity is true, as well as everything everyone learns in their own religion. Jesus, Buddha and Abraham had the same behavior and taught the same things. Each religion shows the human being aspects of the complex reality that governs us.

Religiosity is the best therapy against violence and terror. The same God who created many different animals and plants on our planet, created many languages and religions in order to transform the ignorant and evil human being into a humane creature, using many different ways, because this is a very arduous transformation.

Here is an article published on on 2 July 2007, where I clearly explain the scientific conclusions that helped me understand the meaning of all the religions in the world, as well as the meaning of life and death, combined with the information I had from a series of dream messages.

The Roots of Human Suffering and the Wise Solution

Human ignorance is so vast that we cannot determine or describe it and the knowledge humanity has accumulated over the years is not sufficient to solve our problems. Our world is a place where we suffer very much because the conditions of life for the biggest part of our population, and the environmental conditions of our planet after the destruction we have caused, are extremely unbearable.

Because of the way we have constructed our world and organized its functionality, we can only suffer living here. We are certainly too ignorant and unable to manage our own lives and the world we have created and live in reflects our incapacity. Recent scientific discoveries clearly reveal the following:

  1. The human being is too wild and violent because the conscience has not been completely developed.
  2. Our planet’s age cannot justify the appearance of life by chance. The possible combinations essential for the formation of the necessary molecules that could permit the existence of life should have taken much more time to develop, if this process happened solely by chance.
  3. There is a specific program inherent in the way each animal learns anything, which manages its movements according to the stimuli of the environment it receives, which is always active and determines the animal and human behavior.
  4. Since the human being is governed by behavioral programs similar to that of wild animals that kill their prey for food, and since human behavior is very violent, we have to come to the conclusion that the human being is wild, even though we would like to believe that humans are civilized.
  5. The behavioral programs that allow each organism to survive in a hostile environment are inherited and very well programmed to function perfectly from the beginning of the organism’s life. This can only be explained if we assume the existence of a very wise brain that would prepare and organize the functioning of these programs.
  6. The infinite variety of animal and vegetable life on our planet is completely unexplainable. There is no scientific explanation that can justify such a varied and beautiful plethora of animals and plants, which cannot be a product of chance. It was undoubtedly created by a genius; otherwise, we would not have more than one variation for each species. As a matter of fact, if the organic realm was a product of a disorganized evolution, the variations in animals and plants would be quite similar in many aspects, while we cannot even count how many completely different variations of animals and plants we have on Earth.
  7. Deciphering our dreams’ messages according to the scientific method of the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, we realize that they are produced and directed by a genius with saintly characteristics, who is always trying to help us develop our human conscience and prevent our anti-conscience from destroying the human part through craziness.
All these statements indicate that we are very naïve if we imagine that our conscience was suddenly developed on our own planet.

Darwin’s theory about selective evolution was already outdated a long time ago by many scientific discoveries that showed the biologists clearly that if the organism was not very well prepared to be able to evolve up to a certain point, then it would never reach that point. Therefore, animal evolution on our planet was very well programmed, just like everything else here.

All these statements together mean that our planet was created and organized by a genius because our wild, evil and violent character had to be transformed into a human character. We can deduce that this was the way the genius found for transforming our conscience, so that the terror resulting from violence and immorality could be eliminated. The antidote against these horrors is compassion, comprehension, sincerity and goodness; in other words, everything we learn in our religious lessons when we are children, regardless of which religion we belong to.

The human being probably had to learn what is wild by observing the other wild animals so that one could realize the inherent wildness in the human being. The explanations for all the unexplained phenomena probably fit together and they will finally give us the complete image of the reality we ignore. This way, we’ll understand why we live here and how to be happy, instead of suffering so much.

Knowledge and wisdom can surely cure depression, solving all the problems that had no solution when we were completely ignorant and couldn't see the obvious truth!”

In this article, you can see the points where I started. The continuation is very complicated and will be shown in another scientific report in which I shall explain how we can cure schizophrenia and psychosis using the doctors’ dream messages since the patients don’t cooperate and rarely agree to relate their own dreams.

The basic conclusion of my long research and impressive discoveries is that the human being is crazy from birth because the primitive anti-conscience is inherent in humans, and because the human conscience, which is very sparse and fragile is absurd too. The human conscience is one-sided as Jung proved in the two volumes of his work: “The Psychological Types,” 1920.

He didn't understand the meaning of this discovery completely, but today we can understand it with all the scientific knowledge of our time: the human being is crazy and requires guidance. The human being is basically a demon, who is very far from being balanced and mentally healthy.

Fortunately, the wise and saintly unconscious that produces our dreams is directed by God. God is not a myth but one who really exists, is a saint, and is a superior human conscience, the most developed human conscience that exists. If we obey the guidance we receive in our dreams, we can be cured from any psychological or physical disease without any doubt, just as I was cured from schizophrenia and just as I cured many people by interpreting their dreams.

Dream interpretation is like a surgical operation inside the human psychic sphere. It is indispensable, because we have a powerful enemy in the biggest part of our conscience—the wild anti-conscience that causes schizophrenia, psychosis, hysteria and neurosis to the human conscience by using the person’s ego. The ego is totally absurd and its desires lead everyone to chaos and despair.

Depression is the comprehension of this conflict. It can be a warning or the beginning of neurosis.

A book for everyone

My e-book, in which I have condensed years of research, is my contribution to humanity’s fight against the mental illness that afflicts us.

I believe that this book should be given by governments entirely free of charge to all teens so that they will be cured of the craziness they inherit in their psychic sphere.

Human beings have achieved significant progress in scientific and economic spheres. Yet the world has not become a better place to live in, given the violence and the lack of order. It should be kept in mind that violence in the physical world has its origins in human minds. All the progress made will be of no use unless human beings master their minds in order to lead a happy and peaceful life.

This book is my humble contribution in humanity’s quest for happiness.

Christina Sponias

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